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DEFYclan Official Roster


EAsmall.png.25abfc15ca4f021b47009d6b5a96b9a2.png Executive Admin


HAsmall.png.29d381430980777c54efe44565df2c89.png Head Admin [Department Heads]

@Emo Hoe [Head of Operations]

@Never Done [Head of Bans & Complaints]

@Mobbster [Head of Technology]

SAsmall.png.a8e92b9cfa5e2e17464d595792210d86.png Senior Admin [Department Assistants]

@Zarakattack [Head of Game Affairs]

@PotatoStyle [Head of Human Resources]

LAsmall.png.d383a287eed694fe0dc7b13e851e8cc2.png Lead Admin [The Best Server Moderators]


GAsmall.png.c963bb369be7ae7caf201f1e5ebde60f.png General Admin [Normal Admins, Normal Powers]




JAsmall.png.5bdbb8fe90b69d22dc51f800833a5494.png Junior Admin [Noob Admins]


TAsmall.png.125d050602450df5b0f76c28a892e600.png Trial Admin [Admins In Training]








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Staff Update 12/1/17 :

@K!LO Has Resigned due to real life issues.

@Mr.Happy Has been removed from staff due to inactivity.

@Mobbster Has been promoted to Head Admin.

We wish them all the best.




Staff Update 12/27/17:

@pr0fs Has been promoted to Trial Admin.


Staff Update 12/29/17:

@Nuggets Has been promoted to Trial Admin.


Staff Update: 1/6/18

@Zarakattack Has been promoted to Senior Admin and has become Head of Game Affairs. Congratulations.


Staff Update: 1/15/18

@pr0fs Was promoted to Junior Admin. Congratulations.

@Thrasher Has been terminated from staff due to performance. We wish him the best.

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