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    Mic Spam definition changed Repeatedly using any means of communication to disturbs gameplay. Typing any line of text 3 times or more in chat. Example: Being overly loud, playing music from a soundboard, spamming ear rape Note: Players whose mics are too loud without them knowing should be warned before being muted. The previous definition was "Repeatedly using any means of communication for annoyance", which could have been interpreted in different ways. Something one person finds annoying may be playful for someone else. This definition is more clear-cut, with voice chat that impedes communication with others in the game is now against the rules as opposed to stupid shit causing mutes and bans.
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    Binding a key to sm_tvoice or typing in console sm_tvoice when you are a Traitor will put you into a Traitor only voice chat. What this does is only T-buddies can hear what you say. In this voice chat you can still hear everyone else but when you speak on your mic only fellow traitors will hear you. So you can use this to communicate useful info to fellow T-Buddies.
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    I think we should really consider deleting some off the maps in TTT because there are a lot that people either don't like or that we don't play. Any opinions?
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    Donating Skins or Keys for VIP How many skins or keys needed to purchase VIP? Bronze VIP: 3 Keys or CS:GO skin worth $8 per Month Silver VIP: 5 Keys or CS:GO skin worth $13 per month Gold VIP: 17 Keys or CS:GO skin worth $45 one time then Gold VIP renewals would cost 6 keys or CS:GO skin worth $16 How do I purchase VIP with skins or Keys? Send DEFY | Mark a trade offer(https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=69889418&token=kQEeJI8L) on steam with a trade message of either Bronze VIP, Silver VIP, or Gold VIP. Please note: we may refuse you for Silver or Gold VIP if you do not pass our screening. If refused the trade offer will be declined. How many months of VIP will I receive? The above prices will give you 1 Month of VIP. Gold VIP has a one time payment of 17 keys or $45 worth of skins and then a recurring cost of 6 keys or $16 worth of CS:GO skins. Once I send the trade offer, how long will it take to receive the VIP perks? VIP perks will be issued within 8-24 hours max. Why does buying VIP with skins or keys cost more than paying with real money? Skins and keys require extra processing.
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    Name: Eden About: I am a producer living in Ohio, i am 14 years old, Ifu wanna make a track hmu @ [email protected]ail.com i make rap beats edm beats and trap beats or what u want. Rank On CSGO: Silver 3 Skill On CSGO: But much worse
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    should be fixed
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    I guess Seven is a god with pictures and I can never best him but I have some pictures on my own. I dont know I feel like people liked Sevens pictures and I hope mine are halfway decent. Temple of Zeus: https://gyazo.com/b04bba5f1dbf4e64ee2c8c4e57885626 Thing: https://gyazo.com/0e0cc8b5416fcf952a42ebbc8fbb92e1 Parthenon: https://gyazo.com/2a1e05c3074a4701138522824fd8ed3d I also have no idea how to write a description.
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    The time has come to vote.
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    "211coolman" sick name faggot xd
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    New shops are underway! New shop items will include: - pets -tracers -accessories -trails -grenade trails and more! To access this shop log in to any DEFY CSGO server and type in /shop For all the gambling addicts such as myself their will also be adding the command: /bet [t or ct] [credits] to be your credits on a team winning a round. Hence the opening of the shop Double Credits will be available for now until an extended amount of time!
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    Can I have a hoe has a pet?
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    Hey, I love this server and everything on it but, it just grinds my gears when a first time player that just has no idea what TTT is and walks around shooting every nibba in sight! If there is any way Y'all can fix this please do.
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    New shops are underway! New shop items will include: - pets -tracers -accessories -trails -grenade trails and more! To access this shop log in to any DEFY CSGO server and type in /shop For all the gambling addicts such as myself their will also be adding the command: /bet [t or ct] [credits] to be your credits on a team winning a round. Hence the opening of the shop Double Credits will be available for now until an extended amount of time! View full record
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    If you are on the server.
