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  1. Two servers are wack. Never thought i'd ever have to wait in a queue to join jb since one is full and the other is empty.
  2. no
  3. To state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of
  4. Define "it"
  5. 100% Likes men.
  6. I respect this comment.
  7. d i e
  8. autism
  9. jailbreak

    Finally my nigga krit gets mod. Respect that, congrats.
  10. general

    x d
  11. This shit lookin like a retarded child's dream.
  12. Well said.
  13. According to sourcebans you were banned for the reason "Leaving to Avoid".
  14. Crosshair: Console Commands:
  15. "Silver 1 AF Noob Can write in bianary My flicks are on point Dabmaster2017" Die.
  16. Aye
  17. Fuck 12
  18. In-game name: Copes Steam Link: Why you wanna win: I'd like me some fresh items. Sold my knife so it'd be nice to have some additions to my inv. #: 29
  19. Semen never addressed.
  20. xxx

    *inaudible screaming* x fans: G.O.A.T
  21. xxx

    X is trash and so is Country.
  22. You rightfully had LR and the CT should not have cheated, however on the following round you are not given a freeday unless the warden has appointed you one.
  23. Any case Number: 29