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  1. but it is gut knife
  2. i want a flip knife doppler but i'm $30 short anyone want any special favors + my inventory for a flip doppler phase 1
  3. no no no i don't gamble you're krit now
  4. going on VACation peas
  5. does this count as spam
  6. technically this is an in cell command, since the warden is having people do shit before the cells open i'm correct and not insane right
  7. Can we add a rule to the Warden violation Giving inaudible commands (talking too fast, mic too quiet, mic breaking up) it's annoying having people give orders that you can't hear, and then the repeat is just as inaudible.
  8. I don't know how to do this shit It'd have to coincide with the plugin and that would be a pain
  9. I'm in Kentucky rn and I want some steak. Currently sitting in the car waiting for hotel reservations and it's 8:37. I'm starving, if anyone could send me food I'll give you succ.
  10. There's a rule somewhere that if you see a T inside vents or armory with a TAG grenade, you may enter.
  11. We have a thread for this already lol
  12. Nepotism.
  13. I ain't no faggot.
  14. If anyone's curious on the outcome I got a steak glazed with bourbon and topped with onion rings. FUCKING LIT
  15. It depends on the warden's orders. If he says, "We are going to be playing 4 corners," he's technically not telling you to do anything, just informing you of plans. This can make you KOS. Basically if he doesn't tell you to start, you have no reason to start. No implications here.
  16. I do this all the time but usually it can be avoided by ya know, not walking on the border.
  17. this doesn't seem like something I've ever seen happen, but it is already against the rules for CTs to randomly open cells
  18. Hey, Look I'm not gay, Maybe with some luck, We could just fuck. I'm not a whore, Your dick just rocks me to the core. Fuck the shit out of me, "I shall," said he. From that night onward my asshole bled, Till one day I finally bent over dead.
  19. idek, I don't think you can. Maybe make a SourceMod server local hosted with the MyJailbreak plugin?
  20. Explain your name please?
  21. DSyR breaking the forum rules by posting Spam in General Chat
  22. But there's some people who purposely talk fast, and that's the main issue.
  23. We'll see. We've done events like this in the past and now that we have a new head of PR we should have a whole bunch of shit like this start to happen soon.
  24. organization