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  1. Ok so I gotta say im sorry to @Dark for griefing his island and for arguing with him on discord. I shouldn't have been a prick to you and griefed your shit you're right it was only a couple blocks i shouldnt have gotten so mad it was 100% uncool of me to have gotten so heated. I would love to become good friends again.
  2. Puncake

    SuperrMatt Intro

  3. I used to go to my dads house every summer so he could receive his end of the custody, and he used to live on a farm in the middle of the Pennsylvanian wilderness and he had a go-kart and 2 motor cycles and we used to ride them down the street and through the woods on the hunting paths. it was an amazing time.
  4. Puncake

    Josh introduction

    my favorite nice from one of Bach's compositions is "gucci gang gucci gang"
  5. Puncake

    New Band

    I want to be the drummer.
  6. Puncake

    A Wishing Scenario

    I would wish for an infinite amount of cash and i would donate 1 billion dollars to every charity in the world every year. I would wish for my depression and anxiety to be cured, and I would wish for my dog to age at the same rate i do.
  7. Mine is the siege of Stalingrad, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Stalingrad
  9. Puncake

    Favorite Sport

    Hockey And Baseball motherkukers ❤️
  10. Puncake

    Your car or dream car.

    I want a nissan s13.
  11. I play the drums and the saxaphone. ive always wanted to play the piano and the bass guitar.
  12. Puncake

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello fellow members of DEFY, My name is Puncake or Eian, I am a 16 year old Californian who loves to play video games. My favorite videogames include CS:GO, TF2, Pretty much every valve game ever, Quake, DOOM, Call Of Duty Black Ops 1-3, if you name it i probobly like it. I love watching animes like Full Metal Alchemist, Blue Exorsist, And One Punch. I like Seals and Koalas and i hope to join the marines someday. add me on steam and we can play some games or we can tlak on discord. Your Besty, ❤️Puncake❤️

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