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  1. Mark

    [TTT] Replace some Items

    Displaying the chance of being a Traitor does not matter because it wont change the outcome. The detective has a higher chance of being Traitor on the next round, but he is not guaranteed Traitor. The problem with making everyone traitor at least once, makes it predictable who the Traitors are. Imagine if it worked like that and we had a 4 Traitors, if we go by that logic than in the next round those 4 traitors from the previous round are automatically proven since they were Traitors in the previous round. Also lets assume the map just changed so there is no way they could possibly have enough credits to buy Traitor. In later rounds it might be possible that they can instantly buy Traitor but not all 4 will buy Traitor again, so at least 3 of them would be proven and that is no fun. A big reason why you might not get Traitor often is likely due to the fact that you can buy Traitor in the first place. So removing the ability to purchase Traitor might be a good thing. However I think we would just need to remove the option to buy T rounds for the next round. Buying T for the next round causes the issues with selecting Traitors. Since I believe if 4 people buy Traitor for the next round, then those 4 will get Traitor and it will not randomly select more Traitors since it already has Traitors picked for that round. We can likely still keep the option to buy Traitor during a round since the randomly selected Traitors have already been selected and at that point it would just add extra Traitors. I have seen many innos buy Tasers I would say out of every item other than Buying Traitor, buying a Taser comes second place as the most bought shop item because everyone knows what a taser does. I don't use the ice knife, however for knockout when used it does freeze the player so its similar in that regard but knockout also mutes their voice chat and maybe text chat while knocked out. So once you knock someone out then you get your gun ready to gun them down and it will be a silent kill usually. Interesting idea but then I feel like whenever someones gets tased we will be asking "hey are you still alive" and if they don't respond then whoever tased them likely used a disintegration taser. Do you think Fake Tasers would have the same effect as fake ids, since whenever an innocent buys an id everyone just claims its fake id. So if we added fake taser then if any other than detectives used a taser everyone just claim "oh its just a fake taser" therefore making that item useless just like how ids are useless for innos currently. The only way to make ids useful is removing fake ones. Sure we can likely disable it but at the end of the day someone who does that just wasted credits. Sure someone that used it made the detectives win, but where is the fun in that? I would never do something like that purposely to end the round. Maybe if I was being pressured by another inno and I really wanted to prove myself I would buy detective but to outright buy detective when you believe your the last inno just to end the game? Why LOL? Detectives get a free taser so it would have been better to buy it early on and actually be able to show hey i'm 100% proven and I can prove someone else with my taser. You know what I mean?
  2. Mark

    [TTT] Replace some Items

    I think a huge part of why T-items don't get used is because players rather save up their credits and buy a T round. The next big reason might be due to the fact that some items may cost a lot. So maybe if items were lowered in price and we increased the price of purchasing Traitor maybe then we would see more Traitors using these items. The last factor I think might be that some players don't know they exist or how to use them. I created an items guide if their is anyone who is unsure of what some items do. The ID item I think likely needs to be an Innocent only item, since every time I purchase that, everyone thinks its a fake id. Which is a huge factor in why nobody buys it. We can likely price id the same amount as a taser and remove Traitors from having fake id. Turret is a very fun item to use, its probably my most used item. C4 is a bit of a risk since it can kill other Traitors so be sure to alert your fellow traitors that you planted a C4. However it is a fun item to use and its very effective on the sky scrapper map. Fake body can be useful, just don't scan your own body LOL. The ID item like I said above probably will only be useful if those changes are made. I don't believe camera even works. Ice knife I don't use so if someone who uses that often can please explain your strategy or use case? You mention replaced with fun items, do you have any example of a fun item? Also just curious the items you listed have you used them? Also are you another victim of saving credits to buy t rounds? I know I have used a lot of T items however not as much as id like to if I really think about it. Another issue is that when a Traitor uses a taser, it does 90 damage. That means if an innocent purchases a taser and he then tases another innocent they both become proven. Since the inno who was tased did not take damage. So I think damage needs to be removed from tasers when a Traitor uses it. That way the taser can only prove one player innocent at a time vs two. Thoughts on this issue?
  3. Mark


    Thanks for reporting this issue, everything should be working correctly now. Somehow the reputations just disabled itself lol.
  4. Mark

