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  1. Tiger

    TTT Chat Limit

    I think this would fix the Choas that Has been going on within the server, Even when admins are around youll se mic spam constantly before any action's are taken. Even helps with the mic screaming when there are no admins present, I don't see how this would be a negative, if it takes somone 10 plus seconds to get a KOS, your either dead way before that point or doing something super fishy and chasing somone down to get a name to finish the KOS. If you want to chat and stuff with the community im pretty sure that's what our discord is for and can chat all you want there, in game servers should be pretty much held to ingame chatter.
  2. Tiger

    Remove some maps

    But half the fun is the lighting it adds a unique challenge, and is different due to the map being night.
  3. Tiger

    Renegade X (Command and Conquer)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE6e9deyu1s&t=7s Anyone interesting in doing a game or two sometime?
  4. I am in favor of keeping the map itself, The map overall is great however the main T room is a massive issue as camping has become extremely rampant. Other then that the map is fine and I enjoy it.
  5. Tiger

    Renegade X (Command and Conquer)

    So jus doing a public post here, For all you old Command and Conquer fans and to the younger generation Renegade X is a remastered Version of the classic Renegade First person shooter from the early 2000's Its completely free to play and download and has a Mod team that works on bringing new maps and new weapons and tanks to the game itself, All the classic weapon classes and tanks as well as maps are already in the game and then some, And is extreamly active during the day. Trailer And this is the website where you woul have to download it would love to play with a few folks some time. https://renegade-x.com/
  6. Tiger

    Howdy Folks

    Howdy yall I am the one and Only Tiger, I pounce suddenly and without warning on my unsuspecting victims from the shadows. A Tiger is the king of guerrilla warfare, However fear not I am not all Claw and fang. I am rather friendly in nature calm and collective, and am honored to be accepted into the DEFY ranks. Thank you for having me and look forward to many many rewarding months with each and every one of you.....I also heard there was steaks around dunno if that is true or not but I do love a good steak... In all honesty I'm 26, Marine vet now Conductor working for BNSF Railway a pleasure to be here it truly is. Massive Nascar fan, I do also follow hockey and baseball. little side note. Thought I try and make an introduction that was different from everyone else's.
  7. In-Game Name: Tiger Age: 26 Discord Username?: Ren Why do you want to join DEFY?: I have been playing on the DEFY servers for several months if not close to a year I would think at this point, enjoy the staff and maturity that the DEFY members bring to the community and wish to join their ranks and help DEFY prosper for many many months to come. How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? Well I know I am not perfect, it takes a lot to trigger my violent/ Anger side it is there. One of the traits I got from the Marines....besides having a few drinks but that is a whole different matter. I try to b accepting of everyone but sometimes certain people can just trigger you, This is of course referring to trolls or pure cancerous people other then that I am a pretty friendly enough person. Just need to work on controlling my aggressive side alittle bit more. What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? Strong willed, great leadership and understanding of everyone and always willing to give others second chances, WE are only human of course we all are going to make mistakes and yall always give everyone second chances after explaining rules to new folks. Defy is also extreamly well organized from what I have seen. Who invited you to DEFY?: Potatostyle and Carnage Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes

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