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  1. There's a fine line between talking inaudibly fast and making quick commands.
  2. Anyone who talks inaudibly fast on purpose to mislead should just be swapped tbh.
  3. Nickname irl. Originated from Hockey and Baseball.
  4. That's a genre within rap.
  5. I forgive you.
  6. misc

    I do like the feeling of being in arena 1. Other than that 1v1 is one of the game modes that I really enjoy nowadays. I'm not a fan of TTT and my buzz from playing jailbreak is wearing off. I love this community so i'd love to have a mode that I can put my time into. I hear there's another server coming soon so i'll wait for the outcome of that.
  7. Not what i'm implying. The game was subpar and had lots of problems, not to mention it was in beta for a horrendously long period of time. I remember it being pay to win as well however I could be thinking of a different title.
  8. misc

    The Murder server is dead 9.5 times out of 10 so I wouldn't mind that being replaced. However if ya'll have plans for it be my guest.
  9. I feel like this has been said before but I feel like 1v1 would be a good addition to DEFYClan. It's a fun and popular game mode so it'll be sure to bring in new players. Thoughts?
  10. Played it ages ago. People still play?
  11. Murder is pretty much a wasted server at this point.
  12. daily pixel poll

    That is very true. If a member has prior knowledge of said game and is capable of helping out more than others, 100% they should be given the opportunity of leading or having a lead-like role in that game's server if it's needed.
  13. general

    Surf and/or 1v1 would be nice.
  14. 卐卐(Channel Group Name)卐卐
  15. N oodles I n G ay G uy E rected R ectums