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    Ok so I gotta say im sorry to @Dark for griefing his island and for arguing with him on discord. I shouldn't have been a prick to you and griefed your shit you're right it was only a couple blocks i shouldnt have gotten so mad it was 100% uncool of me to have gotten so heated. I would love to become good friends again.
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    Apology accepted. Now, lets just put this behind us and move on. 😊
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    Hey guys, my name is Matt and i'm 16. I took a little break from gaming after my old clan NsG was destroyed, I've been missing the good ole days so i decided to hop back on and saw that a lot of my old friends are in this clan so i'm giving it a shot. I'm excited to be apart of defy. ❤️
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    awlecome ot our clan
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    Staff Update: 10/21/18 @spicyravioli Promoted to Junior Admin. @Trace Resigned from the staff team.
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    My parents own a Vientnamese/Korean restaurant, so I end up eating springrolls 5/7 days of the week. Sometimes it gets old, but I try to find ways to mix it up.
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    I really like Vietnamese food. If there’s a noodle bowl, I’m all for it. Springrolls + chicken + noodles = best combo

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