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    Hello, my name is Jhaz! I live in the USA, and I don't like racial slurs Friend me if you want Have a great day -Jhaz
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    I hate new logic. Old logic was way better (Ballin, Flexecution, Under Pressure). Now he is all about race and i hate it. I listen to rap for music, not to be told spider man should be black.
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    landon cube ruins red roses for me…
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    dont have a favorite artist but favorite song is probably nowadays by lil skies
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    I am so incredibly bad at it when I played. I couldn't even practice my aim because I was completely unable to see the enemies when they were right in front of my face.
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    Drake is my favorite. I like Vic Mensa, Gambino, Big Sean, Kanye, and songs that are decent and lit.
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    official announcement: this child is my son. More spots are available.