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  1. If the higher ups are interested in changing the logo, I adjusted the hue and saturation of one of my favorites and think it's a nice expansion from our current logo.
  2. I like trip's modifications. The original is kind of weird because DEFYclan is flipped.
  3. Download: 179.06 Mb/s Upload: 24.17 Mb/s Ping: 12 ms also the download speed is a fucking lie I get like 20 at most
  4. The main issue I believe with adding playermodels and stuff like that is that the download speed will take much longer for newer members, and it's just a pain in the ass in general.
  5. +rep
  6. chub why are all your posts fucking poetry lol
  7. I'm currently working on a new version of the beloved map, Electric Razor. We've received complaints that the map is too T sided and there's no games on the map. Well, I'd like to change that. Please reply on this thread new ideas for... Secrets that should be taken out Secrets that should be created New games Removal of certain features Any other change idea you may have I thank you for your time if you give me feedback! Changelog (Don't open if you want to be surprised): Plans: - Emo Hoe, DEFY General Admin.
  8. Jailbreak for players. TTT for admins.
  9. Roses are red. Violets are blue. I'm emo. I want to kill myself.
  10. DeadBolt and Cozy haven't been on. Weasel hardly plays.
  11. I do agree on this part. I don't know why this isn't an option. @Mark
  12. That's what I said, cause it's true for me
  13. We're doing our best. However, many of our staff have constraints for when they can be on. For example, on weeknights I can't be on past 7:00 EST for homework purposes. Please note that we do make an effort to be on as much as possible but no one has their entire lives dedicated to being on the server 24/7. Except maybe Mark, but he's more internally focused on the server than the actual surface of players. But to summarize, we're doing our best for now.
  14. We're working on it. We have a few candidates for staff at this point, but until we get some good members who are active and deserve powers we may be a little short. We're doing our best right now in order to compensate for this lack of staff.
  15. I already have a nipple sized dick...