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  1. what is rule number 7
  2. The Raffling system is great

    thats when you know ur a gambler
  3. DEFY Clan Holiday Giveaway!

    lol u probably hate me (i got the vulcan)
  4. Wazzahhhpp

    prevete ruski friend Moloko
  5. My New Game

    i will
  6. New to Forums and Semi-new to the servers

    What big stick u stuck that one up ur ass remember?
  7. New to Forums and Semi-new to the servers

    lol don't think you can do that
  8. Member Purge Deadline

    i have one problem im grounded...
  9. Smh

    u were born that way so deal with it or u did steroids.
  10. what cars do you like? xd

    i have a long list 1. ferrari enzo 2.any lambo 3.doge viper 4.any porche 5.bugatti lol i like too many cars 6.tesla 7.slingshot 8.camaro 9.mercedes 10.BMW 18
  11. I need a name change

    yea i finished it in 3 days it was so good
  12. I need a name change

    well i wanted to change it before but then i relised i can just ask for a new one.
  13. I need a name change

    I would like to change my name to saitama i will be keeping this name for a long time
  14. Music?

    best music ever