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  1. General Server Rules

    Last Updated: January 19, 2018 Jailbreak Specific Rules | TTT Specific Rules General Rules # Rule Description Punishment 1 Avoiding Punishment Leaving during the round you committed an offense on. RDMing and then leaving the same round you RDMed. Leaving or using a glitch to avoid any form of punishment. Example: Freekilling then disconnecting. Changing your name to communicate when you are muted/gagged. 2 Mini-Modding Telling Admins to take any sort of action on a player. Do not enforce any rules, leave it to the staff team. Examples: Telling an admin to slay a player for freekill. Constantly telling people rules or telling them to read the rules. 3 Spamming Repeatedly using any means of communication to disturbs gameplay. Typing any line of text 3 times or more in chat. Example: Being overly loud, playing music from a soundboard, spamming ear rape Note: Players whose mics are too loud without them knowing should be warned before being muted. 4 Mass Freekill/RDM Killing 3+ players without a valid reason. Example: Killing 3+ non-rebelling prisoners on jailbreak. Killing 3+ innocent people for no reason on TTT. 5 Command Abuse Using any command improperly. Example: Using the !call command when you don't really need an admin or for an invalid reason. Or typing !freekill when you know you were killed for a valid reason. Example: Using !freekill when you were killed fairly in a game. 6 DDOS Threat Threatening to DDOS. Example: Saying something like, " I'm going to DDOS the server." 7 Ghosting Providing or receiving information that would give an unfair advantage. Example: Using in game private chat, admin chat, steam chat, Skype, Teamspeak, etc. to give out information while dead.Changing your name to convery information when dead. 8 Common Courtesy If someone asks you a reasonable request to stop then stop. Example: If someone asks you to stop saying a racial slur, then stop. 9 Exploiting Using any game exploit that gives an unfair advantage or interferes with the game mechanics/server in some way. Example: Using a glitch to get to an area of the map that is not intended to be accessible. Using an exploit to change the color of your name or text chat color falls under this category. Using a macro is considered exploiting. 10 Delaying Doing anything (intentionally) that would make the wait time for living players longer. Staying in an area for longer than 30 seconds is considered camping. All T rooms in TTT count as one area, even if it's not the same room. Example: Camping, going AFK, not actively pursuing when necessary. 11 Using Voice Changers Using any software to change your voice Example: Downloading and using a program that makes your voice sound really high pitched. 12 Impersonation Pretending to be someone with a certain position within the community. Example: Using an admin’s name in-game or claiming you are staff. 13 Freekill/RDM Killing or damaging someone for no reason Example: Killing a non-rebelling prisoner in jailbreak. Killing an innocent for no reason in TTT Each RDM equals to 2 Round Slays. Example: Innocent RDMs 2 people, gets 4 round slays. 14 Trolling/Harassing The act of targeting a player or players, usually in order to get a reaction from them. Don’t disrespect players/staff Example: Making fun of someone’s speech impediment, race, religion, age, etc. 15 Arguing If you have a disagreement, don’t argue about it, make a forum post/complaint. Example: Arguing about an interpretation of a rule. 16 Ban Evading Joining on a different account when you have been banned Example: Getting banned for Mass RDM on TTT and then joining back with a different account. 17 Hacking Using 3rd party software to give yourself an unfair advantage. 18 Farming Farming of any in-game credits or points. Example: Using scripts to avoid the afk detection in order to farm credits.
  2. Defy Roster

