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  1. no one thinks your racist just calm the fuck down with the n word
  2. Talking via In jailbreak, which I encourage people to kick anyone who says or types anything racist in chat
  3. Yeah uncle: "Okay you fucking ***** stfu you ***** **** **** *** *********************
  4. I'm just saying this, I'm going to kick people who are racist. If you're staff you shouldn't be saying it you're suppose to set a example and be the mature people here.
  5. Unless it was one was for members + or just for staff (where we can mess around) would be fun)
  6. not gonna lie I hate 2 jailbreak servers <3 sorry mark.
  7. Relate-able.
  8. jailbreak

    We will just start doing that due to the 16 cap.
  9. world star
  10. Okay first off there is a command to see your TEAMMATES through walls and he saw his CT team mates or who ever through the wall not all people. He probably prefired the people on his team.
  11. First off sorry for not being on for the past 2 or 3 days I just broke my wrist everything has been kind of hard at the moment. I will still be on cs-go and all just somethings have been going on at the moment due to it, making things harder. Expect to see me on this weekend though to catch up and stuff. It has made me need to sleep a lot more, taking medicines for pain. Like 3 hour naps every other day. But I will see you guys tomorrow (hopefully)! -IcePack
  12. wtf bro why aren't you a hacker?
  13. build yourself or pre built, also Desktop or Laptop
  14. Spin bot and terrorize Defy servers until mark gives you them.