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  1. Josh

    Your car or dream car.

    I bought a 1975 corvette some years ago and put a new motor in it. It has been sitting for some time now and I need to get it out and drive it around. I would say that it is my dream car for sure.
  2. Josh

    Josh introduction

    I shall snoop where I please.
  3. Josh


    It just seemed like such a cool name. I can't really put my finger on it.
  4. Josh

    do you drink energy drinks

    My wife drinks about 2/3 of a bang most days and leaves the rest in the fridge :D. I always have about two to three cups of coffee a day. I could easily say that I am addicted to the stuff.
  5. Josh

    What is your favorite video game on STEAM?

    I usually play Source, GO, and Skyrim. I never seem to get tired of them.
  6. Josh

    Josh introduction

    Hey guys, I have been playing on the TTT and Minigames servers for a bit now and wanted to introduce myself. I have been playing Counter Strike in many different forms for about 13 years. I appreciate the warm and friendly welcomes from the members here, which is why I asked to join. I am still very new to GO as I have been playing Source for quite some time. I feel like Source lost a lot of the sense of community that I origninally grew up with in 1.6. I feel as though I have found that sense of community here and can't wait to keep playing with all of you. Cheers.

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