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Specialty Rounds in TTT.

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I have an idea to kind of throw off the regular rigamarole of the game. Spice it up if you will! These rounds would only happen say, once per map.

Specialty Rounds:

Detectives V. Traitors

Two Teams: Detectives and Traitors. When you die you switch teams. You keep playing until the last person dies on the opposing team!

Free For All: 

Everyone is Traitor and the last person remaining gets a bonus amount of points. 

Double Points Round:

This round happens early off on a map rotation in order to boost people's points, so that they can take full advantage of the /shop function later in the game. 

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27 minutes ago, Zarakattack said:

I actually really like this idea because there are special days on Jailbreak like warday so why not on TTT

Thanks! :D

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