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  1. xxx

    *inaudible screaming* x fans: G.O.A.T
  2. xxx

    X is trash and so is Country.
  3. You rightfully had LR and the CT should not have cheated, however on the following round you are not given a freeday unless the warden has appointed you one.
  4. Clouds is a joke of a map
  5. Any case Number: 29
  6. vlogs in 2017 lul
  7. Pretty much only listen to rap, but i've always liked rock as well. A few of each I like: Rap - Rock -
  8. 1v1 and/or Kz would be great.
  9. The community is as good as it's ever been. New players, recruits, and active players among our servers. Warnings would have been given by a Forum Administrator of high authority so they were more than likely justified. I for one would love to have you back, but saying a community is shit based off of forum punishments and giving no reason or suggestions as to how the community can improve and just saying "the community is shit" isn't helping your case. This post will accomplish nothing.
  10. That's it?
  11. If I know someone is in vents i'll generally wait there.
  12. Download: 37.02 Mb/s Upload: 44.18 Mb/s Ping: 33ms Image:
  13. 16
  14. I believe this used to be a feature a while ago. However I don't know why it was removed.
  15. I'd be down for a store with items that are within CS:GO. For example, like a melon hat.