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    So i was playing on another JB server and i saw this idea of a health nade. So basically warden has one equipped along with Deputy and when they throw it down its like a mobile health station that goes away in like 10 seconds. Here's a screenshot Feedback? https://imgur.com/a/HVz8g
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    Xeno and Emo were chillin' in TeamSpeak one day. Xeno was quite sad and lonely, wrapping himself in a blanket and eating pizza by himself. He had no one to play PUBG with so he asked Emo if he would play with him. Emo said in a sad tone, "I can't, I don't have PUBG." Xeno responded, "Shit, anyone have King of the Hill?" Emo replied, "Yeah, and it's King of the Kill." Xeno told Emo to shut up in a little weeb voice and Emo began explaining the difference between KOTK, Xeno suddenly said, "Fuck it, I'm just gonna gift you PUBG." So Xeno did as he said, and it gave Emo a rock hard boner. "I only wish there was something I could do to repay you..." Emo said. "Nah, you don't have to, just play more than like 5 minutes," Xeno responded. "No, there's more I can do..." Emo said as he drifted his hand over the top of Xeno's army pants. "No, Emo, we can't do this. No more workplace romances after IcePack and Sensational, remember?" “It’s okay, who’s gonna knark?” “I-I guess you’re right…” Emo put his hands on the edge of Xeno’s pants and slowly pulled them off. Xeno was a poor weeb so he had no underwear on, and his Asian chode popped right out.” “It’s not much, but it’s all I have…” he said. “It’s okay, I have something for you,” Emo said as he faced the camera, “Ron Jeremy Penis Size Enhancement™.” Emo slipped the small pink pills into Xeno’s mouth, and his dick grew until it was the size of a pen. “Wow, it grew almost ten times as much…” he said. Emo responded with, “Yes, now use your fucking Samurai Dick™ and fuck me!” Emo jumped down on Xeno’s now raging boner and it was so sharp and hard that it tore right through his black skinny jeans and into his asshole. Emo, whose dick was still as floppy as a rubber band, said, “This isn’t getting me horny at all, let’s change that.” He pulled out a knife, furry handcuffs, and an anime mask. “I’ve been preparing for this a long time, he said.” He put on the anime mask and began shaving off the corners of Xeno’s dick to make it sharper. Xeno bit his lip in pain but was so turned on by the anime mask he just let it happen. Emo had Xeno put on the handcuffs. After the handcuffs were on, he told Xeno his master plan. Xeno looked at him in awe for a moment, but then nodded. He took his now razor sharp dick and cut Emo’s wrists with it. He put his dick inside the cuts and Emo began to moan. His dick grew to twice the size of what Xeno’s dick had been when they started. Xeno did this up and down his arm until they were both covered with blood. Then Emo whispered one last request in Xeno’s ear. Xeno took his Samurai Dick™ and began putting the sharpened tip up Emo’s dick hole. He kept going until his dick was all the way inside Emo’s. At this point, Xeno came inside Emo’s dick and then pulled out. Emo then bent over to suck his own dick and Xeno’s cum dripped into his mouth. After a bit of this, his own cum mixed with blood dripped into his mouth. “You can’t tell anyone,” Emo said. “I won’t,” Xeno said as he went to go wipe off his bloody dick. And then Emo died of blood loss. The End. Dead!
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    Department of Bans & Complaints @milo Admin Resolution Denied Misc Information
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    Post a bunch of Galil Fragclips below so I can NUT Appreciate You Greatly
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    this isnt a grocery store
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    1. Eggs 2. Milk 3. Bread 4. Soda 5. Peanut Butter 6. Chips 7. Plastic Cups 8. Paper Plates 9. Paper Towels 10. Frozen Dinner
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    We Need a TTT Map that takes place in a Prison. It needs a Armory A wardens room T secrets A prison yard. You guys get the idea.
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    boi that's too much work. have duke do it xD
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    Don't mind my cringy ass voice. Watch the vid.
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    Just watch this. I hit the luckiest Clip (4 kills I think) in competitive Cache. Silver
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    Congrats and welcome to Defie clan
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    Welcome to Defy! Enjoy your stay!
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    OOf uncle is a bully and welcome Nuggets
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    If you is Never Done it is never required. gotem.
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    I have so many questions.
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    fucking traitor.
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    i have done so many road trips, Living in Arizona i have driven up threw main and into nova Scotia. i also have driven to Alaska and not the bottom part of Alaska but all the way up to prodhue bay which is the very top,
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    Sunrise in the Grand Canyon: https://gyazo.com/cc41d4c3c6b5639b4b7a1288a6e6a88f Sunrise in the Grand Canyon: https://gyazo.com/afc5cbf8aaab4f6084c25844b64849bf Tiniest Turtle: https://gyazo.com/03af530f5a3cc301b32daf3b784ba419 Off the coast of St. Augustine: https://gyazo.com/70f0c6cd03f695dbe0ee89907e425b34 Some Lake in the Grand Tetons: https://gyazo.com/eec6b53a4378db25fecf6afbcbf90893
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    Seven Gay Emo is that uncle who wont stop touching me. Krim is the dad that never loved me. XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD Cringey joeojk
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    I just saw that video. Sucks that its fake. would've been nice to get those skins
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    These are all sick pictures, well done.
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    Look nice, guessing those are taken in Italy?
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    Enjoy your time here Nuggets!