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  1. Sorry for your loss bud. I get it. my grandmother is battling cancer right now. She had thrown a few blood clots causing some strokes, and cancer got to her liver. She chemo isn't working and she is getting worse by the day. It's only a matter of time. I am sad to hear about your stepdad. Take your time but I hope to see you soon bud.
  2. Assassin

    What Is your favorite drink?

    Rootbeer or Rum
  3. Assassin

    What is your opinion on LGBTQ people?

    LOL I ran out of reactions in 2 minutes on this post alone.👍
  4. Assassin

    What is your opinion on LGBTQ people?

    This is how I live my life on a day to day basis. It is a very Southern and Western mentality and, well, I'm Southern. I do not believe in 1 million different genders (fuck you New York and California, if not for so many liberals and people, in general, I would love to visit you) I believe in 2. Male, Female. PERIOD. I am fine with gay people, more power to them, you can be gay, I couldn't care less, but once you come into MY life, and tell me how I should live my life, you crossed a line. I will be friends with you. I won't hold anything against you. I will say hi and have a drink with you in a bar if we meet, but don't enforce your lifestyle and beliefs on me as if I have to live like you. My life is MINE, not yours. Let's keep it that way. I am so glad people have minds and logic in this clan. It makes me so proud to be a part of DEFY. Bisexuality LITERALLY MEANS SEXUALITY TOWARDS 2... 2 GENDERS. If you are
  5. Assassin

    What in the hell?

    @Darkthat doesn't require a downvote... you're the one fuckin my spicy ravioli
  6. Assassin

    What in the hell?

    Imma just hop in here for a second and say @spicyravioli you cheated on me with @Dark . Goodnight.
  7. Assassin

    What made you come back?

    I get that... I just have a problem with how solely devoted he is to pissing me off. I have broad shoulders.. I can handle it, it's just annoying ya know?
  8. Assassin


    Well of course... he's a cheater... onnly cheaters get downvoted...
  9. Assassin


    up to where honey? I thought we had a good thing going for a while... Wait a minute.. is it that @Dark guy we met him in Terror Town didnt we? over in richburg, at the community pool right? don't tell me... are you cheating on my rav...
  10. Assassin


    UP TOP.. DOWN VOTE Only rav will get that reference
  11. Assassin


    Well... I had to test it somehow... what better way then to... well.. there are plenty of better ways... never mind then... as i wasn't saying...
  12. Assassin


    hey it's back! let me test it on rav Seems to work
  13. Assassin

    What made you come back?

    Well, my dad always tells me not to lie. So I tell more truth than necessary to prove a point. What point? Not exactly sure...
  14. Assassin

    What made you come back?

    I personally loved almost everyone in the community. I can live without 9iron because he's an ass, but other than.. whatever he is.... I just really enjoyed the community. Everyone was so welcoming, except @Bowie I could do without him... 🤣lmao. See its like family here in DEFY and I can make fun of people in a friendly joking way. Except with 9iron, that kid can die in some rotten fungi infected rabbit hole. I would deffinately rather be here than🤢PRG🤮Luv ya'll
  15. Assassin


    I have the same thing as well. I noticed it Monday or Tuesday... @Mark any ideas? Working on it?

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