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  1. Rule Update 2/22/18

    RDM Rule Explained: The RDM rule was misused and confusing before. This has been better described in detail. Location: TTT Rule Explanations. Before the RDM rule was very confusing and lead people to believe anything was RDM and having to slay someone for 2 rounds on a non-intentional kill is not fair, We have modified the rule explanation.
  2. I'm cold

    You probably would tbh. Get a tower heater lol.

    What a new
  4. Community Event 2 - 2v2 Tournament

    No we will keep them and give them 15 dolllars to buy another month on their subscription. Also they will be given free gold vip forever.
  5. Teams for the 2v2 Tourney

    ender be my teammate Oof
  6. Community Event 2 - 2v2 Tournament

    I'm guessing comp rank. I'M GN3 IN WKNGMAN LOLL.
  7. milo's friendly christian server

    TAKE THIS CONVERSATION TO THE FUCKING DM'S. Oh and welcome back daddio.
  8. Oof

    still dont know
  9. Oof

    Who are you?
  10. Hola

    lol welcome back... If you ever come back. I doubt it.
  11. Do you know da wae?

    bbet I'll do both
  12. My New Game

    Esports ready.
  13. It's Super Bowl Sunday

    RIP PATS. Eagles took the victory.
  14. Gaming Set-ups & Fish Naming Contest

    That actually looks hella comfortable.
  15. Being Gone

    oh rip.