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    Things im still doing: Smoothing out the hot air balloon ride more Adding very soft ambient soundscapes to the level. Gimme your opinions. Thanks.
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    Umm so yeah I am leaving and probably never really going to play on the servers again only bc 1. csgo isnt the same game it was to me 2 years ago, 2. most of the people who made it impossible for me to want to leave are now gone and 3. I just got bored of the same old same old like playing TTT day in day out. had jailbreak ever got revived back to where it was when i first joined i wouldnt be leaving rn but at last jailbreak isnt that server with 12+ people from 12pm to 12am est. I want to say thank you to @Mark, @Never Done , @Ender, @BOT Albert, @Zach (Emo), @PotatoStyle, @Mr.Happy, @SensationalUnicorn, @IcePack, @XenoGenesis, @Duke, @Stevey Snowball, @The Suspect, @milo, @K!LO, @GamingByTheMinute(Jewie), @Ninja, @Zarakattack, @Mobbster, @pr0fs, @Uncle, @Hoodini, @Hexaquan and many more for making my time playing TTT, JB, Mini Games or the 1v1 server enjoyable. And if i didn't @ you it doesn't mean I hated you it might just be i forgot to add you up there, so if you know i liked you you should know you would be there. And if anyone wants to play any other games besides csgo pm me on steam or discord and i will if im not busy. Peace out buttercups
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    Server archive of Top 10 Players August 2016 - June 2018
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    After all this time of being trash at the game i have finally made it. Gold nova boys https://gyazo.com/e2c0f1268f5734b75977d52279632300 https://gyazo.com/ecb01526f2ca571b2b913cdfba8e2897
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    DEFY Moving Forward Hello everybody, lately some members of staff have decided to either resign or retire based on their activity and other personal reasons. I would like to thank @Ninja, @Zach(Emo) and @Seven for all the work that they put into DEFY. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our current staff team for all the hard work that they put in on a daily basis and for choosing to stay and move forward with us. Finally big shout out to all the players and members who continue to play on our servers! You guys are awesome! 😍 We need your feedback on a new logo. Please check this post(http://defyclan.com/forums/topic/2867-new-logo/) and vote in the poll. Gametracker stats have been reset, we will be resetting the gametracker stats on a yearly basis so new members can achieve the top 10 position. Click here to view our server archive of the top 10 players. Congrats to all the members who have reached the top 10. Top 10 players(August 2016 - June 2018) We will be holding a community wide meeting this Saturday June 9th, 2018. If you would like your voice to be heard please join us on discord at 12:00pm EST. Our tag policy is no longer in effect. This means that you no longer need to have the proper "DEFY |" tag in your name. However we still encourage members to wear the tag as you will likely stand out more. We are looking for new staff members to join the team. If you are interested in applying please click here. View full record
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    Jailbreak was Defy's prime.
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    Click Here to Apply Staff Requirements: - Must have a working mic and Discord - Must be 13+ - Fluent in English - Minimum activity of 10 hours per week - Registered on our forums Servers we are looking for staff: [CS:GO] DEFY Jailbreak [CS:GO] DEFY MiniGames [GMOD] DEFY Murder [GMOD] DEFY DarkRP If we are not currently accepting applications for a certain server, you may still apply for it. We may consider your application at a later date. Click Here to Apply
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    Why was I not @'d first? @seven
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    I agree with Albert
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    You gotta get rust. Its such a great game its kinda the reason i barely play on defy servers anymore
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    Wow nice photoshop skills
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    taco wants to play ARK soon, play with us. we play pretty op servers
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    Im gonna miss you. What other games are you gonna play now?
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    I agree, CS isn't the game it used to be. I'm gonna miss you on the servers man. ❤️
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    Seven it was great and thank you so much for the memes and everything that has happened. Hope to see you around in some new games and hope to see you around in the discord. Have a great summer - Ender
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    Hey Seven, I would like to thank you for everything you have done for the community and all the memories that we shared. I just wish you had talked to me before deciding to just make a post and jump ship. What I take is that you are just fed up with CS:GO, in particular TTT and you are playing other games. Although we are currently primarily focused on CS:GO our members do play a variety of games and although you may never play on the CS:GO server again I hope to see you around on the discord. Regards, Mark
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    People like that make me sick. He isn't even VAC banned and is actively selling configs from his Steam page. What a piece of shit. Nevermind, I just realised that he only plays on HvH servers. I'm a dumbass.
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    I graduated oof. And i didnt have to take any finals cuz yeah
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    wassup fellas? I think imma start playing again, i miss you faggots.
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    Could you pm me the link where you got this info? I cant find it anywhere.
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    Remember our conversation today about Intel Graphics? I found this...
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    Thanks for sticking around for so long Seven. You really helped this community grow. I won’t forgot all the fun times we had messing around on the servers.
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