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    Community Guidelines & Standards Keeping the Community Safe Sharing personal information of others is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to... Real names Social media accounts Addresses IP addresses Account sharing, buying, or selling is not allowed. Inappropriate Behavior Any behavior which is considered disrespectful, offensive, racist or otherwise inappropriate should be kept to yourself. Treat other members with respect and dignity. Excessive swearing will not be tolerated. Harassment or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Do not start or partake in any drama, rumors, propaganda, or any other controversial topics. All posts and content deemed explicit should be posted in the NSFW chat on Discord. Member Expectations All members that hold the rank of Junior, Senior, or Veteran can wear their respective DEFY tag at the front of their name. Example: DEFY | Mark Members who play on other servers should act as if they are on DEFY while playing on those servers. Frequent participation within our Forums and Teamspeak. Will likely aide you in getting a higher rank within our community. Removal from the Clan Breaking community guidelines or any other rules may result in being removed. Being a Clan Member of another community. Receiving a Vac Ban or Game Ban. Community Wide Ban (CWB) In the interest of keeping the community a fun, safe and friendly environment we may issue a Community Wide Ban for the following reasons: Consistent negativity and toxicity History of VAC bans Spreading rumors, drama, propaganda Knowingly providing a false statement All Community Wide Bans are dealt with on a case by case basis. Encounters with Staff Staff Members have the final say in any given scenario. If you are not happy with a decision, do not argue or flame. Rather, post a staff complaint on the forums. Advertising Spreading links to any other website, Discord, TeamSpeak, or other community in our realm is prohibited. Links to personal Twitch and YouTube channels are allowed. Any other advertisements must be approved by an Executive Admin. Additional Rules Carefully read each of the following sections listed below, these rules go more in depth and are specific to either our game servers, voice servers, or forums. CS:GO Server Rules GMOD Server Rules Forum Rules Discord rules can be found in the #rules-and-info channel. Our goal is to create a friendly, fun, safe, and positive atmosphere for all players. We ask that you follow our community standards to show respect to everyone within the DEFY community. All jokes aside, any targeting or harassment can disrupt the experience of the targeted player. You don't know everyone who spends time in the community personally, and you might find something amusing that is personal to another player and might create a negative or hostile environment for that person and possibly others. At the end of the day, we really just want everyone to have a fun and memorable experience in the DEFY community.
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    CS:GO Server Rules How do bans work? 1st Ban = 3 day(4320) | 2nd Ban = 1 week(10080) | 3rd Ban = 2 weeks(20160) | 4th Ban 1 Month (43200) | 5th Ban = Perma Ban

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