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  1. Permaban anyone who doesn't know the rules perfectly and can't recite them word for word.
  2. Great idea, Ender. We've already been taking small steps towards this under the spam section, I think having a rule directly related to it would be a great help to the server!
  3. So as you guys know, DEFY occasionally hosts community events. We've held Town of Salem events, community meetings, and many other ways of interacting with the community. Now what we want to know, is what you guys would be interested in doing for community events. We'd prefer that the events suggested be: Free for players (CS:GO / Gmod don't count as we have servers on both) Available to multiple people at a time Interactive with other members Fun Now, we have a few events that we could do below, so please don't repeat any of these. Thank you for any feedback you may give us, we really appreciate it! - DEFY Staff Team
  4. Why Thursday? Attendance would likely be much higher on Friday or Saturday.
  5. If we trusted people with this power, they would be mods.
  7. we didn't bash you, we were just kinda surprised
  8. This seems a little rushed, did you crazy kids think this all the way through? Do you want me to make a temporary wedding channel for y'all? Do you guys even have the funds for this? Did IcePack properly propose with a knife?
  9. Why you gotta bash me and not answer my form
  10. Hi everyone, if you haven't noticed, TeamSpeak got an update today! Our new TeamSpeak setup includes... New icons for associated games New channels Redone permissions and groups If your previous permissions are missing, please don't freak out. Just play as usual and a staff will place you in your groups when one is available to do so. Also, please fill out this form about the new TeamSpeak setup. It would really help to hear feedback from the community. https://goo.gl/forms/ziE52xbuhlPKAO2Q2 Finally, make sure you join the TeamSpeak! We love seeing other members in with us, so pop in any time! ts.DEFYclan.com Also, we greatly appreciate all the members that have started to come on recently! It makes the TeamSpeak a much better place when more people are on. We further encourage other members to pop on as well! Thank you for your time, - Emo Hoe, Head of Technology.
  11. throwback to that time we banned like 4 or 5 people for that shit
  12. Can you do me a favor and bold the things you changed so I don't have to reread the whole rules? Plz baws