    DEFYclan Official Roster Staff Executive Admin @Mark Head Admin [Department Heads] @Emo Hoe [Head of Operations] @XenoGenesis [Head of Public Relations] @Never Done [Head of Bans & Complaints] @Krim [Head of Human Resources] @Mobbster [Head of Technology] Senior Admin [Department Assistants] @Zarakattack [Head of Game Affairs] Lead Admin [The Best Server Moderators] @Seven @PotatoStyle [Assistant of Human Resources] General Admin [Normal Admins, Normal Powers] @Jewie2k @Stevey Snowball @EnderX1 Junior Admin [Noob Admins] @pr0fs Trial Admin [Admins In Training] Veteran Major [ 120 Hours in Game | 50 Forum Reputation | Staff Recommendation ] @Psycho Captain [ 75 Hours in Game | 37 Forum Reputation | Recruit 3 Players | Suggest a Rule/Idea That Gets Implemented ] Lieutenant [ 50 Hours in Game | 25 Forum Reputation | Invite 3 Players | Member for 3 Months ] @Lil_Serb @Saitama @milo Senior Sergeant [ Recruit 1 Player | 40 Hours in Game | 50 Posts (Not Spam) ] Corporal [ Invite 1 Player | 15 Forum Reputation | 30 Hours in Game ] Private [ Mature and Represents Community Well | Passes Knowledge Test | 20 Hours of Playtime | Member for 1 Month ] Member Cadet [ 10 Forum Reputation | Join the Discord | 15 Hours in Game ] Apprentice [ Make an Introduction Post | Upload a Profile Picture | 10 Hours in Game ] Recruit [ Application Accepted | 5 Hours in Game ] Notes Requirements for higher ranks stack on each other. For example, you can't go to Private without making an Introduction Post.
  3. TTT Rules

    Go back to General Rules TTT Description: Role playing game mode with 3 roles, Detective, Innocent, and Traitor. The point of the game is a full-on battle between the Detectives and Innocents vs Traitors. The Traitors, with the help of their Traitor Buddies (T-buddies) have to kill all the Innocents and Detectives while on the Detectives and Innocents have to kill all the Traitors. Please read the Rules below to see more in description of what each rule is allowed to do and also refer to the Roles section below to read about each role. Note: 7 players = 1 Detective and 1 Detective = 2 Traitors. You may have more than one detective or traitor at a time. Last Updated: January 13th, 2018 TTT Specific Rules # Rule Description Punishment 1 Claiming an Area 2 Innocent Rule Violation (IRV) 3 Detective Rule Violation (DRV) 4 Traitor Rule Violation (TRV) 5 Prop Violation Explanations Roles Innocent: Find the traitors among you and kill them. Detective: Assist the Innocents to figure out who the traitor among the group is. Traitor: Kill all Innocents and Detectives without getting caught to win the round. Traitorous Acts: Shooting towards players (traitor baiting) Throwing an HE/incendiary grenade towards players. Not identifying bodies. Planting C4. Having traitor weapons . Hurting another player with a explosive prop (explosive barrel, etc) Entering/Leaving a traitor only area (traitor rooms) Not following detective's orders Damaging health stations Definitions: Karma: Karma is kind of like a reputation system. If you kill someone who you aren’t supposed to, then you may lose karma. Everyone starts off at 90 karma, you have a max of 100, and if it hits 50, then you will be automatically banned for 1 week. Karma rewards and deductions are given for these actions: Killing a traitor as an innocent: +5 karma Killing an innocent as an innocent: -10 karma Killing a detective as an innocent: -15 karma Killing an innocent as a traitor: +2 karma Killing a traitor as a traitor: -15 karma Killing a detective as a traitor: +5 karma Killing an innocent as a detective: -4 karma Killing a detective as a detective: -15 karma Killing a traitor as a detective: +7 karma KOS: Means kill on sight, if someone said, “KOS Hoodini!” then you can kill Hoodini if you see him. You can only KOS someone if you are 100% certain that they are the traitor (almost always need to see them do a traitorous act.) Suspicion (Sus): If a person calls suspicion on another player, it means that they believe they could be the traitor, but don’t have enough evidence to call a KOS. Live Checks: If someone says for instance, “Live check or KOS,” then you should say in chat or through voice chat that you are alive. Otherwise people have permission to kill you on sight. You can only call live checks during overtime. Overtime: This starts when there are only 2 minutes left in the round. During overtime you are allowed to kill people for being suspicious, but be careful, because if you’re wrong it will affect your karma. In order to kill a player for suspicion, you must say in voice/game chat why you have a valid suspicion on the player. Misc: Type /shop to purchase items. Taser does not kill players, it identifies them.
  4. More Maps in the Map Pool

