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  1. I'd be down for a store with items that are within CS:GO. For example, like a melon hat.
  2. Looks great.
  3. He still plays. He just doesn't have time for a staff commitment due to school.
  4. Don't know why you're asking the community if you should come back/keep playing CS. If you enjoy playing on DEFY stay, and if you enjoy playing the game, keep playing. The opinions of people online shouldn't deteriorate what you enjoy doing. Simple as that.
  5. We are still accepting applications for the DEFY Competitive Team. Here is the announcement with the signup link.
  6. not tryna have a micro penis.
  7. The people who resigned still play. Other than Kriticals, who I haven't seen back on.
  8. You mean we're expanding. The old community that we all love is still here.
  9. "Dying" LUL
  10. You clearly didn't thoroughly read my post lmao.
  11. The admins who have retired from their positions have stated that they don't have time for a commitment on the staff team. I can relate but i'm a fucking trooper, all i'm seeing is pussy shit .
  12. You right. Especially if you got commitments outside of school.
  13. Don't like it because I enjoy the rebelling part believe it or not. Have had great experiences on the map for years, but that's just me I suppose.
  14. The baiting is the case in every other map too, and I never implied it brought out creative rebelling strategies. I said that it brings out creative CT strategies/activities/games. The secrets are easy to counter and I see no problem with the map the way it is. However if people don't wan't to play this version they can always nominate vipinthemix.
  15. 29
  16. I have the same commitments (sports, gym, school, etc) and i'm able to balance it. I know i'm not as active as I should but I still make an effort. Consider doing the same, but if you have problems with other staff I respect your decision.
  17. No. It's not a T sided map if you know how to counter the secrets. It's a favorite for a lot of people and removing it completely would be a bad idea. The map brings out the creativity in people, and i've seen activities/games that you would never see on other maps. This map was the shit when I played it in source.
  18. How you gonna spell my name wrong cuz'? but in all seriousness bro just mute the fucker if you're doing nothing wrong.
  19. Giveaway 5g's buddy
  20. This is a thread for feedback and suggestions. How is him expressing his concern for a rule and linking the post of what he had to say "advertising"?
  21. I agree. The automated ban should be a little less time.
  22. The last person to vote usually catches these hands.
  23. Who gives a fuck if you've hacked in a video game. As long as it's not on DEFY servers, I don't care at all and many shouldnt too.
  24. By all means, you spend your money however you like. Both of those are nice as well.