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    So I finally just finished my long in development remake of ttt_minecraft_b5: It should be on the servers soon, ideally! and now comes the time to decide what project to work on next. I want you guys' opinions on what map i should edit/port/make into a TTT map next! - - - Here are the options I was thinking about so far: TTT_Moonarbase: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1411544264 A moon base / space themed map made by my friend for GMOD, who id work with to bring over to CSGO CS_Assault: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=125432575&searchtext=assault One of my actual favorite maps from GMOD TTT, i literally didnt realize it was absent from all the CSGO TTT servers until just earlier today. I could either do the new one, or the old one, or maybe combine / blend the two? TTT_Rooftops: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=419903291 This is a map I forgot i wanted to fix really badly in the past. Now that i know how to make Traitor Traps work in CSGO, fixing the collapsible building trap as well as anything else would be super easy and a quick fix. However, there is also the new version of this map made by the original creator, who ive already talked to (a year ago lol) about porting over to CSGO with his permission. It was just extremely complicated and intricate, so i stopped. and last but not least: TTT_Hydropower: still need to get permission to port from GMOD (but hopefully!) Lemme know you guys' thoughts and opinions on which one you think I should choose!
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    Hey guys just want to introduce myself I'm ALOYT or Andrew whatever you prefer to call me and i'm excited to join this clan already made a couple of friends in Ninja, Seven, and Mark. And hopefully I make new friends along the way along with flowing through the ranks in this clan. HMU if u wanna talk to me on steam my name is ALOYT and yeah nice to meet you guys, I will see you guys around.
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    I'd go with the Moonbase one, it's the most unique map on the list and would definitely stand out. I'd have Assault as a secondary option in case moonbase didn't work out We have a version of rooftops with t traps right now (but it kinda sucks so I wouldn't be opposed to having it done better) And idk why but I feel like hydropower could cause real low FPS
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    Fuck AP classes, and SATs, and I'm back to suck on some cucumber. Yeet. I actually missed y'all, and I can't wait to get playing again.
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    So, I'm autistic fuck, now known as local broski in my discord, and I left around in august, 2017. I'm back though, and I'm probably going to be chilling in Jailbreak. Until the jailbreak server is active, I will be rarely posting, but hey, I'm back.
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    Click Here to Apply Staff Requirements: - Must have a working mic and Discord - Must be 13+ - Fluent in English - Minimum activity of 10 hours per week - Registered on our forums Servers we are looking for staff: [CS:GO] DEFY Jailbreak [CS:GO] DEFY MiniGames [GMOD] DEFY Murder [GMOD] DEFY DarkRP If we are not currently accepting applications for a certain server, you may still apply for it. We may consider your application at a later date. Click Here to Apply
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    potato you messed up the pattern. you were supposed to say No I'm returned again
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