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  1. Mark

    ShellShock.io Event

    This friday at 7:00PM EST server time we will be playing http://shellshock.io. We will be taking 3 winners for this event, each winner will receive credits on our csgo servers. 1st Place will receive 1000 credits 2nd Place will receive 500 credits 3rd Place will receive 250 credits How do you win? Simple 3 players who have the highest kill streaks will win.
  2. Mark

    Kos of Location?

    Yes, you can kill them but maybe the other guy shot him first you know. So it might be wise to ask why he killed that person when possible before you just kill him unless you are sure they are Traitor.
  3. Mark


    It is a cat walk and Cts may KOS but obviously the cell portion does not count. Also if the warden leads or allows Ts on catwalk for a specific game or round its not KOS.
  4. Mark

    pdizzle is the new leader of defy clan

    Thank you for the kind words @Hank_Hell 😂
  5. Alright dude good luck with everything
  6. Mark

    Defy Roster

    @Hoodini has reinstated as Senior Admin @Magma has reinstated as Senior Admin
  7. Mark

    Favorite Game

    Just like @Mobbster
  8. Mark

    16th Birthday

    Happy Birthday @Dark Enjoy your 🎂 and day
  9. Mark

    DEFY DarkRP Beta

    DEFY GMOD DarkRP Beta The DEFY GMOD DarkRP server is now open for Beta Testing and suggestions. If you find any bugs or have a suggestion please post below. We will likely update this post with more info at a later date. If you are new to DEFY please sign up on our forums. Server IP: steam://connect/darkrp.DEFYclan.com or Simple DEFY DarkRP Rules for Beta - Standard DarkRP rules apply - NO Prop Killing, spam, etc. - No Minge - Have Fun
  10. Mark

    Is DarkRP still happening?

    Yes, It will likely go into public beta August 1st.
  11. Mark

    Did you know this?

    I think it was just a test account that I deleted. Banned users would not be deleted like that.
  12. Mark

    Forum Changes

    Forum Changes We have reduced the amount of forums, as having many forums can be overwhelming especially for new members. It also led many members to post topics in wrong sections. However with the new forum structure, posting in the wrong section should be a thing of the past If your post is related to a particular game then it should be posted in the club forum for that game. If you are sharing something that you've made or found on the internet then post in Share. Any other posts should be posted in General Discussion. Clubs are now being used to separate Game Discussion between games and from General Community discussions. So if you are not yet part of a CLUB, what are you waiting for? Joining a club will give you access to that particular Game forum. View spoiler below Moving our official Game Forums to Clubs will also prevent games that you are not interested in from showing in the Discover section or search results. We have added a Retired Admin group to separate staff that have retired from current Server Admins.
  13. Mark

    Staff Requirements

    Click Here to Apply Staff Requirements: - Must have a working mic and Discord - Must be 13+ - Fluent in English - Minimum activity of 10 hours per week - Registered on our forums Servers we need staff for: [CS:GO] DEFY Jailbreak [CS:GO] DEFY MiniGames [GMOD] DEFY Murder [GMOD] DEFY DarkRP Please note that you may apply for staff on servers that we are not currently looking for admins. However those applications may only be looked at a later date. Click Here to Apply
  14. Mark

    New Logo?

    They may or may not be the best option depending on the perspective. Most people have gotten used to our current logo which is just a simple letter D that was cut at the back. While I still like our current logo, it is just a simple plain D that was cut at the back at an angle so it can represent D for DEFY and C for Clan but like I said the C is backwards and most do not even realize that is why it was done this way. Current logo backwards: While some might not feel like the new design looks like a D that is not an issue, the point of a logo is supposed to be a symbol for a brand. When you see the image below do you know what this is? Things in the new design: Play button appearance which symbolizes gaming Greater than sign which symbolizes that DEFYclan.com is too strong! LOL Edgy looking D So @Fauxe or anyone else who feels they can create a better logo or something more unique feel free however for the logo I prefer it to be something like we currently have and not just text with the word DEFY because it usually wont fit well in a discord icon or other areas. Also it would need to be done in the .ai format.
  15. Mark

    DEFY Moving Forward

    Looks like my discord message got some reach, hey @the gud succ been a while since I have seen you, how have you been?

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