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  1. Look at your phone, match the letters up with the corresponding number
  2. You missed the joke entirely, it spells Eat my dick, which also happens to be xxx-xx-xxxx the format of the SSN
  3. incite

    The intro to craig.

    Seen you a little already, welcome to DEFY! If you have any questions feel free to dm me.
  4. incite

    Hello there...

    Welcome! If you have any questions don't hesitate to dm me.
  5. incite

    Dedicated Players

    Your name will live on in sourcebans with all of the people (idiots) you've banned Never Done
  6. incite

    Dedicated Players

    Love you Trace, and don't forget to mention yourself, because I can see you putting in work to help out, and that is to be admired.
  7. incite

    Doing well!

    I am very proud to report that for the past two days our TTT server has been populated every time I look at it. Keep up the good work everyone, staff for keeping it clean and members/players for taking the time to help populate. I appreciate you all!!
  8. incite

    Who is Your Favorite Admin?

    Pr0fs, Hoodini, Dre
  9. incite

    Introducing myself

    I love you too
  10. incite

    Introducing myself

    Hey guys, I'm incite, I'm 22, an avid gamer since the age of 4 (I started with the og half-life) and I'm one of the newest editions to DEFY. I look forward to meeting people as well as helping the server grow in popularity and respect.

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