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  1. I like talking like this how bout you? catch me outside how 'bout dat
  2. chub is cool he made a good post good post don't make me cringe but somethings do make me cringe what things make me cringe? the song sweatshirt glue Styrofoam air water many other things what is icepack doing with his life..
  3. why not have both?
  4. Yes
  5. dannng
  6. Many admins have things that are going on and are busy, they want some time off or they aren't feeling it anymore
  7. Just come back, I do understand how you may need a break probably let things fold over
  8. Buddy
  9. cya later my dude
  10. slot 1
  11. nvm my dudes cya around krit
  12. Well im sorry to see you go. Don't blame your self at all I see this stuff people are dicks to him tbh all the time I warn people but I'm not always on hopefully if they eventually sort out or leave I would love to see you come back. Its going to be hard not playing with ya another guy leaving but what ever suites you suites you. Enjoy your time off I really hope to see you come back. I don't think I need to go into detail about what people say and do too you. But I do know most people are going to miss you my dude! Ps: you don't deserve to leave because of people, I'd rather have 5 nobody jerks leave then my friend I'll see ya around
  13. their really bad
  14. You want to see my websites I code lol?
  15. I guess things would be hard to do and do see whos good at CT or not