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    DEFYclan Official Roster Staff Executive Admin @Mark Head Admin [Department Heads] @Emo Hoe [Head of Operations] @XenoGenesis [Head of Public Relations] @Never Done [Head of Bans & Complaints] @Krim [Head of Human Resources] @Mobbster [Head of Technology] Senior Admin [Department Assistants] @Zarakattack [Head of Game Affairs] Lead Admin [The Best Server Moderators] @Seven @PotatoStyle [Assistant of Human Resources] General Admin [Normal Admins, Normal Powers] @Jewie2k @Stevey Snowball @EnderX1 Junior Admin [Noob Admins] @pr0fs Trial Admin [Admins In Training] Veteran Major [ 120 Hours in Game | 50 Forum Reputation | Staff Recommendation ] @Psycho Captain [ 75 Hours in Game | 37 Forum Reputation | Recruit 3 Players | Suggest a Rule/Idea That Gets Implemented ] Lieutenant [ 50 Hours in Game | 25 Forum Reputation | Invite 3 Players | Member for 3 Months ] @Lil_Serb @Saitama @milo Senior Sergeant [ Recruit 1 Player | 40 Hours in Game | 50 Posts (Not Spam) ] Corporal [ Invite 1 Player | 15 Forum Reputation | 30 Hours in Game ] Private [ Mature and Represents Community Well | Passes Knowledge Test | 20 Hours of Playtime | Member for 1 Month ] Member Cadet [ 10 Forum Reputation | Join the Discord | 15 Hours in Game ] Apprentice [ Make an Introduction Post | Upload a Profile Picture | 10 Hours in Game ] Recruit [ Application Accepted | 5 Hours in Game ] Notes Requirements for higher ranks stack on each other. For example, you can't go to Private without making an Introduction Post.
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    Happy Holidays everyone! To celebrate these festive times we will be doing a four game giveaway! Dates and times will be posted in this Gleam.io url and how to enter also! When: 12/5/2017 9:00 pm - 12/22/2017 9:00 pm ends What: Ryse: Son of Rome, Rust, Garry's Mod, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Who: Four Lucky Winners Where: https://gleam.io/isipt/defy-holiday-giveaway How: Go to the gleam URL and follow the instructions on how to get tickets to enter Good luck to everyone and have a fun and safe holiday!
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    So you want to become a staff member? *********Only hiring for Jailbreak Server as of 12-31-17*********** (You may still apply for TTT but you will be put on hold or have to temporarily Moderate JB) Staff Requirements: Must Reach Senior Rank. (Senior Rank not required as of right now 12-31-17 until further notice) Must have a working mic and Teamspeak3 Fluent in English Must be 13 or older unless an exception is made Click Here to Apply **If you get an ERROR when clicking this link this means you are not eligible to apply for staff yet.** How will members be accepted as staff? Once the acceptance points reaches 10, the Head of Human Resources will review the post and said member will be screened. Please note that even though a member reaches the required acceptance points, they may still be denied. Applications will only be reviewed one week or later from the time the post was made to allow staff to give points. Points System You may give up to the amount of points listed below when recommending someone for staff. Example: So if you are a General admin you can only give out 1 point or -1 point. If you are a Lead Admin you may give 1 point, 2 points, -1 point or -2 points. Recommendation Template Use the following when replying to staff recommendation posts. Misc Trial and Junior Admins may recommend players but their points won't count.
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    https://gyazo.com/f2e3a90e27754cf3e9752c7277146265 - Butterfly(Orange) https://gyazo.com/2f64a46c8499549ff4d6c150ff53f6b2 - Blue Herring on water tree https://gyazo.com/418b9b35ceb267ae838fd5041e039193 - White Moth https://gyazo.com/ebb78ad392b9f212fa495b7ad7ef326e - Florida Gator https://gyazo.com/0510fe96d2b2c2fd09931b8bd540323b - Kingfisher(type of bird) https://gyazo.com/01c3542212cb2f4d935bec2899f701c6 - Osprey(type of bird) https://gyazo.com/4530db92191046d603daf594109cb8d4 - (Random picture)Corn snake found at my school field trip Thank you for viewing my hobby!! Means a lot to me that people like this stuff :).
