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TTT: Special Rounds

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I don't know if this has been posted yet, (mostly because I'm too lazy to look through forums, but what if we had special rounds once a map?


Once a map, a notification would pop up, saying Special Round? 1. Yes 2. No.

If no, continue the match normally. 

If yes, then a random special round would be chosen, such as: (just examples)

   - Team Deathmatch, Half of the server is detectives, other half is traitors

   - Deagle Round, All players required to use Deagles only

   - Tazers for Days, All players spawn in with tazers (traitor testers), round continues normally

   - Low Gravity, Gravity is lowered to 50% for the entire round

   - Desert, Each player may only use one clip from their gun

   - Special Snowflake, One innocent spawns in as "special" in chat, and the goal is for the innocents to protect the snowflake from traitors. If he is killed, they lose. If he survives, or all traitors are killed, they win.

   - Knife Me Daddy, free-for-all knife fight

   - Catch the Ball, infinite grenades free-for-all

   - Bomb, Anyone?, traitors can only plant 5 C4, while innocents stay blinded, objective for innocents is to defuse all 5 of the Ts planted C4 within 2 minutes (amount of C4 depends on amount of players)

   - ALLAHU AKBAR, every player is equipped with Jihad Bomb, round continues normally


So on so forth. I think I saw this in another TTT server, but I just remembered it.

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