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Defy Roster

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DEFYclan Official Roster

Senior Staff

Five Star General Five Star General


Four Star General Four Star General

@Some_Person [Head of Operations]

@Emo Hoe [Head of Technology | Forum Mod]

@ImNotRacist [Head of Bans and Complaints]

@Hoodini [Game Manager]

General Staff

Three Star General Three Star General

@MarthaTheWatermelon [Head of Human Resources]

@Never Done [TTT Server Manager | Forum Mod]

Two Star General Two Star General

@SensationalUnicorn [HR Assistant]

@XenoGenesis [Head of Public Relations | Forum Mod]

@IcePack [B&C Department Member | Forum Mod]

Junior Staff

One Star General One Star General

@BOT Albert


@the gud succ [Forum Mod | Public Relations Department Member]

@EnderX1 [Tech Department Member | Forum Mod]

@Zarakattack [Forum Mod]


Colonel Colonel


@Evil Morty




Colonel Retired 










Major Major [ 120 Hours in Game | 50 Forum Reputation | Staff Recommendation ]



Captain Captain [ 75 Hours in Game | 37 Forum Reputation | Recruit 3 Players | Suggest a Rule/Idea That Gets Implemented ]


Lieutenant Lieutenant [ 50 Hours in Game | 25 Forum Reputation | Invite 3 Players ]




Sergeant Sergeant [ Recruit 1 Player | 40 Hours in Game | 50 Posts (Not Spam) ]



Corporal Corporal [ Invite 1 Player | 15 Forum Reputation | 30 Hours in Game ]


Private Private [ Mature and Represents Community Well | Passes Knowledge Test | 20 Hours of Playtime ]


Cadet Cadet [ 10 Forum Reputation | 15 Hours in Game ]

Apprentice Apprentice [ Make an Introduction Post | 10 Hours in Game ]

Recruit Recruit [ Application Accepted | 5 Hours in Game ]



  • Requirements for higher ranks stack on each other. For example, you can't go to Private without making an Introduction Post.




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