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    Welcome all people to the new year of 2018... what it has to offer we dont know. We might get bombed by North Korea, Mark could do rouge, Mel Gibson could kill himself who knows? But to everyone enjoy your time in this new year and take some time to fix things that you havent been good at or things that dont reflect you as a person. As you come into this new year think about what you are going to do and have fun :]. Hope you all had a good day, Cheers for the New Year!
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    I probably will not have time to make this tomorrow so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU NERDS. I hope everyone in Defy has a wonderful Christmas. And to the people who do not celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a fun day with your family. Because that is what the holidays are for am I right? Official Defyclan Jingle bells Jingle Bells, Never smells Zarak trys too hard Krim Jon Un banned me too And Duke ran away, hey! Jingle bells, Xeno smells Emo is a gay Stevey is spamming me Soundboards everyday, Hey. XDDDD put a lot a work into that
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    Hey my name is XxDukexBeastxX's I am 17 years old and I have a job at Emtec. I think the Defy server has one of the best staff.
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    How do you +rep or -rep someone? +Rep can be given by clicking the Green up arrow -Rep can be given by clicking the Red down arrow How reputation is Earned or Lost? You can usually earn rep by creating helpful or quality content You can lose rep generally for low quality content How much Rep can Be given or Removed? Members can give 3 +reps and 1 -rep per 24 hours Vip/Staff Can give 5 +reps and 1 -rep per 24 hours Misc Asking for or exchanging rep is against the forums rules.
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    IK that people in the staff team dont want more mapes but the maps in the pool right now are really boring since everyone has played them. Plus for Community Pool the T room doesn't even work. There are a couple of maps that I would like to see be added back to the map pool, and maps that are gonna be new. Added back Terror Train Richburg ttt_forest ttt_69thway ttt_closequarters New Maps ttt_manor_night TTT_Apocalypse TTT_Hedgemaze TTT_hybridgrounds Some of these maps may be needed to be worked on, understandable. But the server is just gonna be more overplayed and overplayed until it gets so boring nobody even plays anymore. The ones that I want to see added back can just be added back since they are already made with the little defy name at the end. (Ex- ttt_richburg_defy) The server will be more fun since it will have more of a span of maps to play on.
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    The following maps have been added back to the pool ttt_terrortrain_v1_csgo_defy ttt_minecraft_b5_csgo_v1_defy ttt_richburg_defy ttt_minecraftcity_defy ttt_roy_the_ship_csgoport_v3_1_defy ttt_drybone_swamp_v1d_defy ttt_forest_b1_defy ttt_closequarters_defy I have also increased the setting in the map vote to exclude previously played maps to 5. This should make it so you cant play a certain map over and over rather you can only play that map every 5 map changes. As for the new maps we may add some later this week but when adding new maps we will only add 2-3 at a time to see how they do in the map pool and if people enjoy them, because adding a ton of new maps to the pool can cause us to play maps we do not know and do not like. Which that too will kill the server.
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    Honestly, pardoning is stupid, especially when there's only 1 other person left who's not rebelling. It screws with the last person, and it's really dumb if they won a variety of games to get last 2. Pardoning should be disabled when there's 2 people left, it gives a rebeller a chance to win a round when they didn't do a singe thing but hide and or attack ct's. from Pepe
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    IT TAKES ME LIKE 20 MINUTES TO READ ALL THE UNREAD POSTS I LOVES IT special thanks to the members who have started being more active on the forums and their rep is going crazy. i gotta work to keep my rep at the highest now and i can't make suggestions cause I can literally implement most of them if I feel like it
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    I'm krit, whatever you may heard about me in the past is irrelevant. Past cannot be changed, thus dwelling on it would make no sense. What holds possibility is the future..
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    My name is Gummy I'm a weeb. That's all you need to know.
