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  1. penisdestroyer2000
  2. Hey guys, i'm starting to wonder if I should get back on PC and just play some time on the weekends? I know I said I would quit permanently but I have a lot of free time on the weekends after going to the gym. I love playing with all of you and just want some feedback. Drop it down there in the comments.
  3. Playing 1 last day on csgo. Will be on defy for a little bit hmuuuu
  4. DEFY is just not the as it was before. But that's not the only reason. WEASEL doesn't have enough freetime to play and I just am simply getting tired of it. You guys can enjoy it while you're in junior high but in high school shit's harder. I have a lot of homework that's not giving me much freetime anymore and it sucks. Have fun on DEFY, wish you guys the best.
  5. Haha
  6. Just getting bored of playing PC, I'd rather go workout and do stuff IRL.
  7. Just resigned from staff but now I am permanently leaving csgo and PC. I will miss playing with you guys. Only thing I'm gonna leave here is my snapchat any of you want to keep in touch. snapchat: beanerboy2k14 don't ask about the name, I was like 11 when I made it.
  8. Catch ya on tha flip side.
  9. Shit happens, just gotta move on.
  10. Yeah as the title says, I'm resigning. I love the server and all but there is just a few things that are not going well. I'm not gonna have much time to play on the server due to sports that are upcoming soon and gotta get those gains in the gym. But besides sports, some of the reasons I am resigning is due to some of the newer staff members and higher ups being douchebags and favoritizing certain players and just not doing their jobs in general but still not being punished. I feel like I would have more fun just playing as a reg and that's that. Soon, I feel I might just quit the game in general because it's taking so much time that I could be getting built in the gym and be bigger than most of you nerds playing csgo <3. Haha I love you all but it's my time to go. Cya guys later and have fun on DEFY. <3
  11. 51
  12. NO NO NO. This map is the best map for people that like to play T side. Not all maps need to be for ct's.
  13. No no no.
  14. I can probably throw in a knife in the next week i'll see what I can do.