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  1. You do tho
  2. I've already added this to the do-to list, it just hasn't been implemented yet
  3. Yeah, the admin chat feature is currently broken, and we are trying to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. +rep @Emo Hoe
  5. Type !guns
  6. If you are actually doing the LR you can go anywhere on the map, even if you are a the CT. If you are going into the secret without permission before you start the LR, then you can be killed.
  7. +rep
  8. the fuck
  9. Yeah uncle make an appeal, because you've been in this situation before. And from what I've heard from everyone, it was a false TS ban. And sens better have proof this time
  10. Seeing someone in armory/vents via TAC Grenade does count. If you see them in armory/vents you may enter, you don't have to see them enter. ALL catwalks are KOS regardless of map, so yes undertale catwalks are still KOS.
  11. I am also skilled in the art of wizardry.
  12. Hello DEFY, If you need help with anything member rank related, then I am your man. If you need your in-game member rank, TeamSpeak rank, your name on the roster, your member application accepted (once you have 5 rep), or a promotion within the member ranks, just ask me to do it. I am slow and a little dumb so I might forget to do one of those things for you. You can message me on the forums, talk to me in game, over TeamSpeak, or add me on steam. Oh I can also give you the knowledge test too if you need that.
  13. but it would be hella cool m8
  14. Yeah it's Krim not Crim haha, but yeah some of those are good ideas, I'll add some them to the to do list.