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    Ubisoft is giving away 3 games this year, until December 23, 2017 10:00AM UTC Watch Dogs 1: https://freetrial.ubisoft.com/promotions/watch-dogs-1/8/ AC IV (Black Flag): https://freetrial.ubisoft.com/promotions/assassins-creed-black-flag/16/ World in Conflict: https://freetrial.ubisoft.com/promotions/world_in_conflict/12/ Humble Bundle: Layers of Fear + soundtrack https://www.humblebundle.com/store/layers-of-fear-and-soundtrack?hmb_source=layersoffear_deluxe_freegame&hmb_medium=banner Pretty Neat / Yeet / Obnoxious Slurping sounds
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    Bhop has two new changes. Bhop will be for members now. If you buy bhop you will only have it for an hour, so the price will be 384. Jetpack will only be an hour for 384 as well. (only for gold vip) Hope you guys like the change.
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    Hi, I am a new member to the forums. I just would like to say somethings about me. I am 12 years old i like mostly birds/cats and most of my free times i spend playing csgo or terraria. (I like dank me mes) My favorite server is probably defy's servers because i don't play around with a lot of servers (Because i'm bad). I like to play most of the servers with dobby, kitten ,xeno and emo hoe, but i could play it with anyone. Thanks for member >^>
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    Binding a key to sm_tvoice or typing in console sm_tvoice when you are a Traitor will put you into a Traitor only voice chat. What this does is only T-buddies can hear what you say. In this voice chat you can still hear everyone else but when you speak on your mic only fellow traitors will hear you. So you can use this to communicate useful info to fellow T-Buddies.
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    Mic Spam definition changed Repeatedly using any means of communication to disturbs gameplay. Typing any line of text 3 times or more in chat. Example: Being overly loud, playing music from a soundboard, spamming ear rape Note: Players whose mics are too loud without them knowing should be warned before being muted. The previous definition was "Repeatedly using any means of communication for annoyance", which could have been interpreted in different ways. Something one person finds annoying may be playful for someone else. This definition is more clear-cut, with voice chat that impedes communication with others in the game is now against the rules as opposed to stupid shit causing mutes and bans.
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    So we added a new server today, a 1v1 server for your playing pleasure. It comes jam packed with Rifle rounds, AWP rounds, and pistol rounds, plus some custom rounds: Do us a favor please, and suggest some new maps and gamemodes as well!
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    I have implemented a major overhaul to the explanations section to the jailbreak rules. I mainly focused on putting all of the prison games into 4 major categroies: map, opinionated, elimination, and event days. Here they are: I also added a definition for designated areas: Prisoner Designated Areas: These are any areas that were meant for only prisoners or where the warden has ordered the prisoners to go. This includes: Prison cells, warden beacons, and any other areas the warden has designated for the prisoners. And finally to compliment the new game categories, I added a new rule to Warden Violation: You may not play a game from the same category twice in a row (see prison games explanation) besides map games. These new changes should vastly improve the issue we've been having with playing the same type of game every round. Please comment on this post with any questions or suggestions you may have.
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    listen to this for 10 hours on repeat. It helps me.
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    For those who have been asking or in general trolling me about my player complaints, when me and 4 friends are on the TTT server at 10pm-2am having fun and 6 people join to mic spam and rdm don't be surprised when it ruins the fun of the 5 people who were on before you. Don't complain when i put a player complaint out about it, you were trolling and rdming and i used the player complaint feature on the site as it is intended.
