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    We definitely need the anime one can't we all agree?
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    We have been thinking of adding 5 vip models to the servers and we need your feedback. We rounded up 13 models: pick your top 5 models. The 5 most voted for models will be added. I have looked over an old post I created How Fast is your internet speed? and determined that most members have great internet speeds. Adding models should not increase download times to our servers for our players. However I will run some speed tests to determine whether or not we will even add 5 models or not. Please fill out the Googleform below. CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE Larger Images:
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    We're going to be switching to Discord for the next two weeks in order to see if we want to switch permanently. The TeamSpeak will be temporarily disabled until the trial period has ended. If successful, TeamSpeak will be disabled and Discord will be the primary usage of communication. If not successful, we'll restore the old TeamSpeak and continue on.

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