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  1. ABUSE

    why tf did you post it..
  2. Rules Update 8/15/17

    Add this to the delaying section in general rules: All T rooms in TTT count as one area, even if it's not the same room. Also added Event Days to Jailbreak definitions: Event Days: These are special rounds that can either be started via players voting for them, or manually by the warden. If an event is started manually by a warden, the event lasts for the entire round, even if the warden dies.
  3. Why am i not in the Member Roster yet?

    I was inactive for like a week in a half you guys are all flipping shit at me lol. The heads before me were inactive for months and no one cared so calm down. Do that and I'll never rank you I added you to the roster and to source bans.
  4. Ban System

    I have a very simple solution. Don't break rules, you won't get banned.
  5. The afterlife has been a long-lived existential question that man kind has never been able to fully answer, but with hours of research and countless interviews with medical professionals I am confident to say that mankind's oldest question has finally been answered. After you die, usually you would be taken to a mortuary where you would be either prepared for showing at a wake, or cremated and put into a container for your loved ones to keep. The part that they do not tell you is that they first link your brain and cardiovascular tissue to a filtration device that circulates oxygenated blood to the brain long enough to upload your memories to Jagex servers. Once sufficient detail is collected from your brain, the device is disconnected and your body is taken care of as normal. The information obtained by Jagex attaches crucial bits of your appearance and personality to a unique character model. The server then uploads your character model into the RuneScape 2007 server database where you begin on tutorial island. You then play along side other players in real-time until you die in the wildy with your full mith armor and spawn in Lumbridge because that shit sucks and it took you at least 3 hours to farm the 10k you were holding.
  6. Defy Twitch users

    What is a stream team?
  7. TTT|Getting prop pushed off the map.

    I mean it kinda is, it's against the rules, which makes it our problem.
  8. Admin Message

    I agree there should be admin chat, and I've asked Mark why it's not there anymore, and I guess it just stopped working for some reason? I don't remember exactly but @Mark could probably give a better explanation.
  9. New Members

    I don't mean to offend anyone, but if you've been on the server for a long time and aren't a member, there is almost definitely a reason for it. People don't just -rep for a reason.
  10. Add a logo for the website

  11. [Denied] TTT Freeshooting

    Shooting near a player is T-baiting, however just like randomly shooting (not at someone) is fine. No.
  12. Corrupted Freeday

    Well I can't do the auto pardon thing
  13. [Denied] Why is this in the game?

    It's in the game because not everyone knows the traitor can buy fake IDs, so the traitor can buy one, fool a couple people, and play dumb and act like he thought it made him proven. If that makes any sense.
  14. Can we buff the jihad bomb in ttt?

    I totally agree and I'll add it to the very long to do list.
  15. [Denied] JB Bubble tag.

    go ahead and play this ig