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    Xeno and Emo were chillin' in TeamSpeak one day. Xeno was quite sad and lonely, wrapping himself in a blanket and eating pizza by himself. He had no one to play PUBG with so he asked Emo if he would play with him. Emo said in a sad tone, "I can't, I don't have PUBG." Xeno responded, "Shit, anyone have King of the Hill?" Emo replied, "Yeah, and it's King of the Kill." Xeno told Emo to shut up in a little weeb voice and Emo began explaining the difference between KOTK, Xeno suddenly said, "Fuck it, I'm just gonna gift you PUBG." So Xeno did as he said, and it gave Emo a rock hard boner. "I only wish there was something I could do to repay you..." Emo said. "Nah, you don't have to, just play more than like 5 minutes," Xeno responded. "No, there's more I can do..." Emo said as he drifted his hand over the top of Xeno's army pants. "No, Emo, we can't do this. No more workplace romances after IcePack and Sensational, remember?" “It’s okay, who’s gonna knark?” “I-I guess you’re right…” Emo put his hands on the edge of Xeno’s pants and slowly pulled them off. Xeno was a poor weeb so he had no underwear on, and his Asian chode popped right out.” “It’s not much, but it’s all I have…” he said. “It’s okay, I have something for you,” Emo said as he faced the camera, “Ron Jeremy Penis Size Enhancement™.” Emo slipped the small pink pills into Xeno’s mouth, and his dick grew until it was the size of a pen. “Wow, it grew almost ten times as much…” he said. Emo responded with, “Yes, now use your fucking Samurai Dick™ and fuck me!” Emo jumped down on Xeno’s now raging boner and it was so sharp and hard that it tore right through his black skinny jeans and into his asshole. Emo, whose dick was still as floppy as a rubber band, said, “This isn’t getting me horny at all, let’s change that.” He pulled out a knife, furry handcuffs, and an anime mask. “I’ve been preparing for this a long time, he said.” He put on the anime mask and began shaving off the corners of Xeno’s dick to make it sharper. Xeno bit his lip in pain but was so turned on by the anime mask he just let it happen. Emo had Xeno put on the handcuffs. After the handcuffs were on, he told Xeno his master plan. Xeno looked at him in awe for a moment, but then nodded. He took his now razor sharp dick and cut Emo’s wrists with it. He put his dick inside the cuts and Emo began to moan. His dick grew to twice the size of what Xeno’s dick had been when they started. Xeno did this up and down his arm until they were both covered with blood. Then Emo whispered one last request in Xeno’s ear. Xeno took his Samurai Dick™ and began putting the sharpened tip up Emo’s dick hole. He kept going until his dick was all the way inside Emo’s. At this point, Xeno came inside Emo’s dick and then pulled out. Emo then bent over to suck his own dick and Xeno’s cum dripped into his mouth. After a bit of this, his own cum mixed with blood dripped into his mouth. “You can’t tell anyone,” Emo said. “I won’t,” Xeno said as he went to go wipe off his bloody dick. And then Emo died of blood loss. The End. Dead!
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    Hi I'm Kelly and I like to rebel occasionally and play jump rope. I also like bending over.
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    So a lot of people, understandably, have been complaining about playing the same non-map games over and over (first reaction last reaction, simon says, death walk, etc.) I figured that to deal with this problem, instead of restricting those games, we should try to think of new, interesting games they can use an alternative. If you have an idea for a game, put it here so that others can see, and maybe I could add a definition for it in the rules page. I'll try to keep looking at this post everyday, and don't worry if your idea sounds dumb, something is better than nothing and we can always modify your idea if end be.
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    Steam Name of user you are complaining about: LaZeR BeAm Your Steam Name: Emo Hoe Users STEAM ID: STEAM_1:1:156214983 Your STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:97420462 Complaint/Issue towards this user: All he does at this point is spam on the forums. He's always been a toxic player on the community, and Evidence: He has a total of 12 mutes across his names: http://bans.defyclan.com/index.php?p=commslist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:156214983&advType=steamid He's currently on a month karma ban from TTT, after previously having a week ban. http://bans.defyclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:156214983&advType=steamid If you open all of the spoilers in his spam post, the last line of it says "fuck this community," which is disrespectful towards staff and just the community as a whole. He's also advertised other servers, as shown in a hidden post I can't link here. I personally think he's done too much to be allowed on the server at this point. If he should actually be permabanned is up to the HRs, but I think he should just go at this point.
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    Since May, 1 till now we have hit 1692 posts. Can we hit 2000 posts next month?
