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  1. This is just an idea I had more for Server mods or anyone to do. It's logs on a spread sheet at allows us to say what happened that day. If they got kicked, slayed, muted and more. It gives members, or higher staff heads up so if they have broken minor rules many times they can get a day ban or something more. If a member or player sees them on they can warn a staff member to get on or have a eye on them. This can get everyone involved or see what members or players are good and trustful. Only people who would be able to edit this log sheet would be staff and staff only. If you like the idea or not its just and idea go easy on me ! Check it out, If any changes or ideas tell me! - IcePack
  2. That would be great! I would love too see that implemented. If they are kicked off JB it should take them to like the !hub or something making it "force" them to read the rules. But I think it would be a great Idea. +rep
  3. Haven't seen you on much add me we can play so I see what you know!
  4. maybe like two ak-47 redlines
  5. People may have talked about this before, but this should be a thing at the start of a round. If you say "take one step out, face the back of your cell, and afk freeze" you should not be allowed to talk hence the AFK (Away from keyboard) This will cut down with people talking over warden. Or saying "Its a Free day" Or "Your not warden" It does get fairly annoying where I have to hold my mic so I cant hear them. I know there is mute all for this. But we shouldn't need to do that all the time. It gets really annoying making me switch to T because I cant deal with it anymore. You should be able to talk when the warden is talking to YOU or making YOU do something. Than you should be allowed to do it. Only warden and deputy's should be allowed to kill anyone who talks otherwise new CT's might just kill the wrong person. You may like this or not. But thanks for your time. -IcePack
  6. Btw I'm just messin, not for real
  7. Krim or Coco (here it comes) ( I can never pick anyone )
  8. For our own clan team, I think there should be a couple. One for silvers, One for gold novas, one for Master Guardians+ It gives of a a chance of being on a team. So your allowed to slowly make your way up to a better team. Becoming better working with better people and enjoying life! The names for which Team your on should be like this.... DefyS | IcePack (DefyS = Silver) DefyG | IcePack (DefyG = Gold Novas) DefyP (Defy P = our like "pro" team) Maybe theirs captains for each section. This will evolve everyone one in the community to play with some staff or members or what ever. Making it enjoyable. We should for each section try to have around 10 people. So if people aren't on we can Que. But if your not doing a full Que put your name back to just Defy. Obviously Silver team will have the most. So we should try to rank up to help gold novas, and Master guardians.Because a lot of members and I play together we have a full 5 Que (of silvers) It would make it more fun to be a "team"
  9. If I'm last T, and theirs always at least 4+ CT's left I do gun toss to speed things up. You throw you die, next one up.
  10. Just Right yes or no (or +rep) Should I start streaming Jailbreak games. So If someone is not there and cant join but wants to watch they can. If so Will do giveaways along the way, and throughout. My channel
  11. Hey guys coming on to say a late happy new year but no reason to not say this at all but thanks to all our staff on DEFY. You guys have been helping us through so much, hackers, spammers, free-killers, mass free-killers and more! I know a big Topic lately is about morning to mid day staff. DEFY staff is doing the most of what they can helping us out by getting rid of the people who "don't belong on defy servers" Although most of our staff can't be on at that time doesn't mean we should get mad at them for that. But lets get back to the topic. Our staff has been just about great during 2016. A wonderful year for me especially play with all of you. I have gotten to know some sides outside of Jailbreak. How we play in competitive for fun. Some of us are strict and are here to win and some just like to have fun and mess around (silvers) but getting time to know some other sides of our staff and playing with them is why I love jailbreak today. I love all the members we have in Defy there great to play with. One great thing about 2016 is how Staff shows you whats going on, or how things work. And that happened to me in about 25 minutes. After they taught me what I needed to know, I litterally played Jailbreak from 12 hours, and there was my hook. I have enjoyed every time I have played. Playing as a T, or a CT. You have people to guide us along and show how everything works. Some staff have come some real friends of mind this past month and I'd like to thank you guys for that, yet theres no way to thank you guys enough. Just about everyone on the staff team or in the clan have helped me created some great videos. Just by playing with me and going along with my ideas. So one last time thank you to the staff for one great 2016, and lets have a better one this 2017 -IcePack
  12. Aye I can hop on early morning check whats up play a few games and just leave my recording on all day until im back and look through if that works, or I can get up early and check on things, and right before I leave for school. I do fully agree though that we need more staff. Probably at least 3 more mods. Not gonna lie but most of the time I'm on rarely theres a staff on except later like night time. No offense at all. I'm on pretty much all the time and can join at a moments notice so if theres a problem and no ones on I will join in about 10 seconds and click record.
  13. Thanks If we can implant this that would be great