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    Welcome all people to the new year of 2018... what it has to offer we dont know. We might get bombed by North Korea, Mark could do rouge, Mel Gibson could kill himself who knows? But to everyone enjoy your time in this new year and take some time to fix things that you havent been good at or things that dont reflect you as a person. As you come into this new year think about what you are going to do and have fun :]. Hope you all had a good day, Cheers for the New Year!
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    I probably will not have time to make this tomorrow so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU NERDS. I hope everyone in Defy has a wonderful Christmas. And to the people who do not celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a fun day with your family. Because that is what the holidays are for am I right? Official Defyclan Jingle bells Jingle Bells, Never smells Zarak trys too hard Krim Jon Un banned me too And Duke ran away, hey! Jingle bells, Xeno smells Emo is a gay Stevey is spamming me Soundboards everyday, Hey. XDDDD put a lot a work into that
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    The following maps have been added back to the pool ttt_terrortrain_v1_csgo_defy ttt_minecraft_b5_csgo_v1_defy ttt_richburg_defy ttt_minecraftcity_defy ttt_roy_the_ship_csgoport_v3_1_defy ttt_drybone_swamp_v1d_defy ttt_forest_b1_defy ttt_closequarters_defy I have also increased the setting in the map vote to exclude previously played maps to 5. This should make it so you cant play a certain map over and over rather you can only play that map every 5 map changes. As for the new maps we may add some later this week but when adding new maps we will only add 2-3 at a time to see how they do in the map pool and if people enjoy them, because adding a ton of new maps to the pool can cause us to play maps we do not know and do not like. Which that too will kill the server.
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    IK that people in the staff team dont want more mapes but the maps in the pool right now are really boring since everyone has played them. Plus for Community Pool the T room doesn't even work. There are a couple of maps that I would like to see be added back to the map pool, and maps that are gonna be new. Added back Terror Train Richburg ttt_forest ttt_69thway ttt_closequarters New Maps ttt_manor_night TTT_Apocalypse TTT_Hedgemaze TTT_hybridgrounds Some of these maps may be needed to be worked on, understandable. But the server is just gonna be more overplayed and overplayed until it gets so boring nobody even plays anymore. The ones that I want to see added back can just be added back since they are already made with the little defy name at the end. (Ex- ttt_richburg_defy) The server will be more fun since it will have more of a span of maps to play on.
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    I don’t support this new rule. TTT should be fun for everyone, even the guy that rdm’d. Longer slay times just turn people off.
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    It isnt a priority? Because the people who are in charge of it dont play... You dont know what it's like to play the same maps for like a month straight.
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    My name is WigglyMelons I live on the planet Earth I sometimes stream (Twitch: wigglymelons) That's about it take care!
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    I like it because, for the new players, they'll have to sit out two rounds and watch and learn. They probably won't learn much in just one round. Plus the people who come to just RDM will get a harsher punishment, and it won't really be worth it for them.
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    But then it's harder for me to get banned, wtf gay.
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    New Rule : KOS off of location and Sound Clarified! We added this because people were confused on the KOS off of location and sound rules so this should clear it up. New Addition to Rules: Added a TTT and JB Description to help new players get used to the game more!
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    Staff Update: 1/15/18 @pr0fs Was promoted to Junior Admin. Congratulations. @Thrasher Has been terminated from staff due to performance. We wish him the best.
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    Boi. You take away the trash cans. But allow the minecarts...
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    (Im trying to make this rhyme for inheriting cringe) whats up guys i'm back on a new acc cuz my old one got vacced i'm heterosexual and im on the attack but seriously im here and not banned from defy so thats cool thx to everyone who voted for and against me getting banned and thx to Mark for even doing the vote he rlly didnt have to ----------------------------------------------- Some shit about me I'm a fan of some gay shit like mlp (Its ironic i swear) I suck at life I'm not good at anything I like colors
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    Why did we replace the old way of seeing you T-buddy (outline) to just seeing a t on top of their head? This new way doesn't add anything new and makes it harder to identify your t_buddy. Without the outline, you won't know where your buddy is and might kill them accidentally. (I have killed other T's and other T's have killed me because of this) I do not see anything wrong with the old system (If there is pls tell me) and there are absolutely no advantages for the new system. Reverting it back to the old way would make playing T a lot more enjoyable.
