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  1. More Maps in the Map Pool

    The following maps have been added back to the pool ttt_terrortrain_v1_csgo_defy ttt_minecraft_b5_csgo_v1_defy ttt_richburg_defy ttt_minecraftcity_defy ttt_roy_the_ship_csgoport_v3_1_defy ttt_drybone_swamp_v1d_defy ttt_forest_b1_defy ttt_closequarters_defy I have also increased the setting in the map vote to exclude previously played maps to 5. This should make it so you cant play a certain map over and over rather you can only play that map every 5 map changes. As for the new maps we may add some later this week but when adding new maps we will only add 2-3 at a time to see how they do in the map pool and if people enjoy them, because adding a ton of new maps to the pool can cause us to play maps we do not know and do not like. Which that too will kill the server.
  2. Servers Broken.

    @Jewie2k The kick issue has been fixed. I am in the process of migrating our servers. TTT Should be good now. There may still be bugs so please post if you find.
  3. Time to Leave

    @spicyravioli Done, take care.
  4. Won't be able to get on

    I'm sorry to hear. Stay strong Zarak, take as much time as you need.
  5. What commands come with member?

    On jailbreak you can use !heal, !repeat, and !refuse an extra time per round. Also members across all servers gain 2 Credits every 5 minutes instead of only 1 every 5 minutes.
  6. Rickle Pick Be out here

  7. Well this happened....
  8. Bhop changes

    Everyone that had bhop/jetpack before this update got 3k credits back.
  9. Difference Between Sus and High Sus

    We do not currently have any rules based on high sus we just simply have a rule based on suspicion. Our rule on Suspicions is this "Suspicion (Sus): If a person calls suspicion on another player, it means that they believe they could be the traitor, but don’t have enough evidence to call a KOS." Someone calling high sus is no different then calling sus. As a player I would assume that when someone calls high sus that player strongly believes that person is a traitor vs someone just calling someone out for sus.
  10. Difference Between Sus and High Sus

    You can kill someone based on sus with 2 minutes or less left in the round. However you must have a valid reason for placing sus on someone in the first place. Calling sus just to call sus is not allowed. Also remember that killing someone in overtime based off bad information will affect your karma. An example where I might call high sus on someone would be if they shot an explosive barrel while I was passing but I was unable to tell if they were shooting it to wound me or to make the pathway safe and did not see me walking towards it. An example where I might call sus on someone is if I hear gun shots in a direction where another player was leaving.
  11. VIP Question

    Forums sync automatically with the shop, in-game VIP must be manually added at the moment. I have added Bronze VIP to your in-game account. Please let me know below if you have received your access. Thank you for donating.
  12. TTT Voice Chat

    Yes it is a toggle to turn traitor voice chat on or off. So once toggled on press your normal talk key and now only traitor buddies will hear you.
  13. TTT Voice Chat

    If you become inno and you still had it enabled in the previous round I believe it would change it back.
  14. TTT Voice Chat

    Binding a key to sm_tvoice or typing in console sm_tvoice when you are a Traitor will put you into a Traitor only voice chat. What this does is only T-buddies can hear what you say. In this voice chat you can still hear everyone else but when you speak on your mic only fellow traitors will hear you. So you can use this to communicate useful info to fellow T-Buddies.
  15. TTT idea

    The credits are setup in this manner because we believe that members and players will feel the items they attain will have more value to them if it takes longer to get them. If for example we gave everyone 10k credits and everyone was able to get the same items or things within an hour, would you feel special having that item??? Would you feel like you accomplished anything??? We do not believe in handing credits out like its candy. Also on a side note there will be weekends in the future that we offer double credits, so this would be a good way to earn credits faster so look out for those announcements LOL no admin can rig the system. Their may be a pattern to the betting but the betting system needs some work or temporarily disabled until we fix the issues with it.