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    Happy Holidays everyone! To celebrate these festive times we will be doing a four game giveaway! Dates and times will be posted in this Gleam.io url and how to enter also! When: 12/5/2017 9:00 pm - 12/22/2017 9:00 pm ends What: Ryse: Son of Rome, Rust, Garry's Mod, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Who: Four Lucky Winners Where: https://gleam.io/isipt/defy-holiday-giveaway How: Go to the gleam URL and follow the instructions on how to get tickets to enter Good luck to everyone and have a fun and safe holiday!
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    https://gyazo.com/f2e3a90e27754cf3e9752c7277146265 - Butterfly(Orange) https://gyazo.com/2f64a46c8499549ff4d6c150ff53f6b2 - Blue Herring on water tree https://gyazo.com/418b9b35ceb267ae838fd5041e039193 - White Moth https://gyazo.com/ebb78ad392b9f212fa495b7ad7ef326e - Florida Gator https://gyazo.com/0510fe96d2b2c2fd09931b8bd540323b - Kingfisher(type of bird) https://gyazo.com/01c3542212cb2f4d935bec2899f701c6 - Osprey(type of bird) https://gyazo.com/4530db92191046d603daf594109cb8d4 - (Random picture)Corn snake found at my school field trip Thank you for viewing my hobby!! Means a lot to me that people like this stuff :).
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    Damn, after leaving because timing and had to deal with some situations, i miss Defy, my fam, i want to announce that i am really thinking on returing. I Miss the times and the great community, itd be nice to catch up with whoevers still here from the beginning and meet the newer members. For who doesnt know im a former staff member, community player, and once i get my pc back, should there be a return of DEFY_Psycho??? One Love!! Hope everyones been well, hope to speak to you all soon.
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    Welcome all people to the new year of 2018... what it has to offer we dont know. We might get bombed by North Korea, Mark could do rouge, Mel Gibson could kill himself who knows? But to everyone enjoy your time in this new year and take some time to fix things that you havent been good at or things that dont reflect you as a person. As you come into this new year think about what you are going to do and have fun :]. Hope you all had a good day, Cheers for the New Year!
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    I probably will not have time to make this tomorrow so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU NERDS. I hope everyone in Defy has a wonderful Christmas. And to the people who do not celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a fun day with your family. Because that is what the holidays are for am I right? Official Defyclan Jingle bells Jingle Bells, Never smells Zarak trys too hard Krim Jon Un banned me too And Duke ran away, hey! Jingle bells, Xeno smells Emo is a gay Stevey is spamming me Soundboards everyday, Hey. XDDDD put a lot a work into that
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    Hey guys just want to introduce myself I'm ALOYT or Andrew whatever you prefer to call me and i'm excited to join this clan already made a couple of friends in Ninja, Seven, and Mark. And hopefully I make new friends along the way along with flowing through the ranks in this clan. HMU if u wanna talk to me on steam my name is ALOYT and yeah nice to meet you guys, I will see you guys around.
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    Fellow Defy Clan members, I would like to sincerely thank you for electing me as a possible new Admin. I am humbled by your confidence that I will be able to lead and represent you on the Defy government. I also want to express my gratitude to my campaign manager and to everyone else who played a part in this race. Additionally, I would like to thank the other candidates who ran for Admin. You all carried out fair campaigns that made for an exciting and competitive election. I was intrigued by many of your ideas and insights, and I hope that we are able to implement some of the excellent suggestions you all had. Next, I would like to congratulate my fellow elected officers. I look forward serving as your Admin while we work together as a team to represent this group of extraordinary and diverse Defy members. You all also had some excellent platforms as well, and I know we can affect a lot of change together. As your newly elected Admin, I promise to take into account each of your interests and your voices on the many issues we will face during the upcoming year, specifically the topics I addressed during my campaign. When I was first nominated for this position, I polled a sampling of the Defy body to find out what it was that you wanted to see happen over the coming school year. While a few of the things you mentioned (like less Admin abuse and the implementation of new, and better maps) were just a tad bit outside of my control, you had some great ideas, and I listened to them. It was on those suggestions that I built my campaign. Now that you have chosen me as your Admin, I am ready to deliver on those promises I made to you. My first step will be to approach the administration about allowing a Defy representative to sit in on staff meetings. We will discuss the validity of this idea, talk about who that member or members should be, and hopefully set some parameters to make it happen. I feel this will be a valuable tool to help facilitate communication between the members and the staff and to give the members a voice in decisions that are made at the school. I will also begin to look for sources for the ping pong tables you all wanted to see outside our headquarters. Once I’ve tied down some distributors and costs, I’ll approach the administration with a proposal to purchase these and create an al fresco dining area to give us the option of getting out and getting some fresh air during the school day. We’ll talk about some fundraising options and other things we can do to help pay for this minor renovation. These two changes give me a good place to start, but it doesn’t end there. I want to continue hearing your ideas, getting your feedback, and finding out more ways I and your new member council can better serve you. To that end, we’ll be placing a suggestion box in the Defy Discord. Feel free to let us know what you’re thinking. You can either include your name, for follow-up purposes, or remain anonymous. We promise to give each comment the consideration it deserves. It’s not about what we can do on our own; it’s about representing you to the best of our abilities. Please help us do that. Together we can make this school an even better place to learn. Thank you again for your support. Sincerely, Mat
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    HELLO I'm Ninja. The only Ninja. Any other person claiming to be Ninja IS NOT NINJA. You might know me better as the guy who doesn't use his mic because he's a shy little bitch and an excessive swearer (most of the time at Magnifier), People like me for whatever reason, and think I'm a god despite being pretty bad. (Says alot about the average skill of the server, huh?) Anyway that's me and I am actually in love with the server. I enjoy the company of everyone and I'd like to think I've actually made decent friendships just in the last week. The community is something I have never before experienced on CS:GO. So yeah I'm Ninja and if you see some guy named Ninjaa going around, don't be mean but just know he's a fake. Thx.
