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    My name is WigglyMelons I live on the planet Earth I sometimes stream (Twitch: wigglymelons) That's about it take care!
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    @MarthaTheWatermelon It is a impersonamelon!
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    I just got VAC'd in csgo for having a gta 5 cheat activated while I played. TIME TO SWITCH TO MY SMURF! Lets go bois
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    Old News. that was still funny as fuck tbh.
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    Or maybe because Seven was abused as a child, causing his mind to be forever scarred by the thoughts of his parents utter neglect for his safety and well-being, causing his current state of mind to be unstable. Also could be because Seven was recently taken advantage of by several wonderful African-American gentlemen, and is looking to pass on the favor.
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    Im Not vacced lol. And if you have a VACed account you technically arn't suppose to be playing on DEFY server's. or so it use to be.

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