Staff Requirements

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So you want to become staff member?

Staff Requirements:

  • Must Reach Senior Rank.
  • Must have a working mic and Teamspeak3
  • Fluent in English 
  • Must be 14 unless an exception is made


Click Here to Apply **If you get an ERROR when clicking this link this means you are not eligible to apply for staff yet.**


How will members be accepted as staff?

Once the acceptance points reaches 10, the Head of Human Resources will review the post and said member will be screened. Please note that even though a member reaches the required acceptance points, they may still be denied.


Applications will only be reviewed one week or later from the time the post was made to allow staff to either give -points or +points.


Points System

You may give up to the amount of points listed below when recommending someone for staff. 


General Admin - 1 points

Lead Admin - 2 points

Senior Admin - 3 points

Head Admin - 4 points

Executive Admin - 10 points


  • So if you are a General admin you can only give out 1 point or -1 point. 
  • If you are a Lead Admin you may give 1 point, 2 points, -1 point or -2 points. 


Recommendation Template

Use the following when replying to staff Recommendation posts.






Mods may recommend players but their recommendation wont count.


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