    TTT Chat Limit

    I understand people do not like change but lately at peak times and throughout the night we have many players on TTT and it has become a serious issue when too many people talk at the same time and have this unlimited talk power. There is simply no rule or admin enforcement that can balance out this issue. The voice battery however can somewhat balance this. Since it only allows players to talk for a certain amount of time before requiring them to take a breath and let others speak. The idea is not just a sounds good on paper idea, it actually works. How do I know it works? I ran a Gmod TTT server in the past and we always had the voice battery feature on. Also on gmod I believe the battery lasted 12 seconds for players. If you spoke for 12 seconds you would have to wait 35 seconds to talk again for 12 seconds. Again obviously if you only talked for 6 seconds you would still have 6 more seconds and the battery would only need 17 seconds to get back to full. If we are comparing the voice aspect between Gmod TTT and CSGO TTT they play the same role to communicate between the players so I would not see any reason why something that worked well in Gmod, would not work on CSGO. I think it's just a change that players need time to adjust. I have already made adjustments to our voice battery system, one of them is that this feature only enables at 16 players. Check the TTT change log post for more info. The voice battery ratio for players is 2:1 meaning if you talk for the full 10 seconds you will need to wait 20 seconds for a full battery. However that does not stop you from talking before hand. If you waited 10 seconds you would have 5 seconds to make a call out. A simple call out such as "Kos Mark" can easily be accomplished in 3 seconds of battery or less. I think it is blown out of proportion the whole idea that you cannot talk in game with the voice battery. You still can talk you just need to be more careful with what you say and when, so that you have the battery when you need it. My observation is that when the server has less players its fine their is no need for the battery and that is why its not enabled but once you start going near 14-16 players+ it begins to get chaotic. Someone who is their to ghost would not join the discord they would stay in a private call with their friend or be on their own discord server and ghost. As for ghosting accidentally I have seen it happen before this. Why does it happen? Well the TTT discord channel is setup so that it forces you to push to talk and some members go into other channels which do not require push to talk because they don't like push to talk which basically causes them to ghost if they are calling kos and being shot at and die in the process. In-game their call out may have been heard but it may not, with no push to talk well I guess you see my point. I think it would be great if every player/member joined the discord ttt channel while they were on our TTT server. Since it forces push to talk and then you know that everyone in that channel is not ghosting. However that is unrealistic to think everyone would join that channel and is not ideal for everyone. Since I know there are some players who cant run discord and CSGO at the same time. Something I have noticed is that when I join the server when their is around 10 players, if someone says "Hey Mark hows it going?" I would reply and maybe even give details but when I join a server with 16-20 plus players. I feel the atmosphere changes and their is already a lot going on, and if someone asked me that same question I would probably keep the response short and focus on the game. A community vote is fine but we first need to try it out and give it some time so that we can see if there are any adjustments that need to be made. A visual would be great, currently their is no visual we will look into the possibility of adding a visual but for now you can use !battery or simply look at the round timer for a visual. If you are going to look at a battery indicator bar you might as well be more precise and look at the time your talking. Players have 10 seconds of voice battery and then they would need to wait 20 seconds to fully recharge. Again if you talked for 5 seconds then you still have 5 more seconds and if your not talking then your battery is charging back up to 10. However again its not that bad and you likely don't need a visual if you are not always talking.
  5. Mark

    TTT Menu Fixes

    I have not used random teleport much so I will have to investigate and only recently I found out that it can teleport alive players. I was always under the impression that the random tp would just tp you randomly on the map to get out of a tight situation or randomly tp to a dead body. However I can see the random tp I guess as a valuable T item to kill players I guess. Anyway like I said I will need to play around with it a bit more on my dev server. I was also not aware that the awp only gave one bullet, so I'll have to look into that, do you happen to know if other guns like the m4a1-s only give one bullet? Poison smokes can likely have their priced reduced.
  6. Mark

    TTT Chat Limit

    Yes, I agree. This point I quite don't understand. The system is not meant to replace any admin function what so ever. It is simply added to make the game play and chatter balanced when there are so many players on the server.
  7. Mark

    TTT Chat Limit

    Every member that comes back to our servers usually comes back because of the experience and the community members they play with. Except obviously trolls, rule breakers, etc. So from what I understand, you join the server to first chat with the players, and game play comes second? Is this correct? If that is correct that is totally fine and I have nothing against that. Obviously you come for more reasons than just those two since you are an admin and I know you care about the server and community. I believe and this is my personal opinion and others can agree or disagree but most players, join our servers because they enjoy our community but most players will put game play first and chatting with others second. If those were the only two factors game play and chatter, Gameplay comes first for me. Yes, I agree their are many more players on the servers vs our discord but lately I have seen quite a few members gather in the game channels, and I think if more members would join those game channels it would be great. Usually when I play I am in discord somewhere and I usually keep my chatter outside the game with whoever is in the channel. Now that is not to say I don't talk in game but when I do talk in game its usually game related and if its not then its someone asking some question about the server or something totally off topic but regardless a normal conversation usually has one person talking and the other listening and 10 seconds of talk time is usually enough time to get your sentence out and let someone else reply and while they are talking your talk time battery is recharging. Also I just want to clarify the whole VR thing I had edited my post and removed that part but you were already writing your post. Anyway my point was not to go to another game but rather their has to be a balance between chatter and game play because obviously everyone joins for both, the only difference is what someone puts first over the other. In a game like VR chat the whole purpose is to chat first with others and then you can do goofy stuff or role play or whatever. We can talk more about your admin related concerns on discord.
  8. Mark

