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VAC Ban Rule clarification 1-6-18

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Regarding VAC Bans: (Main to Alt)

If you're VAC Banned on your main (Your main account that you play Defy on) You will be permanently banned on all alt's unless given a "second chance" in a way. The second chance will be as follows, Our DEFY staff team will vote on either you being allowed to come back on a alt (as long as there is no hacking or funny business involved within you coming back). This will be restricted to General Admin+ on the votes, if they do not know you on a level to give their statement they will be opted out of the vote.



Regarding VAC Bans: (Alt to Main)

If you're VAC'ed on a Alt but it is not your main account you use on DEFY we will let this slide. Now the reason for this is We're not going to constantly monitor each and every member . Now this doesn't give you free will to come and hack on a alt on our servers. if you're caught hacking on a alt on our DEFY server's you will be permanently banned on ALL accounts. This apply's to Staff as well.



Regarding Game Bans:

Game Bans will not affect your status on DEFY nor will they get you banned. Of course this still doesn't give you the right or the permission to hack on DEFY servers. We still will see which game they came from and may ask question's regarding them, but they will not stop you from playing DEFY servers.


Everyone makes mistakes and we like to give everyone equal opportunities to right their wrongs we shouldn't have to do it for you. If you know its wrong to hack on our server's or even take the risk of getting banned on a main account you're affiliated with DEFY on. Just don't do it. We value all our members here and don't want to have to Permanently Ban someone over this.



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