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  1. Niall_Ferguson

    [TTT] Jihad's are fun.

    I think that we should change the name of Jihads because it is unsensitive to the muslium community. The muslium community consists of 1.5 billion good people that dersive more respect than a offensive use of a term that has been a imporant aspect of their religon for centuries.
  2. Niall_Ferguson

    What made you come back?

  3. Niall_Ferguson

    What made you come back?

    The benefits
  4. Niall_Ferguson

    What is your opinion on LGBTQ people?

    I'm pretty sure they're gay
  5. Niall_Ferguson

    Inspirational quotes

    "Something that's seldom appreciated about me is that I am in sympathy with a great deal of what Marx wrote, except that I'm on the side of the bourgeoisie." -Niall Ferguson
  6. Niall_Ferguson

    What kind of edgy music are you guys into smh.

    Josh A is just a fortnite ad but in a song format
  7. Niall_Ferguson

    Event Idea

    Did you dab on the haters yet
  8. Niall_Ferguson

    Event Idea

    Dab on the haters
  9. Niall_Ferguson

    New Mouse

    new or used and the dpi goes up to like 12000
  10. Niall_Ferguson

    New Mouse

    I like my mouse it's a G900
  11. Niall_Ferguson

    What do you want to be when you grow up

    Definitely not hank hell
  12. Niall_Ferguson


    That dreidel song is stuck in my head
  13. Niall_Ferguson

    Whats your ethnic backround?

    For me I am mostly german, dutch and english. (pls upvote I only did this for upvotes)
  14. Niall_Ferguson

    What's your favorite 2018 meme

    Using old unfunny memes are my favoirte memes
  15. Niall_Ferguson

    Sizes of Defy

    Bigger than dark.

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