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    Let me just say it now I NEED A BREAK! I know people will say its a joke and that i will be om the server the next day, I will but it will be for the last time in a while. I just want to name a couple people for just talking and being chill like @pr0fs @dre and @PotatoStyle also even @Dark sometimes and to the people that would make me laugh like @Hank_Hell @spicyravioli and @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle and to the people that were helpful like @Bowie @Mark and @Magma . So i will be on the discord from time to time but i need to answer some questions about myself moving forward. I know there will be people in the comments being all “why are you mad you were being toxic” i know that and im sorry im trying to learn how to become a better person. So just beare with me and listen I’m sorry. -Connor
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    I don't think anyone actually hates you, fella. You're a necessary hooligan.
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    you should’ve left and not said anything then when you came back you’d see who the real snakes are
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    I've been a member of this beloved clan for about a year or so now, and I think I should definitely become a veteran member. I've put so much work into this community and I want to see some form of repayment. First, I'd like the think @daddynoscope for helping me out throughout my journey here, teaching me the in's and out's of TTT and Jailbreak. He's been such an inspiration to me and I feel that he definitely deserves a promotion or even become an admin! Thank you guys for hearing me out! Also, I don't want to call people out but @Trace has been in DEFY for lesser time than me and he's a veteran member, I just wanna be cool too!
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    Personally I don't think you should leave, but it seems like you've made up some of your own reasons for doing so. Sounds like you just need some time to sort things out my guy.
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    Well said. All jokes aside you were pretty damn funny. You put a lot of time in this server, and in the long run you will be missed.
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    Yeah, that Trace kiddo, what a goof! Now @daddynoscope, that's a legend!
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    This post has all the details. You can also view the Member requirements like Potato said.
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    Have you looked at the member requirements? That’ll give you a good idea where to start.
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    "wHy ArE yOu MaD yOu WeRe BeInG tOxIc" In all seriousness, good luck out there kiddo.
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