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  1. Mark

    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules Assigned Point Levels: The penalty will automatically be set according to the number of points given. <5 Points: no penalty 5 Points: Content moderated for 48 hours 10 Points: Restricted from posting content for 7 days 15 Points: Account suspended for 14 days
  2. Mark

    New Band

    Woah I never agreed to this
  3. Mark


    The story behind my name is simple, it was given to me by my parents when I was born Also fun fact I used to go by the name Patrick. @Some_Person should know. However that name was used for memes it originated from the character Patrick from spongebob.
  4. Mark

    do you drink energy drinks

    I drink gfuel.
  5. Mark


    I fixed your post so they can only vote one. Anyway I like all of them but I feel that MiniGames provides the most variety.
  6. Mark

    This Topic is hella serious, no clickbait!

    This post has all the details. You can also view the Member requirements like Potato said.
  7. Mark

    hey bubbas.

    Welcome to the forums. Cya around
  8. Mark

    Whats Your Opinion on the New Forums?

    Thanks for the feedback, the theme is actually not quite finished yet and may contain bugs but changes are still underway. However I will take all feedback into account while adding some finishing touches. So if you do have some ideas feel free to post below. As for the site logo I too am not really feeling it. If anyone is interested in creating a new site logo that they feel goes well with this theme feel free but make sure the logo height is 30px or less. Have you looked at the forums on a mobile phone or tablet? an uncalibrated monitor can make a site not look right and phones should have a better panel and be calibrated.
  9. Mark

    My Absence and My Comeback

    Great to hear that you are okay and look forward to seeing you this Friday
  10. Mark

    Profile Picture Size Limit

    Simple, profile pictures use up storage space and initially our storage was limited to 25gb, we have way more than that now but... I do not really see a need to allow profile pictures to non members since I do not know why an account that just registered and makes no contribution needs a profile picture. If you would like a Profile Picture it is as simple as applying for member.
  11. Mark

    Profile Picture Size Limit

    Yes it is a rank thing, Junior Member+ can upload profile pictures.
  12. Why get rid of it when you can buy vip http://defyclan.com/store/category/9-vip/
  13. Mark

    CS:GO Rules

    CS:GO Server Rules How do bans work? 1st Ban = 3 day(4320) | 2nd Ban = 1 week(10080) | 3rd Ban = 2 weeks(20160) | 4th Ban 1 Month (43200) | 5th Ban = Perma Ban
  14. Who do you think will win the fight?
  15. Mark

    Gmod Rules

    GMOD Rules How do bans work? 1st Ban = 3 day(4320) | 2nd Ban = 1 week(10080) | 3rd Ban = 2 weeks(20160) | 4th Ban 1 Month (43200) | 5th Ban = Perma Ban

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