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    Staff Update: 1/6/18 @Zarakattack Has been promoted to Senior Admin and has become Head of Game Affairs. Congratulations.
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    Hello Defy, I'm Dark and I have come here to become a pain to all of the admins, and I will make sure everyone will hate me equally! <3 In all seriousness, I'm excited to see what this community has in store for me for as long as I play here. A little backstory of me: I used to be in a clan called NSG (Never Stop Gaming) that hosted a large jailbreak server in 2016 and up till October of 2017. Due to some complications and gay bois ruining things for us, NSG is no more (so yall admins reading this better put down those ban hammers). The former members of my clan have since been working on a new jailbreak server and a new clan, but I won't say anything else in case that is considered advertising . But for now, Defy seems like a cool place to hang out for now, and from what I have already seen, the staff here seem... interesting? Anyway, hope you all welcome me with open arms into this new experience for me! And I hope what Emo said about getting double credits for signing up was true, I have way to many hours on TTT anyway. P.S: I love the TTT server!
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    This is James from Pakistan and newly register with this lovely community.
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    TRY ME HOES. i CAN DO ANYTHING (even if it takes me a moment)
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    Recently my uncle has passed away and I need to take a break to be with my family and I will not be getting on for a while . I don't know how long. Thanks
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    I don't know if this has been posted yet, (mostly because I'm too lazy to look through forums, but what if we had special rounds once a map? Once a map, a notification would pop up, saying Special Round? 1. Yes 2. No. If no, continue the match normally. If yes, then a random special round would be chosen, such as: (just examples) - Team Deathmatch, Half of the server is detectives, other half is traitors - Deagle Round, All players required to use Deagles only - Tazers for Days, All players spawn in with tazers (traitor testers), round continues normally - Low Gravity, Gravity is lowered to 50% for the entire round - Desert, Each player may only use one clip from their gun - Special Snowflake, One innocent spawns in as "special" in chat, and the goal is for the innocents to protect the snowflake from traitors. If he is killed, they lose. If he survives, or all traitors are killed, they win. - Knife Me Daddy, free-for-all knife fight - Catch the Ball, infinite grenades free-for-all - Bomb, Anyone?, traitors can only plant 5 C4, while innocents stay blinded, objective for innocents is to defuse all 5 of the Ts planted C4 within 2 minutes (amount of C4 depends on amount of players) - ALLAHU AKBAR, every player is equipped with Jihad Bomb, round continues normally So on so forth. I think I saw this in another TTT server, but I just remembered it.
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    Yeah be with your family at times like these.
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    I'm sorry for your loss Zarak. Take as much time as you need. No Worries
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    Hi all, My name is Maine Coon and I was one of the first members of this clan but have not really been involved in a while until now because of R6S. A little info about me, I am a 19 yr old African American male who lives in Maine and is a huge sports fan. I mostly like single player games but most of my playtime is on multiplayer games lol. I love cats, thicc girls and alcohol. You can usually find me drunk on the Defy team speak and discord. So if you see me in there say hi to me, I promise I dont bite xD.
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    Not priority? TTT Maps=getting played 3-5 times in a session daily, that bore's players, players leave. Less people less activity, no activity no server. in our Training it literally says 'The most important thing to remember as a staff member is HOW IMPORTANT our players and members are. without our player's and members there is no server, without a server there is no need for staff'. Putting player base last is a huge mistake. it doesn't take long to add maps to a map pool, considering the map's are already there. Just seem's like laziness. The sooner the map's are replaced the more people we keep. The longer and you will have a dead server very fast.
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    There needs to be map diversity otherwise TTT is just boring. It was promised that the maps would be back by January. I don’t mind waiting, but I think this should be a priority.
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    I'm confused. This didn't happen 2 months ago when this was still in the server. Maybe remove other small plug in that we don't need
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    Hi, I'm Fauxe. Thats all you really need to know... Umm.., what else do i say tho What does the Fauxe say? No? Too cringy right? Ummm..... I got nothing else to say tho. Have a nice day!
