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  1. Ch1man

    the day i dipped

    Am gonna miss you laddie, it’s been fun with you and the others on JB, and I won’t be the same without you. Wish me luck on the war.
  2. Ch1man

    it's been a while

    i only have sex with Humding3r
  3. Ch1man

    it's been a while

    @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle I'm always joking with you too late, you're one of the dedicated admins to the servers and i appreciate that, you often study and try to populate jb by yourself, but people never get on, however you don't give up, i respect you even though i joke around with you like that, also i technically included you in the members app
  4. Ch1man

    it's been a while

    lmao spicy, i've always been kidding with you, you've always been a friend of mine between NsG to here, you're really funny and it's very comfortable to be around you, just trying to crack jokes to my favorite italian garfield loving friend, i'd never be serious about those comments to you.
  5. Ch1man

    it's been a while

    I am known on jb as the "math god", from the old NsG clan with Humding3r, I'm pretty rude, I'm sorry eh? (Bowie wanted to be included) I'll also prob be on a different alias on TTT cause why not, nice to meet you here, not you pdizzle. Call me chin, ch1n is for people like pdizzle/ravioli
  6. In-Game Name: ch1n or mystery user name Age: 15 Discord Username?: Ch1n#5911 Why do you want to join DEFY?: Because I didn't yet How did you find our clan? nsg bois What do you think we can improve on? pdizzlefoshizzle or spicyravioli What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? gay back in summer Who invited you to DEFY?: Humding3r, dre too, not pdizzle forgot him Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
  7. Ch1man

    A goodbye for now

    Fuck laddie, I wish you good luck on your G-Mod, but pay some visits as a fake username to try to fool me 😉
  8. Ch1man

    Tell me a fact

    I am a Bounty Hunter. You will be arrested and will be escorted to prison by the 11/28/2018. We know where you will live and be ready to be escorted to prison for the following crimes : Drugs, Harassment. You will be facing a 3-month jail term in Jehani Prison in Nebraska.
  9. Ch1man

    Defy roast

    dude wtf i dont have a multiple personality disorder shut up spaghetti lookin garfield headass
  10. Ch1man

    Defy roast

    hank shut up your crosshair placement is so bootycheeks i cant tell if im looking at (2016) powerpuff girl ratings
  11. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  12. Ch1man

    Desert Island Scenario

    #1 Hexaquan for Survival #2 Ravioli for scouting/moral #3 Bowie for basing
  13. Ch1man

    Defylights Feedback

    sHuT yOuR aSs PiNeCONE head
  14. Ch1man

    Josh introduction

    I know you, but you don't know me, my identity always changes, no one knows who I will be next. But nice to have you in the clan laddie. Enjoy your stay and stay away from Humding3r

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