    TTT Chat Limit

    The reason you have not seen it is because the TTT game mode is an open source project and many of the servers cant code their own plugins which just leaves them with the base ttt game mode. All the features that you see in CS:GO came from GMOD. However not every feature got added because it takes time and their is some limitations between CS:GO and GMOD. A good example of this is the dna scanner. On GMOD if you scan a body it will begin to track that player every few seconds and you have to find him and kill him. On CS:GO the dna scanner simply says who killed the player and then the detective just says KOS X player. Can that feature be brought to csgo? I think so but the difference lies in which method is faster to code. I'm not saying its entirely useless but players did not join TTT either solely to talk about non-game related chat if they wanted to talk about non game related chat they can join the discord TTT channel. That channel you can freely talk about non game related chat with no restrictions on your voice and most importantly without disrupting game play. The only restriction is that you need push to talk because otherwise you would be ghosting. As sometimes while you are being killed you are making a call out but you die before anyone can hear you in-game. Now don't get me wrong even with this voice battery people can talk about what ever they wish but just know that it is limited so that game play wont be interrupted as much by chatter as it has in the past. I hope if you are explaining a rule to one player the entire round you are using /acall. Since it only involves one player and you would pretty much be interrupting the game for one player. Now for a case like this we can work and make admins be immune when using acall. Their is a problem many times I have called stuff out and nobody heard because their was simply to much chatter and sometimes players call stuff out and again I cannot hear because their is chatter. Again let me say this I'm not trying to eliminate chatter or whatever I'm just trying to make the game more fun because their has been complaints in the past. So it got me thinking what can we do about this and then I remembered that gmod had the voice battery feature and that is when I decided to create the voice battery and add it to our server. Now don't get me wrong I value your opinion and everyone else who posts their thoughts and I think its great that you made this post. However we need to continue and see if we can fine tune it more or change things, but again this feature has been a thing on GMOD TTT servers for a long time and 99% of servers use it, so I would not see why it would not work on CS:GO that is all I'm saying. Yes, I agree it does need a display so players know where they stand on their battery however I'm not yet sure if this will be possible or if it will impact the servers performance. Anyway only time will tell.
  9. Mark

    TTT Chat Limit

    Sorry Hoodini but I have to disagree with you on this one chief, you joined the server for like 15 minutes and barely even gave it a try and then made a post about it without knowing how it is even setup, Am I wrong or is that not what you did? I understand that the system might not yet be perfect and some people might not like it initially but if you have played Gmod TTT the voice battery feature is included with the default game mode and is used on 99% of the servers I'm not sure if any server does not use it tbh. It should have been a thing on csgo TTT already tbh. How the Voice Battery works The voice battery system currently only turns on when 12 or more players are on the server. We will most likely increase this but for now we need to test and fine tune the system because it is likely not perfect. Once you join the server and are alive, your battery begins to charge. It charges to a maximum talk time of 10 seconds. Which should be more than enough time to say what you need to say in any situation. When you are dead their is no battery. So if you are dead and trying to explain stuff over mic you can. Recharge Rates Admins: 8-10 seconds from 0 to 100. VIPs: 14 seconds from 0 to 100. Players: 17-20 seconds from 0 to 100. Detectives: Unlimited battery Detectives have unlimited talk power since you usually want to hear call outs from the detectives. If the round just begins and a detective is selected and he was talking in the preparation phase he may get muted but after that he should then have unlimited battery. Keep in mind that the system is very dynamic and that if you talk for 5 seconds you wont need to wait the full recharge time to talk again since you did not drain your battery. So if a player only speaks 5 seconds on the mic he still #1 has 5 more seconds plus as long as he is not holding down his talk key his voice battery is recharging and he will likely be around 8-10 seconds already by the time he needs to use the voice chat again. If you are going to tell a life story and use the mic for non sense then yes you may get muted but for calling sus and kos and other important game play things the system already seems okay it might need some tuning. It is very clear that when there are too many players on they begin to talk about various things which then make it hard to hear the callouts. Now you mention that you play to talk to friends, sure I think everyone does too, and you still can do that. However I think that if you would like to talk to friends more then you should join the TTT discord channel and invite your friends in their to talk. That channel is a good place to talk to fellow players and friends without interrupting gameplay. As far as admin goes most things can be easily explained in a /dm or /say if it involves the whole server. When you are dead, you can explain as much as you want as their is no battery drain when dead. However we can always remove the battery drain for admins if we feel that it is really necessary for admins to explain stuff over mic while they are a live for more than 10 seconds or whatever.
  10. Mark