    The following maps have been added back to the pool ttt_terrortrain_v1_csgo_defy ttt_minecraft_b5_csgo_v1_defy ttt_richburg_defy ttt_minecraftcity_defy ttt_roy_the_ship_csgoport_v3_1_defy ttt_drybone_swamp_v1d_defy ttt_forest_b1_defy ttt_closequarters_defy I have also increased the setting in the map vote to exclude previously played maps to 5. This should make it so you cant play a certain map over and over rather you can only play that map every 5 map changes. As for the new maps we may add some later this week but when adding new maps we will only add 2-3 at a time to see how they do in the map pool and if people enjoy them, because adding a ton of new maps to the pool can cause us to play maps we do not know and do not like. Which that too will kill the server.
  5. Servers Broken.

    @Jewie2k The kick issue has been fixed. I am in the process of migrating our servers. TTT Should be good now. There may still be bugs so please post if you find.
  6. Time to Leave

    @spicyravioli Done, take care.
  7. Jailbreak Rules

    Go back to General Rules Jailbreak Description: Jailbreak is a Role-Playing server with 2 teams, one consists of the Prisoners and the others are the Guards/Warden. The Prisoners have 2 choices, try to find a way to kill the Warden and guards or play along and have fun that way. The Ct side has to protect the Warden (gives orders to the prisoners) and follow orders from him/her. Please read the rules below to learn what each side is allowed to do. There are also Days that Warden can do in-order to engage the prisoners in a fun environment, these can be further defined below. Last Updated: January 13, 2018 Jailbreak Specific Rules # Rule Description Punishment 1 CT Violation 2 Warden Violation 3 Cheating in LR 4 Swap Violation 5 Terrorist Mute 6 Invalid Warden Kick Explanations Roles CT(Guard): Assist the Warden in controlling all prisoners. Warden: Give out orders to prisoners, kill any prisoner who rebels. Deputy: Warden can appoint him to control the prisoner(s) while the Warden is off elsewhere. T(Prisoner): Either follow the wardens rules to get your last request or to rebel against the guards and control the map. Terrorist Guidelines You are automatically KOS if you… Enter restricted areas. (Armory, Vents, Teleporters, Catwalks, guard Areas. Unless specified otherwise) Are AFK for more than 1 minute. Point any gun at a guard. Charge a guard with a knife. Claim you don’t know a prison game when the game has already been explained to you. Damage vents Kill or damage a non-baiting guard. Are a rebel unless the guard pardons you or does not take action. Definitions AFK Freeze: Cannot use mouse or keyboard at all for 20 seconds except voice and text chat. AFK freeze becomes a regular freeze after 20 seconds. Freeze: Cannot move at all. May move mouse to look around. Action Once: When the warden says for example, “Jump” you are to only jump once unless specified otherwise. Warden Death: Last order given is still in effect for 15 seconds upon the warden’s death. Repeats: When someone requests a !repeat. The warden will only repeat once. Anyone who requests a repeat shortly after he already repeated the order in an attempt to troll will be slayed/killed. Delaying: Not complying with an order within three seconds. Bomb rushing to a beacon: If a warden tells you to bomb rush to their warden beacon, you must run to it, without delaying, and freeze inside. Take one step out: When the Warden tells you to take one step out, you must move about one step out of your cell. You must be within knifing distance of your cell door/the wall next to it, otherwise guards can kill you. Misleading commands: If a command is intended to trick prisoners AND results in the death of three or more prisoners, it is misleading. Misleading commands are only allowed in Simon Says. Prisoner Designated Areas: