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  1. Holikwakkemoli

    TTT Chat Limit

    Going to have to agree with this it just happened to me twice where I couldnt call a kos
  2. Holikwakkemoli

    The Superior Season

    Summer, I love the 2month+ break to sit in a chair and never move.
  3. Holikwakkemoli

    TTT Karma

    There should be some sort of system where if a innocent kills an innocent, killing them would make someone not lose karma. I lose karma way too often after killing a rdm'r and find it annoying. Like if innocent kill innocent, then if that innocent is killed by another inno they don't lose karma? Hope you can understand what i'm saying.
  4. Holikwakkemoli

    Favorite Minecraft Song

    Remember this one
  5. Holikwakkemoli

    Favorite Minecraft Song

    What is your favorite minecraft song? Mine is Don't mine at night.
  6. Holikwakkemoli

    Event Idea

  7. Holikwakkemoli

    Leave of Absense - Ravioli edition

    well darn
  8. Holikwakkemoli

    What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

    holy shit
  9. What's the dumbest thing you've ever done? Mine was for the entirety of 5th grade there was a book report, I always finished it, and at the end of the year my teacher says "You haven't turned anything in." Now, ignorant as I am, I didn't know the entire year I had to. So, I cried. And I regret not listening better.
  10. Holikwakkemoli

    Who is Your Favorite Admin?

  11. Holikwakkemoli

    im muted

    Hi, everytime I join a Defy cs go server i've been muted. Admins have unmuted me but I get muted if I rejoin. It's been happening for about 2 hours. What to do
  12. Holikwakkemoli

    Whats was the "incident" at your school?

    In 6th grade the boys bathroom sewage pipes broke. Over time they flooded the school building with sewage water.
  13. Holikwakkemoli

    16th Birthday

    Happy birthday
  14. Holikwakkemoli

    Favorite Game

    Arma 3
  15. Holikwakkemoli


    Hi my ign is Holik and I would prefer not to share my name. I am 15 even though I do not sound like it.

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