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  1. num3rical

    Defylights Feedback

    Hey, here's a video I threw together from some stuff I recorded this month from playing on Defy servers. Please tell me what you think and what I should improve on, and upvote if you think I should make this like a monthly thing. Thanks!
  2. num3rical

    Your favorite moment on DEFY so far.

    @Hank_Hellcalling a traffic cone a pine cone
  3. num3rical

    What is your favorite video game on STEAM?

    Bad Rats
  4. num3rical

    do you drink energy drinks

    No you boomer.
  5. num3rical


    My name is num3rical because I like numbers and it has a 3 in it because 3 is a number
  6. num3rical

    Hi im num

  7. num3rical

    Hi im num

    I'm num3rical I'm 15 years old and I play jailbreak. I like math and things that require typing. Not much more to say

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