These are any areas that were meant for only prisoners or where the warden has ordered the prisoners to go. This includes: Prison cells, warden beacons, and any other areas the warden has designated for the prisoners. Baiting: Intentionally going within knifing distance of a prisoner. Entering a prisoner designated area. When can you kill a baiting guard? Prisoner(s) may attempt to kill any guard that goes inside a prisoner designated area. Prisoner(s) may knife while lining up shoulder to shoulder however you cannot move WASD, NOTE if you move WASD while lined up to knife a guard that is not baiting and guard may kill you. guard may not kill you though if you didn’t move WASD but you knifed them. Warning Shots: All warning shots must be given below the knees. You will be given a warning if you… Detour or delay. Do not actively participate in prison games. Block doorways. Taser Guide: You may only arrest prisoners to... Keep a prisoner in one area, if it is after the prisoner wins a game and must wait till others finish. Freeze prisoners if they are within knifing distance to the warden or a ct (does not apply on special events or last requests). Pull or put a prisoner in a specific team in a team game, the prisoners must be released in order to play the game. Put prisoners into healing areas in order to heal. Prison Games Opinionated Games: These are games that kills prisoners based on the guards opinion. Warden must type “!refuse” before starting an opinionated game. Majority decides whether or not the warden can proceed with the opinionated game or not. Other games may be created, but here are a few of the most popular: Joke Day: Prisoners take turns telling jokes, each time the guards will vote whether they like it or not, when a prisoner's joke loses he dies. Singing/Dancing/Diving Contest: Like a joke day but each prisoner is chosen to sing, dance, dive or perform another talent. Shoot or Don’t Shoot: All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden, All prisoner(s) must face away from the warden and freeze. The warden will then ask prisoner(s) at random shoot or don’t shoot, while his crosshair is on a random prisoner(s) head. If the prisoner asked says shoot then the T that he is aiming at will die, and if he says don’t shoot then the game goes on and the warden picks new prisoner. prisoner(s) can only say don’t shoot 2 times in a row, then they must say shoot. Custom Games: All custom games are considered opinionated and must be voted on. Elimination Games: These games are mostly skill based, and are generally just used to thin the heard. Here are the most common ones: Simon Says: To begin playing Simon says, Simon must say "Simon says I am Simon, Simon says we are now playing Simon says." Prisoners must only do the order that Simon says until the next Simon Says order is given. Prisoner's must not do any actions that Simon did not issue. Warden CANNOT begin playing Simon says at the beginning of the round. Simon Says can only begin once prisoners are at a prisoner designated area. Do the Simon says order once then stop unless instructed otherwise by Simon. For example, if Simon says crouch you must un-crouch after 2-3 seconds. First Reaction Last Reaction: Warden will say first reaction or last reaction and then an action… First Reaction: First person to complete the action dies. Last Reaction: Last person to complete the action dies. Colors: All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden and take turns saying color names. The T's have 5 seconds to say a color that has not been said or they are KOS. Death Walk: All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden, All prisoner(s) must look straight up with their flashlights turned on (Type /flashlight), Looking down is KOS. When the warden indicates to begin the prisoner(s) will crouch walk backwards until they