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  1. oh and some_person is Martha's skinny bodyguard. yes perfect.
  2. Martha is probably like 4'10 and looks like an elf with a red beard. I think he's about the smallest kid in his school but yet the deepest voice there. he runs around the school yelling "rawr xd" as all the emo kids love him. perfect.
  3. I'm not on in the mornings but I'm on around 3:00 Central Timezone. I'm normally on for awhile might play a comp or 2 in between but message me if somethings wrong.
  4. black or white??????????????????????????
  5. Look WEASELLLL, you know certain staff members abuse their powers and it's just a matter of time until someone provides evidence and they get demoted. And you cant say none of the staff has abused their powers because you've abused yours too. You muted someone for saying "Mess around with weaselll he plays SnG" as a joke. Isn't that a little to far? You could simply say you don't like that and they would probably respect that. I've been part of a lot of situations where staff abuses their powers on me and it's getting to the point where Mark needs to start finding better staff. Like I said, its just a matter of time.
  7. +rep best mod
  8. But I do agree with this. Certain staff members abuse their powers way to often.
  9. all you simply have to do is make a report with evidence if you want a staff member demoted. If mark thinks something should be done he will kick them off the staff team but you need proof. he cant just take someone off because people say they're bad.
  10. exactly! haha
  11. New Rule Suggestion: "4.8- A Terrorist is automatically KOS if he kills a non-baiting CT." It's annoying to pardon T's after they kill a fellow ct(s)
  12. Thanks!!
  13. Check out my app and give me some feedback <3
  14. So guys I finally got my account back after it being hacked a few days ago. Unfortunately he blocked everyone I had friended so it would be much easier if you guys could paste your profile link in the comments so I can just add you guys faster instead of searching individual names. Thank you!