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  1. Auto ban

    Shouldn't be, unless they have access to the programs you're running. Which I'm assuming they don't.
  2. Auto ban

    Auto mute could be a pain. Idk how it would work but there are 2 ways I could see it, not sure if either are possible. Detect a certain number of decibels that the server considers "too loud" and issue a mute for that The issue with this is that if someone's mic is just broken and happens to be too loud, it could mute them for no reason Detect the length someone's been talking for. If someone's explaining a story or something else, it could mute them for it. Auto bans aren't a good idea either. Neither are short bans. If someone's banned for half an hour, they'll literally come back and do the same thing in half an hour after they get banned from another server It also messes with our time system People aren't slayed twice anyways. It goes Slay>Kick>Ban If we implemented this, we'd have to create something to monitor people who were kicked recently and that just seems like something that really wouldn't work on the server.
  3. Defy Mobile App?

    The website has a mobile site if you just go on DEFYclan.com on your phone
  4. Ask Charlottesville how that went.
  5. TTT Death Leaderboard

    I think we're fixing it, but I'm not sure.
  6. TTT Update 8/18/17

    We added a lot of stuff. It's pretty lit. Added Drones and Cameras Pretty neat things you can use to scout out certain parts of the map. Once you buy it, type "/cd_cam" in chat to activate your drone! Added Knockout Tasers Available for traitors, knocks someone out by fading their screen to black and muting them until they wake up from the knockout. Detective Victories If there are no innocents left, just detectives and traitors, the detectives win. Buy Roles Instantly Traitor is 50k credits Detective is 27k Flashlight unbound from Inspect and changed to !flashlight Bind the flashlight to a key by typing "bind [key] sm_flashlight" in your console Added Silent AWP Wallhacks Fixed Guns act normally in warmup Jihad Bomb Reduced to 30 Seconds Use Decoy Teleporter Twice Per Round AFK Timer Changed to 60 seconds
  7. Stewie saying his goodbyes

    he still has defy in his name on there tho
  8. That's what we tried in WWII. How'd that go?
  9. ABUSE

    so u can get de demotion u deserv3
  10. ABUSE

    ABUSE B4N!!!!!!!!
  11. We can't have another repeat of America, Zarak.
  12. Does PrincessCraft Suck?

    real question that shit is bad
  13. We try to keep staff on as much as possible. We can't just force people to abide by the rules, there will always be some rule breakers when staff aren't on.
  14. Cards Against Humanity

    The DEFY Staff Team, mainly @XenoGenesis will be hosting a Cards Against Humanity event Saturday at 8:00 EST. We'll be meeting in the Community Event Lounge to play!
  15. Let's Try This Again

    Aight so my other post was kinda shit but I'm back again to ask y'all to rate the maps. Just fill out these forms when you get a chance, it's completely anonymous. Jailbreak: https://goo.gl/forms/TwvoM0O7wN5jM1Qo2 TTT: https://goo.gl/forms/HcpBpbYU5N8LiLIZ2