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    Hello fellow members of DEFY, My name is Puncake or Eian, I am a 16 year old Californian who loves to play video games. My favorite videogames include CS:GO, TF2, Pretty much every valve game ever, Quake, DOOM, Call Of Duty Black Ops 1-3, if you name it i probobly like it. I love watching animes like Full Metal Alchemist, Blue Exorsist, And One Punch. I like Seals and Koalas and i hope to join the marines someday. add me on steam and we can play some games or we can tlak on discord. Your Besty, ❤️Puncake❤️
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    Before I go to beddy boo tonight, I figured I'd make a legitimate intro. I've actually been playing on this clan's servers on and off again for about a year and a half and I really do enjoy the community. I think that the servers could use some more populating, as I remember the JB server always being active so I'll be as active as I can. I'll be on jailbreak by default with the NsG lads, but the TTT and MG servers are both fun. The MG server should get more activity as well.
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    i like to play in traffic
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    Wish me a Happy Birthday or else.
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    I already know you though. ;D
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    Happy birthday gay boy just seemed like yesterday when we were fucking around in NsG @Dark
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    bUt yOu nEveR sAiD nO cHeAtInG
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    happy birthday pallerino
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    Me getting boned by Mark
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    Pokémon Platinum, hands down. So many unforgettable memories attached to that game.
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    COD Black Ops 2
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    Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold
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    DEFY GMOD DarkRP Beta The DEFY GMOD DarkRP server is now open for Beta Testing and suggestions. If you find any bugs or have a suggestion please post below. We will likely update this post with more info at a later date. If you are new to DEFY please sign up on our forums. Server IP: steam://connect/darkrp.DEFYclan.com or Simple DEFY DarkRP Rules for Beta - Standard DarkRP rules apply - NO Prop Killing, spam, etc. - No Minge - Have Fun
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    Michelle didn't come on as often as he wanted so he quit. Rest in Piss Couchy
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    wHy yOu gRieF mInEcRaFt sErVeR
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    Who the fuck is ghosting tho. Cold cold warmer the fuck. @Magma
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    So this is what Mark does in his free time..
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    Good lie nerd
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    where the fuck is that emo kid he was the best admin
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    uhh i'm gonna quit this server for reasons that don't need to be discussed. I had fun these few months, goodbye.
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    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
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    Still have my permit. No licence yet because I'm lazy af

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