fall off of a ledge, or when they feel that they are at the edge they stop, stand up and freeze while still looking up Red Light Green Light: All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden, there is a finish line further away from them. When the warden says green light all prisoner(s) are then allowed to move forward, but once the warden says red light all prisoner(s) must stop. If a prisoner doesn’t stop in time then the warden is allowed to kill the prisoner. The game goes on until the set amount of winners is reached. Odd Man Out: Can only be played if there are 3 prisoner(s) remaining, the prisoner(s) form a triangle (On positions set by the warden). The warden will tell the prisoner(s) to face away from their teammates, and when the wardens says to the prisoner(s) will turn around and look at one of their teammates. Whoever has 2 prisoner(s) facing them is the odd man out and is KOS. Krim Days: This the most efficient way to kill prisoners, and can even be used to kill rebelling prisoners. The warden will herd all non rebelling prisoners into an area and use the !kr command to randomly kill prisoners until he has the desired number of players. If it glitches and doesn’t kill a player even though they are chosen, that player is KOSed. This game may only be played with 4 or less prisoners alive. Event Days: These are days that allow prisoners to free roam and do whatever they want with a few restrictions, and are mostly just for fun. Once an event day is started, it does not end until the round is over, even if they warden says it’s over. You may not extend on event days. Many of the event days can be triggered by voting for them via the player menu (!menu) but the most common 2 are: War Day: The goal is have the prisoners and guards fight to the death. Prisoners must be actively pursuing the guards at all times. This event day can be played 2 ways: Restricted war days: A room or area of the map is chosen, and all guards must bomb rush to this area of the map. They may not leave that area until there is only 1:00 left in the round. Guards are allowed to camp Normal war days: The prisoners must be given 30 seconds, which starts when the cell doors open, to break into armory and get guns. During this 30 seconds the guards will try to run as far as they can, because when the 30 seconds is up prisoners and guards may start fighting. Both prisoners and guards cannot shoot anyone during this 30 second grace period. Guards are not allowed to camp. Freedays: These are days where the prisoners may do whatever they want without rebelling, if they rebel, then they may be shot. The last prisoner may have a last request if they wish, but cannot be forced to have an LR. It is automatically a freeday if: Cells open before orders are given. Warden does not give orders within the first minute of the round. Warden dies and no guard takes over within 15 seconds. There are also different variations of freedays which are: Zombie Freeday: Zombies must walk and may only right click Knife a guard. Zombies can only climb objects/ladders to get to a guard. Guard may not kill a zombie that right click knifes them. Guard may not restrict areas. Panda Freeday: Pandas must crouch at all times. Pandas may climb ladders/objects. Guards may not restrict areas. Prisoners may only left click knife guards. Monkey Freeday: Monkeys must be bhopping at all times (constantly jumping). Monkeys may climb ladders/objects. Guards may not restrict areas. Monkeys are only allowed to right click guards. Guards can't kill prisoners in knifing distance. Map Games: These are any of the games that are built into the map. For example: colors, jump rope, strafe jump, climb, or bhop. Games in this category may be played back to back as many times as you want, as long as you don’t play the same one twice in a row.
  8. Staff Requirements