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    How do I find my Rank within DEFY? How do you rank up? If you are ranked as an Apprentice and would like to become Cadet you would need to acquire the following; Total of 10+ REP 15+ hours of playtime on our servers Why do some People have Defy | Name and others have DEFY | Name? Anyone ranked Enlisted (Recruit, Apprentice, or Cadet) must use Defy | Once you become a Senior or higher (Private, Corporal, Sergeant, etc) you must use DEFY | When can I apply for Staff and How? You may apply for staff once you each the Senior Category of our ranks. So if you hold the rank of Private, Corporal, Sergeant or higher. DEFY Official Roster Enlisted Senior Veteran
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    Hey guys, I am giving away 1 key of choice to a lucky winner! The winner will be Sunday, March 12. The way to enter you MUST: Good luck!
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    It isnt a priority? Because the people who are in charge of it dont play... You dont know what it's like to play the same maps for like a month straight.
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    1v1 was active for the first week..... And that's it. I really love the 1v1 server at some points because it's not very loud, unlike TTT, which most of the time has over 12 people and gets a little loud. I also dislike when all the admins are on one server, when there are 3 non-members on the other server. We could recruit a lot better if admins reached out to random players who join 1v1 or JB wanting to play more or even join. Anyway about 1v1, 1v1 players are, most of the time, non-members who are testing out new servers and want to find fun, active and friendly servers to play on, therefore if there are 5 admins all on at once on the same server, it would be great to see for one admin to just maybe sit in JB or 1v1 for a few minutes, so non-members are more likely to join the server. Also If I see anyone in the JB or 1v1 server I'll join you because people who see 1 person may think they're afk, but with 2 there is a less chance of 2 people being afk, making people want to join the server. Now I have seen admins Like Stevey, Seven and Emo go on the JB server, and even Zarak and Jewie go on the 1v1 server, but still I would like to see all the servers more active, not just TTT. Also maybe if you add a little betting spice, 1v1 will go active again. Maybe. Just maybe.
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    Hey guys,This will just be a brief description about me and who I am. So first off I am 15 years old. My name is Chance, how I got my name was from my sister. Growing up I have always loved to play Football and Baseball. I have also loved being in school learning because I know that is how I get into higher schools and can actually play higher levels of sports as well. Right now I am an all A student and I am one of the highest GPA's. In between sports and school, I have loved to play video games like COD, CSGO, GMod, and etc. I never really fell in love with video games until I got my first Xbox 360 and got COD with it. That's where my video game career started xD. Soon after I found a friend online playing and we actually lived very close to each other. So one day we met up and hung out for a while and became better friends and learned more about each other. Soon after he introduced me to something called graphic designing and coding. I fell in love with both because I knew it took hard work and I could make some really cool things with it. I actually started making money from it because what I was making was really cool looking. It wasn't much money but I don't care because I just love doing it. I don't care if I don't make any money off of it at all. I know it wasn't much but soon I will update this and add more, but at the time of putting this up, I have to bounce and do some family stuff. So I hope everyone has a great rest of there day and stay safe !Regards,AdminSeries
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    Staff Update 12/1/17 : @K!LO Has Resigned due to real life issues. @Mr.Happy Has been removed from staff due to inactivity. @Mobbster Has been promoted to Head Admin. We wish them all the best. -Krim
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    i need to make this cause i have not and i am gay i like sucking dick \o> dab on em haters
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    I think we should really consider deleting some off the maps in TTT because there are a lot that people either don't like or that we don't play. Any opinions?
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    my name is bowie i love to game on free times away from work as i work in contracting really not fun but u got to do what u gotta do. im 20 know my ways around a pc inside and out as i slowly upgrade my pc that i bought. the first thing i wanna do is upgrade my video card to a higher one then i have. next i guess is a car {WRX STI} as its my fav car. not really much to say other then that i like defy cuz for me it has the right amount of people and staff that come on when theres a problem.
