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Emo Hoe

Tribute to Some_Person

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So @Some_Person retired, and for those of you who don't know why that's a big deal, let me explain:

Back a long time ago before DEFY, there was a community called TGN on GMOD. When DEFY was created, it started with just a couple people from TGN, one of which was Some. (i'm 90% sure)

Now when I first joined in October of 2016, @Some_Person, @Psycho, and @Coco were the only 4 Star Generals (called Head Admins at the time.) Coco retired shortly after I became a mod, while Psycho retired after I reached 4 star.

So Some was the last of the original Head Admins.

This brings about a whole new era of DEFY, where all the staff except for @Mark and @Mobbster are players that wandered onto the servers and wound up being staff. All the Heads come from DEFY, and not TGN. It's cool and weird being the most experienced/high ranking staff member besides Mark. 


Now some of my favorite Some_Person moments:

1. One day, we were chilling in TeamSpeak with Krim and Weasel (who were 2 star generals / Lead Admins at the time) and Some moved them to his office. Now, some background on the incident: Krim used Hot Potato in LR to drop CTs off the edge of a building and win the round. Some was just gonna punish him, but decided to mess with us a bit. He brought the staff into the Staff Lounge or General Chat 1, and Krim and Weasel both had Server Mod tags. Some proceeded to yell at us to make sure we don't abuse and this can't happen again. We all thought it was BS because HR wouldn't knock them down 2 ranks if even 1. He eventually came out and said everyone was keeping their ranks but the gimmick had a point.

2. He carried us in comp once. He has literally no idea what he's doing and regularly uses the MP7. And he carried us. Like wtf.

3. I guess he's anonymous?

4. He randomly joined the TeamSpeak while he was at a LAN party and had everyone yell "Hello" to us. Heard Martha in the background. Pretty lit.

5. When he's sick his voice drops like 3 octaves. Pretty sexy.

6. He's either in a close friendship or a slightly gay relationship with a melon. What a weirdo.


That's a wrap on an era.

See ya on the servers, @Some_Person

(and thanks for your job :p) 


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Sad to say goodbye after only knowing you for 10 months 17 days and 14 hours ;( but in the end, its your decision. Make sure to stop by and give us your best pornos every now and again. @Some_Person



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