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    I don’t support this new rule. TTT should be fun for everyone, even the guy that rdm’d. Longer slay times just turn people off.
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    I like it because, for the new players, they'll have to sit out two rounds and watch and learn. They probably won't learn much in just one round. Plus the people who come to just RDM will get a harsher punishment, and it won't really be worth it for them.
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    But then it's harder for me to get banned, wtf gay.
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    Hi all, My name is Maine Coon and I was one of the first members of this clan but have not really been involved in a while until now because of R6S. A little info about me, I am a 19 yr old African American male who lives in Maine and is a huge sports fan. I mostly like single player games but most of my playtime is on multiplayer games lol. I love cats, thicc girls and alcohol. You can usually find me drunk on the Defy team speak and discord. So if you see me in there say hi to me, I promise I dont bite xD.
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    ok, that sounds pretty good. I swear every time i had to go leave unexpectedly i had a slay
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    Top 10 Questions Science still can't Answer
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    if they get turned off they may stop to rdm, and people who get rdm’d are getting turned on when they see that the one who rdm got a punishment. With this rule the amount of rdm can decrease which would make the gameplay alot better and maybe new people will join for the rdm amount is less. I also think new players should maybe get 1 slay if they clearly dont know how to play or they dont know any of the rules.
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    well my knives don't shoot either