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  1. Nice little AWP ace

  2. TTT idea

    I don't think admins get more than normal just vip
  3. Jewie brags about his silver clips...

    Why can't u do this when we queue. Also it's because ur skins. Good shot.
  4. TTT Idea

    Oh well u said warden room and armory and it's a prison. This would be good for both servers lol.
  5. TTT Idea

    But uhhhh isn't this a jb idea.
  6. Yo

    Congrats and welcome to Defie clan
  7. TTT Idea

    Interactive games that can be rigged by traitors? Like in the yard there are basketball hoops that will fall and kill everyone.
  8. Happy Birthday To Me :D

    I gave u config. That's worth like 100 d lores. Lol Kel Happy birthday
  9. New to Forums and Semi-new to the servers

    Lol hey
  10. Health Grenade?

    Yea that's pretty much what I said too lol.
  11. Health Grenade?

    Hmmm nice idea. It would be better than everyone asking for heals
  12. Need opinion

    Just wondering Cause that would suck
  13. Seven's Pictures | Set Tres

    Poor froggy. Amphibian abuse.
  14. Need opinion

    Did you use your money?
  15. :/

    Oh I'm sry. I'll stop aiming. Rip Just play comp more. Or 1v1 maps.