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Return of Psycho??

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Damn, after leaving because timing and had to deal with some situations, i miss Defy, my fam, i want to announce that i am really thinking on returing. I Miss the times and the great community, itd be nice to catch up with whoevers still here from the beginning and meet the newer members. For who doesnt know im a former staff member, community player, and once i get my pc back, should there be a return of DEFY_Psycho??? One Love!! Hope everyones been well, hope to speak to you all soon. 

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On ‎3‎/‎9‎/‎2018 at 5:26 PM, Emo Hoe said:

yes come back mr psycho

Last week I was able to get on and catch up with some people. Working on getting a new pc asap, things have been tight and hard, many issues have occurred, which made my retirement/return hard to estimate when ill be back. Its going to be ASAP and I already have spoken to mark about wanting to come back and being part of defy again.  Like I went over many issues came up involving fixing my car, bills, not having a job and focusing on my education, so its been hard to save the money I do make. I will be putting money aside as well as maybe setting up a go fund me to get me back on my feet and pursue what I want to do with pc gaming, defy, etc. I will make a go fund me and link it if I feel its right to, I do not like asking for money, or asking for help, nor is that my intention, If I do end up making a go fund me and you are able to spare something,  Awesome! anything helps! Positive vibes and words are more than welcome! Do not feel obligated that anybody has to contribute, I will be back eventually either way. Hope all has been well for everybody! Will keep you updated.  For now -Psycho signing off ( I look forward to continuing my journey with defy and all the old and new members, and continuing my gaming background/experience.)

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