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    heh, I lied that time, but imma actually come back
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    Regarding VAC Bans: (Main to Alt) If you're VAC Banned on your main (Your main account that you play Defy on) You will be permanently banned on all alt's unless given a "second chance" in a way. The second chance will be as follows, Our DEFY staff team will vote on either you being allowed to come back on a alt (as long as there is no hacking or funny business involved within you coming back). This will be restricted to General Admin+ on the votes, if they do not know you on a level to give their statement they will be opted out of the vote. Regarding VAC Bans: (Alt to Main) If you're VAC'ed on a Alt but it is not your main account you use on DEFY we will let this slide. Now the reason for this is We're not going to constantly monitor each and every member . Now this doesn't give you free will to come and hack on a alt on our servers. if you're caught hacking on a alt on our DEFY server's you will be permanently banned on ALL accounts. This apply's to Staff as well. Regarding Game Bans: Game Bans will not affect your status on DEFY nor will they get you banned. Of course this still doesn't give you the right or the permission to hack on DEFY servers. We still will see which game they came from and may ask question's regarding them, but they will not stop you from playing DEFY servers. Everyone makes mistakes and we like to give everyone equal opportunities to right their wrongs we shouldn't have to do it for you. If you know its wrong to hack on our server's or even take the risk of getting banned on a main account you're affiliated with DEFY on. Just don't do it. We value all our members here and don't want to have to Permanently Ban someone over this. -Krim
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    I just got VAC'd in csgo for having a gta 5 cheat activated while I played. TIME TO SWITCH TO MY SMURF! Lets go bois
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    Incorrect. I asked mark about and it doesnt matter apparently so... Yeah thats a thing
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    By fixing the map you have broken something else... my heart.
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    Isn't it because seven is a registered six offender?
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    SoulSilver with cyndaquil
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    So you want to become a staff member? *********Only hiring for Jailbreak Server as of 12-31-17*********** (You may still apply for TTT but you will be put on hold or have to temporarily Moderate JB) Staff Requirements: Must Reach Senior Rank. (Senior Rank not required as of right now 12-31-17 until further notice) Must have a working mic and Teamspeak3 Fluent in English Must be 13 or older unless an exception is made Click Here to Apply **If you get an ERROR when clicking this link this means you are not eligible to apply for staff yet.** How will members be accepted as staff? Once the acceptance points reaches 10, the Head of Human Resources will review the post and said member will be screened. Please note that even though a member reaches the required acceptance points, they may still be denied. Applications will only be reviewed one week or later from the time the post was made to allow staff to give points. Points System You may give up to the amount of points listed below when recommending someone for staff. Example: So if you are a General admin you can only give out 1 point or -1 point. If you are a Lead Admin you may give 1 point, 2 points, -1 point or -2 points. Recommendation Template Use the following when replying to staff recommendation posts. Misc Trial and Junior Admins may recommend players but their points won't count.
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    You never know if im telling the truth I play better when naked becuase its super immersive.
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    1. Nobody except Emo, Mark, and Krim I think can see what people put. 2. This is to make it where staff is not influenced to give a certain person more or less points. For example let's say Xeno gives someone 4 points. Then say i haven't made my post on the staff app. and i was going to give that person a -1 then say i saw Xeno's post and thought oh well since Xeno thinks his highly recommended for staff then i will too. 3. It is also to let staff vote without being hated. For example if i gave you a -4 and you saw, you would be kinda pissed i would assume.
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    I liked snivy and oshawott
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    If you didn't choose Snivy, you're dead to me.
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    So I am currently needing one more upvote and I want to know what you would get with member. Thank everyone who helps.🤔 P.S. Defy should make an app.
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    did somthing to my pc and now i cant run csgo -.- i didnt say i didnt miss u i was in a rush when i made this
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    My name is Gummy I'm a weeb. That's all you need to know.
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    I like the creativity
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    I'm sorry to hear. Stay strong Zarak, take as much time as you need.
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    No one wants to raffle me anymore
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    and there was me, gaz, greyd, no skill, and rs (who was actually considering joining defy, he told me he was enjoying the server. cant imagine he wants to now), we were having fun playing and you coming in to crash the party with the excuse "nobody was on" is bs, we couldnt play because of the rdm and mic spam. when admins break the rules it gets irritating