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  1. xxx

    rain drop drop top
  2. 64 is way to much. There would be like 20 traitors it would be chaos.
  3. Not allowed. Sorry im late on this but just because they're in vents doesn't mean you can sit outside of armory because they could go to multiple different places.
  4. The more people the better, 32 max is a good amount and rounds are always 5 mins.
  5. do you even know who MarkE is? lol
  6. shutup, you got vac'd like 3 times therefore your point is invalid.
  7. xxx

    Even more aids
  8. xxx

    you guys are all trash, you guys listen to fucking punk rock. get your life together
  9. Stewie steel desi jdm shroud btw, MarkE is a cheater
  10. xxx

    How to trigger @Copes 101
  11. xxx

    If you think xxx is trash, you probably listen to country music. can't keep my dick in my pants yaa
  12. until

    this shit gonna be lit. I'm down