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Found 1 result

  1. here are all the maps on jail, i gonna update when new maps get added :=) jb_summer_jail_v1_defy jb_lego_v8_fixed_defy 9%played jb_clouds_beta02_defy 10 % played jb_dojo_v5-6_defy jb_avalanche_csgo_b6_defy ba_jail_electric_razor_defy spy_vs_spy_beta7b_defy jb_castleguarddev_v5_defy 8 % played jb_mountaincraft_v6_defy jb_obama_v5_defy 7% played jb_peanut_v3r_defy jb_renegade_v5_defy jb_snow_v2_defy jb_space_jail_sg_defy jb_undertale_b5_defy 9 % played the rest of the % just other maps