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I'll try and make this short and simple. I apologize for not being on in a week or so. I've been prioritizing life shit and it's been busy. I have a tournament in my hockey league coming up this weekend so i'll most likely balance things next week so i'll have time to chill and play some muh fuckin games. I'm sure other staff members have been taking care of ya, but I thought i'd just let you guys know what i've been up to.


I also got so fucked up at an after-party that I almost flooded my buddy's bathroom at 6am. God i'm so proud of myself ¬¬. Just thought i'd share.



Anyways cheers guys talk to you soon. I've been keeping semi-active on the forums using my phone recently so that'd explain some of my replys and +reps from a few days ago. Peace.




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