    So you want to become a staff member? *********Only hiring for Jailbreak Server as of 12-31-17*********** (You may still apply for TTT but you will be put on hold or have to temporarily Moderate JB) Staff Requirements: Must Reach Senior Rank. (Senior Rank not required as of right now 12-31-17 until further notice) Must have a working mic and Teamspeak3 Fluent in English Must be 13 or older unless an exception is made Click Here to Apply **If you get an ERROR when clicking this link this means you are not eligible to apply for staff yet.** How will members be accepted as staff? Once the acceptance points reaches 10, the Head of Human Resources will review the post and said member will be screened. Please note that even though a member reaches the required acceptance points, they may still be denied. Applications will only be reviewed one week or later from the time the post was made to allow staff to give points. Points System You may give up to the amount of points listed below when recommending someone for staff. Example: So if you are a General admin you can only give out 1 point or -1 point. If you are a Lead Admin you may give 1 point, 2 points, -1 point or -2 points. Recommendation Template Use the following when replying to staff recommendation posts. Misc Trial and Junior Admins may recommend players but their points won't count.
  9. Won't be able to get on

    I'm sorry to hear. Stay strong Zarak, take as much time as you need.
  10. What commands come with member?

    On jailbreak you can use !heal, !repeat, and !refuse an extra time per round. Also members across all servers gain 2 Credits every 5 minutes instead of only 1 every 5 minutes.
  11. Rickle Pick Be out here

  12. Well this happened....
  13. Bhop changes

    Everyone that had bhop/jetpack before this update got 3k credits back.
  14. Difference Between Sus and High Sus

    We do not currently have any rules based on high sus we just simply have a rule based on suspicion. Our rule on Suspicions is this "Suspicion (Sus): If a person calls suspicion on another player, it means that they believe they could be the traitor, but don’t have enough evidence to call a KOS." Someone calling high sus is no different then calling sus. As a player I would assume that when someone calls high sus that player strongly believes that person is a traitor vs someone just calling someone out for sus.
  15. Difference Between Sus and High Sus

    You can kill someone based on sus with 2 minutes or less left in the round. However you must have a valid reason for placing sus on someone in the first place. Calling sus just to call sus is not allowed. Also remember that killing someone in overtime based off bad information will affect your karma. An example where I might call high sus on someone would be if they shot an explosive barrel while I was passing but I was unable to tell if they were shooting it to wound me or to make the pathway safe and did not see me walking towards it. An example where I might call sus on someone is if I hear gun shots in a direction where another player was leaving.
  16. VIP Question

    Forums sync automatically with the shop, in-game VIP must be manually added at the moment. I have added Bronze VIP to your in-game account. Please let me know below if you have received your access. Thank you for donating.
  17. TTT Voice Chat

    Yes it is a toggle to turn traitor voice chat on or off. So once toggled on press your normal talk key and now only traitor buddies will hear you.
  18. TTT Voice Chat

    Binding a key to sm_tvoice or typing in console sm_tvoice when you are a Traitor will put you into a Traitor only voice chat. What this does is only T-buddies can hear what you say. In this voice chat you can still hear everyone else but when you speak on your mic only fellow traitors will hear you. So you can use this to communicate useful info to fellow T-Buddies.
  19. TTT Voice Chat

    If you become inno and you still had it enabled in the previous round I believe it would change it back.
  20. TTT idea

    The credits are setup in this manner because we believe that members and players will feel the items they attain will have more value to them if it takes longer to get them. If for example we gave everyone 10k credits and everyone was able to get the same items or things within an hour, would you feel special having that item??? Would you feel like you accomplished anything??? We do not believe in handing credits out like its candy. Also on a side note there will be weekends in the future that we offer double credits, so this would be a good way to earn credits faster so look out for those announcements LOL no admin can rig the system. Their may be a pattern to the betting but the betting system needs some work or temporarily disabled until we fix the issues with it.
  21. Donating Skins or Keys for VIP How many skins or keys needed to purchase VIP? Bronze VIP: 3 Keys or CS:GO skin worth $8 per Month Silver VIP: 5 Keys or CS:GO skin worth $13 per month Gold VIP: 17 Keys or CS:GO skin worth $45 one time then Gold VIP renewals would cost 6 keys or CS:GO skin worth $16 How do I purchase VIP with skins or Keys? Send DEFY | Mark a trade offer(https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=69889418&token=kQEeJI8L) on steam with a trade message of either Bronze VIP, Silver VIP, or Gold VIP. Please note: we may refuse you for Silver or Gold VIP if you do not pass our screening. If refused the trade offer will be declined. How many months of VIP will I receive? The above prices will give you 1 Month of VIP. Gold VIP has a one time payment of 17 keys or $45 worth of skins and then a recurring cost of 6 keys or $16 worth of CS:GO skins. Once I send the trade offer, how long will it take to receive the VIP perks? VIP perks will be issued within 8-24 hours max. Why does buying VIP with skins or keys cost more than paying with real money? Skins and keys require extra processing.
  22. Happy Birthday To Me :D

    Happy Birthday
  23. $100 Giveaway

    DEFY will be giving away 2 AK-47 Vulcans on October 29, 2017. How do you enter the Giveaway? Join our steam group if you have not already. Invite all your friends on steam to our steam group. Share the giveaway with all your friends. Follow video Instructions to learn how winner will be picked. Subscribe to our Youtube channel if you want to see winners being chosen live. Big Thanks to @XenoGenesis for making this giveaway possible.
  24. $100 Giveaway

    @Jewie2k Add recent players that you have played comp with or wtv and then invite them.
  25. $100 Giveaway

    @Seven No two different winners will be selected.