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  • DEFY

    Last Update: September 27, 2016

    General Rules





    1. Spam

    Using any means of communication without a valid purpose.


    2. Hacking

    Modifying game files which allow you to gain an unfair advantage.


    3. Trolling

    Using any means of communication with the aim of upsetting someone or get an angry response.


    4. Ghosting

    Providing or receiving information that would give an unfair advantage.


    Ex: Using skype to let alive players know where the opposing team is within the map.


    5. Impersonating

    Pretending to be a member or hold a certain position within the community.


    Ex: Using an admins name in game or claiming you are staff.


    6. Leave to Avoid

    Disconnecting from a server to avoid punishment by an admin.


    Ex: Freekilling and then disconnecting


    7. DDOS Threat



    Murder Rules




    1. RDM

    Killing any player without reasonable suspicion that they are the murder. Make sure you see a knife before you kill.






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