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    General Exploiting: Definition changed to "Using any game exploit that gives an unfair advantage or interferes with the game mechanics/server in some way." Using {color} in your name or chat falls under this category. Jailbreak Added to Opinionated Games Custom Games: All custom games are considered opinionated and must be voted on. Added to Warden Violation You may not play a game that's not listed in the games section Custom games are considered opinionated and may be played if the majority votes yes. New elimination game: Colors: All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden and take turns saying color names. The T's have 5 seconds to say a color that has not been said or they are KOS. half of this basically means you can't say "First person to jump gets LR" anymore. YEET
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    what if all the admins start rdming than huh who will save you now!
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    @Ks is a fucking legend
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    Introduction: Hello I am Armin1002 and I mainly play on the TTT server which at the moment That I wrote this I had 140.97 hours on that server. I am from the UK, I am a 15 year old male and My height is 6'2 and I can speak 3 languages Likes and dislikes: My liked things are CSGO and gaming, my favourite console is a Ps4. I enjoy music especially Grime, some of my favourite artists are Skepta, Jme and Tyler the creator and Action Bronson. I enjoy sports my favourite basketball team are the Toronto Raptors and my favourite football or soccer team is Manchester City. I also like foods such as grilled cheese, pizza and Chicken for example Nando's. I dislike emojis.
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    Simply put my real name is Mark. Some believe that my real name is Patrick, that is not the case. I went by the name Patrick cause it was kind of a meme.
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    Orange is freekilling i couldn't get video proof but i have logs and many vouches - http://prntscr.com/efs7px Then the round after that he proceeded to gun plant J9 here is my steam id - STEAM_1:1:203547253 Orange steam id - STEAM_1:0:143465495 J9 steam id - STEAM_1:1:174973676
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    We added some new maps today Jailbreak jb_artic_jail_v1_defy jb_blank_b4_defy jb_dust2_final2_defy jb_electric_razor_v2_defy jb_k1ngphoenix_b1_defy jb_legoland_v1c_defy jb_moonjail_v2_defy TTT ttt_apehouse_defy ttt_clue_defy ttt_desperados_v3_defy ttt_highschool_v1_defy ttt_skyscraper_defy ttt_stadium_defy Please leave us your feedback in terms of replies, we'd like to know which maps we should keep and which ones we shouldn't!
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    It promotes favoritism. For example, I hate Emo but I like Xeno [Rhyme heh]. Xeno and Emo are the last ones alive and Emo isnt rebeling so I pardon Xeno. But if Xeno is not rebeling, ill just try to kill emo
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    there's always going to be staff supervision needed, even if we implements such vote there's always going to be abusers who would vote the warden off just because they don't like them.
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    Me and a Server Mod were talking and we thought of this idea with would restrict most people from becoming CTs and to meet new requirments to join CTs. CT Requirments: Must Have 250+ Mins. (4.1hours) played on the server. Another thing which might not be as good but convinent would be members could only be CTs. How this helps: Less Freekill Less People Complaining About CTs Not Knowing Rules Forces People To Play The Server And Learn Rules A Bit More Let Me Know What You Think!!
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    I would like to say I have had a great time on DEFY, but I feel like my time is up. I want to do more things regarding school and just have some more time. I want to give special thanks to Mark, Some_person, and Psycho for being great head admins. I would like to thank Copes, Deadboltjr, Krim, Racist, Emo, Springbreak, Hoodini, Bot Albert, Sensational and Nick for making my time on Defy worth it! I have had a lot of good times but I feel like I cant do it anymore... Next, I would like to thank IcePack, for being my best friend on DEFY. I love you all and I hope you understand why I'm doing this. If you still want to play comp or something with me hit me up http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198291605336/ Lastly, I would like to just say a simple goodbye <3
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    So you want to join DEFYclan? Steps To Join: 1. Join Steam Group 2. Sign up on Forums 3. Link Steam Account to Forum Account 4. Apply Here Requirements: Get 5 +rep from other DEFY members. 13 years of age or older Understand server rules Benefits: Thank you for considering or completing the application process, we hope to see you active on the server soon!