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    I like to play with people and use them as instruments to do my bidding, such as manipulating @[email protected][email protected] @[email protected]@Niall_Ferguson and @Traceto buy Garfield Kart and play it with me constantly.
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    Hey, my name's Logan. My in-game name's demzy (obviously). I'm currently 19 years old. I joined DEFY just for the jailbreak in the beginning, but then i found out it had more servers that were equally as fun. I enjoy playing w/ MOST of the people and i'm looking forward to knowing more of you and moving up the ranks.
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    I have been strategically sucking the cocks of Mark, Never Done, and others for months in order to become Veteran member. I'm not gonna have some 16-upvote nincompoop swoop in and take it from me. Watch your back, pal.
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    Let me just say it now I NEED A BREAK! I know people will say its a joke and that i will be om the server the next day, I will but it will be for the last time in a while. I just want to name a couple people for just talking and being chill like @pr0fs @dre and @PotatoStyle also even @Dark sometimes and to the people that would make me laugh like @Hank_Hell @spicyravioli and @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle and to the people that were helpful like @Bowie @Mark and @Magma . So i will be on the discord from time to time but i need to answer some questions about myself moving forward. I know there will be people in the comments being all “why are you mad you were being toxic” i know that and im sorry im trying to learn how to become a better person. So just beare with me and listen I’m sorry. -Connor
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    Ch1n and I are making a band it's called the Burning Burritos. Ch1n is trumpet, I'm piano, Bowie is guitarist, and Mark is Lead Singer. We're recruiting anyone and everyone who can play an instrument. Comment below or DM on discord if you'd like to join
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    Everyone has to come up with a name in steam.Either if it is long or short,Creative or Standard,Everyone has one.What is the Origin of your name?The backstory of it.(I choosed "Stewie Griffin" because i was half watching Family Guy while making my steam account.
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    It was 7th grade and i was in math class answering questions with a whiteboard and the answer was hexagon but i misspelled it hexaqon. My friend and i joked about about it and would answer the rest of the questions such as polyqon, pentaqon and then decided to spell them with a quan at the end instead of just qon since it was more grammatically correct. 2 weeks latter i had just gotten steam so i could download robocraft and I need a username that was unique. I remembered the dumb hexaqon joke and decided to use Hexaquan as my username. I kept on using it since no one else used it.
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    We should all meet up irl and have consentual gay sex
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    HA!? The only band I care about is KISS #KISSARMY #KISSKRUIZE2018 @spicyravioli @Garfield @Humding3r @Dark
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    Why is @daddynoscope still allowed to be on the forums. He has probably a total of 5 hours on the server
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    I play the bass guitar for my band class at school and it's been a blast. Never been a fan of blowing air into instruments so the bass was a perfect fit for me.
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    Plot twist, Ravioli and Garfield are the same person.
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    I don't think anyone actually hates you, fella. You're a necessary hooligan.
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    Mine 10. Bad Medicine by KISS 9. Smells Like Teen Spirit by KISS 8. With or Without You by KISS 7. Wonderwall by KISS 6. Psycho Circus by KISS 5. Aces High by KISS 4. Doctor Feel Good by KISS 3. Girls, Girls, Girls by KISS 2. Rock and Roll all Night and Party eVery Day by KISS 1. Psycho Circus by KISS
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    I like Ace Frehley aka the star child. he wore a space suit and played guitar its sick. i wish my dad was more like ace frehley
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    Just curious what instruments you guys play or want to play. I played the trumpet, however I want to try to learn to play the saxophone/piano as I recently have been listening to Jazz music basically 24/7. Also no money for Saxophone, have a keyboard though.
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    We should all buy Forza Horizon 3 and race each other to the death
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    I was born in Italia. Italy = ravioli. Kablamo.
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    Personally I don't think you should leave, but it seems like you've made up some of your own reasons for doing so. Sounds like you just need some time to sort things out my guy.
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    Well said. All jokes aside you were pretty damn funny. You put a lot of time in this server, and in the long run you will be missed.
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    Hey, so I started listening to music recently since I found an old Sony Walkman. I listened to everything on it and there was this one that caught my attention it's called Psycho Circus. I hope you guys like it as much as I did (still do). I've basically been listening to this multiple times a day for everything I do. Studying? Listen to Psycho Circus. Football practice? Listen to Psycho Circus. Taking the SAT? Listen to Psycho Circus. Trying to figure out why you exist in this world full of hatred, greed, and violence and realizing that you're nothing but cattle and literally identified by a number for everything you do? Listen to Psycho Circus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWIW6Ti0PbE

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