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    DEFY GMOD DarkRP Beta The DEFY GMOD DarkRP server is now open for Beta Testing and suggestions. If you find any bugs or have a suggestion please post below. We will likely update this post with more info at a later date. If you are new to DEFY please sign up on our forums. Server IP: steam://connect/darkrp.DEFYclan.com or Simple DEFY DarkRP Rules for Beta - Standard DarkRP rules apply - NO Prop Killing, spam, etc. - No Minge - Have Fun
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    Today marks a year since becoming a member here I just wanna show my appreciation for everyone here and the tight community we have. Thanks for everything this past year, and I can't wait for this next year and more to come in DEFY. (p.s. been inactive because my wacc computer stopped working but my new one comes tomorrow, so I'll be back sooon 😎)
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    As of July 26th 2017 marks the one year mark for me being the Head of Bans & Complaints. As of June 27th 2018 I have been the leader of TTT. Here is to more time in the community and watching it grow.
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    Its my birthday again for thos who care.17 now and still counting.
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    Is DarkRP still happening if so when and to the normal people reading this would you play?
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    True but I can become a egirl with robux so idk man
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    I'm num3rical I'm 15 years old and I play jailbreak. I like math and things that require typing. Not much more to say
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    Fuck AP classes, and SATs, and I'm back to suck on some cucumber. Yeet. I actually missed y'all, and I can't wait to get playing again.
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    This friday at 7:00PM EST server time we will be playing http://shellshock.io. We will be taking 3 winners for this event, each winner will receive credits on our csgo servers. 1st Place will receive 1000 credits 2nd Place will receive 500 credits 3rd Place will receive 250 credits How do you win? Simple 3 players who have the highest kill streaks will win.
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    DEFYclan Official Roster Staff Executive Admin @Mark Head Admin @Never Done [TTT Leader] @PotatoStyle [CS:GO Game Manager] Senior Admin @pr0fs @Hoodini @Magma General Admin @Zach S [TTT] @flacid shell [TTT] @Dre [TTT] Junior Admin @ALO [JB] Trial Admin @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle [JB] Members Veteran Senior Junior
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    My name is Edwin. I am 15 years old. Been playing jailbreak back when NsG clan was a thing. Since it shut down I had nowhere to go up until a few weeks ago. My buddy Dark started a reunion and we started playing in Defy. No it is not the same the rules are a bit different but I have fun. It's great being here and playing in the JB server with yall. cringy post i know. k cya.
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    my son has arrived
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    Hey Qtpie HMU to play jailbreak
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    what up gay boy love u
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    One more year then youre legal. ☺
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    Yes, It will likely go into public beta August 1st.
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    omg no way where u go men
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    throw it down a flight of stairs and rebuild it (i was gonna say to factory reset it but Zarak already said that)
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    but lets be honest profs is a legend
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    Yeah, you’ve been here as long as I can remember. Thanks for sticking around pr0fs, you’ve always been one of my favorites. ;D
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    Great job my boi keep up ur admon skill my friend man
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    congratulations brother man.
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    I don't know your knowledge of these engines, but if you're practicing and learning as you go I suggest something simple such as visual novels or basic point and click type games.
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    Michelle didn't come on as often as he wanted so he quit. Rest in Piss Couchy

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