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  1. Pen tapping. Not that good, but it's a side thing. Instruments are for gays.
  2. Garfield

    Top 10 KISS songs - What are yours?

    1. Salil al Sawarim by KISS 2. Rip roach by KISS 3. spaceghostpussy by KISS 4. We're not gonna take it by KISS 5. Kalinka Mix by KISS 6. Black Salami by KISS 7. Carry On Wayward Son by KISS 8. Garfield Kart Soundtrack 10 hours by KISS 9. imsippinteainyohood by KISS 10. Psycho circus by KISS
  3. Hey, so I started listening to music recently since I found an old Sony Walkman. I listened to everything on it and there was this one that caught my attention it's called Psycho Circus. I hope you guys like it as much as I did (still do). I've basically been listening to this multiple times a day for everything I do. Studying? Listen to Psycho Circus. Football practice? Listen to Psycho Circus. Taking the SAT? Listen to Psycho Circus. Trying to figure out why you exist in this world full of hatred, greed, and violence and realizing that you're nothing but cattle and literally identified by a number for everything you do? Listen to Psycho Circus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWIW6Ti0PbE

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