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Rules Update 1/2/18

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Jailbreak Warden Taser/Handcuff Updates

  • Handcuffs can be used to put prisoners into healing areas in order to heal.

  • Handcuffs may be used to keep a prisoner in one area, if it is after the prisoner wins a game and must wait till others finish.

  • Handcuffs can be used to freeze prisoners if they are within knifing distance to the warden or a ct (does not apply on special events or last requests).

  • Handcuffs can be used to pull or put a prisoner in a specific team in a team game, the prisoners must be released in order to play the game.



Previously wardens did not have a use for handcuffs in Jailbreak, this has now been evolved and these are the rules for them. You may use the Zeus as a Handcuff in JB for these reasons, any others will not be allowed and punished.




Happy New Years!


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