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Member Requirements

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So you want to join DEFYclan?


Steps To Join: 

1. Join Steam Group

2. Sign up on Forums

3. Link Steam Account to Forum Account

4. Apply Here



  • Get 5 +rep from other DEFY members.
  • 13 years of age or older
  • Understand server rules




As a member, you gain perks across our many servers.


  • Extra Heal
  • Extra Repeat
  • Extra Refuse
  • Chance of escaping Cuffs when tazed.


You may also add the "Defy | " tag to your name upon being accepted.

Make sure your capitals are correct or else you will be asked to change them.

Correct: "Defy | Mark"

Incorrect: "DEFY | Mark", "DeFy | Mark", "Mark | Defy"

Thank you for considering or completing the application process, we hope to see you active on the server soon!

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