    Perminent VIP rank

    Servers cost money on a monthly/yearly basis however way you look at it. Their is no package that we can pay a one time fee and have a server for life. Not only are the servers not a one time fee, they also need to be updated, moderated, new content and maps need to be added, etc. That is why VIP must be on a monthly/yearly basis. It's like your phone bill, internet bill, etc. Also like Trace pointed out if you purchase VIP for a longer period of time you will get a discount vs paying every month.
  11. I would like to inform you that you have been accepted into DEFY as a member. You may add "Defy | " to the beginning of your name. Request to join this group to gain member perks in game. Please make an Introduction post here if you have not already to begin advancing through member ranks! Once you have the Verified Role on discord you can type !joincsgo to gain access to the CS:GO exclusive channels. You can also type !joingmod or !joinrb6 if you have those games as well.
  12. Mark

    !o In All Maps

    !o should be enabled on every map, unless I forget to configure it when adding a new map. I think their is only one map that it cannot be added on and that is foxriver. Also only the warden can use !o to open the cells.
  13. Mark

    Expand Discord + Giveaways

    The discord is open to the Public, and we do advertise the link to it on the servers already. What type of public channels would you like to see added? What other ways do you think we can advertise the discord other than the servers or website, etc? When we host an event we usually do give rewards for our CSGO servers and everyone is usually welcome to participate. Do you think we should host an event like once a month or every 2 weeks?
  14. Mark

    hang gliders

    I know this is an old post but when I looked into it back then I did not find anything and I forgot about this post. Anyway what I found was the below spoiler. However this kinda looks OP, and would probably be annoying in TTT.
  15. Mark

    More ways to earn credits.

    Thanks for the suggestion although like Puncake said, adding a math bot would be an easy way to farm credits. However that does not mean we are not open to the idea of adding more methods to earn credits. But math bot or another popular suggestion flip coin are just not ideal. The problem with math bots is you just need a calculator and boom easy credits, flip coin is usually 50/50 chance and that would just spawn you the credits if you won. Raffles on the other hand are not spawned in as players have to first earn their credits and then only then can they raffle them. Currently our raffle system causes some players frustration, so I will likely redo that system. The current raffle system is setup so that you can raffle between 10-200 credits. The more credits you raffle the higher chance you have of winning. The problem with the raffle system is if someone raffles 30 credits and then someone else raffles 200 credits. Dont get me wrong but I have seen a player raffle 10 credits and win but usually the player that raffled 200 has a much bigger chance of winning. So what will we change if the system is redone? First lets say we had the same scenario as above, someone raffles 30 credits then everyone afterwards would be forced to raffle exactly 30 credits to participate in the raffle. This would make the raffles an equal chance for all participants. Second we will increase the limit to 1000 credits to allow for much bigger raffles to take place. However if someone raffles 1000 credits then the next player to enter the raffle must raffle 1000 credits as well or they cannot participate in the raffle. As for other methods to earn credits, I have thought about possibly adding like a daily credit bonus meaning if you come back to our server each day you would earn like a little credit bonus and each consecutive day that you join back it would become higher until it reached a certain value. The catch though would be that you need to spend say 30-60 minutes to get that credit bonus. Another thing I would like to throw out their is... I know many new players join our server and might think "wow its so hard to earn credits". Which yes as a new player it is but once you get the credits to buy the item you want, you feel rewarded. When you are one of the few players with a certain mask, pet, trail, or whatever you buy in the !store you feel special. Now imagine you join a server that you can get 1000 credits in 1 hour and buy like 5 items in the !shop Do you feel special? Everyone around you in that server has something from the store? Do you really feel rewarded? If your like me the answer is likely no. So that is why although we may add more ways to earn credits we still want our credits and the items bought with them to be special for each player and the only way to make it that way is make it hard to earn credits. We may also add in the future an option in our store to purchase credits with real $ although I see two options. Option 1 I only offer credits that I save up. Since I am Gold VIP I earn more credits per hour(96 credits). This would limit though how much credits can be bought with real $. Option 2, I spawn in the amount of credits purchased from the store. I prefer option 1 since I really do not like spawning in credits but I also understand that if their is a demand for it then it might be wise to offer it with Option 2. Either way both options will go towards supporting the servers as I am sure everyone knows servers cost $$$.

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