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  1. Zarakattack

    TTT_Minecraft_2018 "final" flythrough. Gimme your thoughts.

    Very nice. I like all the secrets. And hopefully that exploit where u can fly is gone Xd.
  2. Zarakattack

    Re-Introduction and sad news

    O i remember you now, i tested your map once. Noice.
  3. Zarakattack

    I've returned... again.

    No i left... again
  4. Zarakattack

    I made it

    Gg you will encounter big hackers in about 3 or 4 ranks. Maybe some now too. Why because game dead?
  5. Zarakattack

    New Logo?

    Im gonna be honest, it does not look like a d at all
  6. Zarakattack

    Heckler mAaaann!!!

    You have just watched art
  7. Zarakattack

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    Hey man, have fun doing what you want to do! I agree with you the game has gotten boring for me especially in the aspect of playing on community servers, Obviously the servers aren't like they were last year at THIS time. Which happens nothing lasts forever. It was fun while it lasted. You were a funny guy and pretty meme-able. Have a great summer dawg. And yea we should play some other games would be fun.
  8. Zarakattack

    Heckler mAaaann!!!

  9. Zarakattack

    When do your Finals end?

  10. Zarakattack

    Back when i played COD a little

    shut up that's not the point. this was a year ago anyway. and no it wasn't a vac ban.
  11. Zarakattack

    Other Games

    I bought a new steam acc. and apparently had the forest on it. looks cool. I would be down to try it. lmk if u want to.
  12. Zarakattack

    Can’t wait for this movie.

    captain marvel dies. Mr.stark I don't feel so good
  13. Zarakattack

    You know You High Af When...

    wow so that weed pays off for something.
  14. Zarakattack

    What's this?

    It's in the shop. called heavy armor.
  15. Zarakattack

    Yea it happened again

    Yea basically how it works is tries to play a sound called null.wav and requests it so much the server crashes. the other way is basically switching textures in the game rapidly which crashes aswell. this is the code lol: https://hastebin.com/gufovomiju.cpp. it's pretty funny how stupid this game has become to crash so easily...