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    DEFY GMOD DarkRP Beta The DEFY GMOD DarkRP server is now open for Beta Testing and suggestions. If you find any bugs or have a suggestion please post below. We will likely update this post with more info at a later date. If you are new to DEFY please sign up on our forums. Server IP: steam://connect/darkrp.DEFYclan.com or Simple DEFY DarkRP Rules for Beta - Standard DarkRP rules apply - NO Prop Killing, spam, etc. - No Minge - Have Fun
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    Today marks a year since becoming a member here I just wanna show my appreciation for everyone here and the tight community we have. Thanks for everything this past year, and I can't wait for this next year and more to come in DEFY. (p.s. been inactive because my wacc computer stopped working but my new one comes tomorrow, so I'll be back sooon 😎)
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    Emo, as you know, I was recently gone for 2 weeks. When I came back, I saw on minigames you took out Azure. Ninja said you only kept the maps played frequently, but Brian, Ninja, and I played a LOAD of Azure. I was very close to beating it. I'm very disappointed. I have 2 ways to fix this. Fix 1: Make another Defy server. This server will be solely course/kz maps. Fix 2: Add the maps you previously took out, like: Acrophobia, wipeout, circle, azure, runforthebacon, and runordie. I am extremely disappointed that Emo took out my favorite map, and also Brian's favorite map. I hope you see this Emo, and use one of my fixes. -Your favorite person Magnifier
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    I think I'm the only staff member without a Intro... So here it is. I really have nothing to introduce sooo... I'm just gonna say Hi (^Also the lamest Intro ever)
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    Ok, I strongly believe this should happen. I want Never Done to say cucumber. He refuses to do this, and I am very angry that he doesn't. I believe Mark should forcefully force Never Done to say cucumber. I think everyone agrees with me.
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    It’s already been a year today since I joined the forums. I forgot just how fast time goes by, it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Anyways, I’m looking forward to another year with you guys!
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    My name is Gummy I'm a weeb. That's all you need to know.
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    Ubisoft is giving away 3 games this year, until December 23, 2017 10:00AM UTC Watch Dogs 1: https://freetrial.ubisoft.com/promotions/watch-dogs-1/8/ AC IV (Black Flag): https://freetrial.ubisoft.com/promotions/assassins-creed-black-flag/16/ World in Conflict: https://freetrial.ubisoft.com/promotions/world_in_conflict/12/ Humble Bundle: Layers of Fear + soundtrack https://www.humblebundle.com/store/layers-of-fear-and-soundtrack?hmb_source=layersoffear_deluxe_freegame&hmb_medium=banner Pretty Neat / Yeet / Obnoxious Slurping sounds
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    Bhop has two new changes. Bhop will be for members now. If you buy bhop you will only have it for an hour, so the price will be 384. Jetpack will only be an hour for 384 as well. (only for gold vip) Hope you guys like the change.
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    Hi, I am a new member to the forums. I just would like to say somethings about me. I am 12 years old i like mostly birds/cats and most of my free times i spend playing csgo or terraria. (I like dank me mes) My favorite server is probably defy's servers because i don't play around with a lot of servers (Because i'm bad). I like to play most of the servers with dobby, kitten ,xeno and emo hoe, but i could play it with anyone. Thanks for member >^>
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    Mic Spam definition changed Repeatedly using any means of communication to disturbs gameplay. Typing any line of text 3 times or more in chat. Example: Being overly loud, playing music from a soundboard, spamming ear rape Note: Players whose mics are too loud without them knowing should be warned before being muted. The previous definition was "Repeatedly using any means of communication for annoyance", which could have been interpreted in different ways. Something one person finds annoying may be playful for someone else. This definition is more clear-cut, with voice chat that impedes communication with others in the game is now against the rules as opposed to stupid shit causing mutes and bans.
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    DEFYclan Official Roster Staff Executive Admin @Mark Head Admin @PotatoStyle [CS:GO Game Manager] Senior Admin @pr0fs @Hoodini General Admin @dre [TTT] @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle [JB] @Bowie [JB] Junior Admin @spicyravioli [MG] Trial Admin Members (Click Here to view requirements needed to be promoted to the next member rank.) Veteran Member Senior Member Junior Member
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    Server archive of Top 10 Players August 2016 - June 2018
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    dont have a favorite artist but favorite song is probably nowadays by lil skies
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    Hey guys,This will just be a brief description about me and who I am. So first off I am 15 years old. My name is Chance, how I got my name was from my sister. Growing up I have always loved to play Football and Baseball. I have also loved being in school learning because I know that is how I get into higher schools and can actually play higher levels of sports as well. Right now I am an all A student and I am one of the highest GPA's. In between sports and school, I have loved to play video games like COD, CSGO, GMod, and etc. I never really fell in love with video games until I got my first Xbox 360 and got COD with it. That's where my video game career started xD. Soon after I found a friend online playing and we actually lived very close to each other. So one day we met up and hung out for a while and became better friends and learned more about each other. Soon after he introduced me to something called graphic designing and coding. I fell in love with both because I knew it took hard work and I could make some really cool things with it. I actually started making money from it because what I was making was really cool looking. It wasn't much money but I don't care because I just love doing it. I don't care if I don't make any money off of it at all. I know it wasn't much but soon I will update this and add more, but at the time of putting this up, I have to bounce and do some family stuff. So I hope everyone has a great rest of there day and stay safe !Regards,AdminSeries
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    I think we should really consider deleting some off the maps in TTT because there are a lot that people either don't like or that we don't play. Any opinions?

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