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    Hear me out you men of DefyClan (and Flaccid Shell) because the people have something to say. We are sick of Mark's actual dedication to the servers and we crave a mediocre leader that will add Foxriver to the maplist and eliminate all of the other maps. I hearby nominate Pdizzle as the new leader of the Defyclan and i'm asking all of us who are sick and tired to rise up and bring down Mark and his goons.
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    Viva la revolutión. Down with the establishment!
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    We proletariat of DEFY clan strive for the unexceptional, the unremarkable, the run-of-the-mill. It is time for change and that time is now!
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    Hey, so I haven't really done anything here and I can't even play on the servers because I have a CSGO VAC ban. I play CSS way more anyways and I will return to my old clan. Thanks for my short time here and to my friends who I kept or to the people who are no longer my friends. I wish good luck to this clan. Bye.
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    no sir i nominate @Stevey Snowball for Defeeclan Owner

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