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  1. Rule Update 1/19/18

    RDM Punishment Changed Punishment now includes a new function called Round Slays or Rslays. (new rule should be displayed in Rule #13 of General Server Rules) Each person that is rdmed from one individual=2 Rslays. Example: Zarakattack RDMed 1 person, that would be 2 Rslays and if Zarakattack RDMed 2 people, that would be 4 Rslays Before this rule was added, the punishment was an ordinary slay. The new rule is better in a way that it combats leave to avoid so if someone leaves after the round they rdmed, they would still get slayed automatically when they come back on the server.
  2. Rule Update 1/19/18

    If the admin already assigned the Rslay on you, technically you can leave since you will get punished once you come back anyway, but we recommend waiting the slays. If it is an emergency you can leave but wait till the admin assigns the slay first.
  3. juan taps

    hes mid omgggg. goes mid. misses like 100 shots, I think hes z peeks back one tap. peeks again one tap. so fucking weird.
  4. Rule Update 1/19/18

    nope, the admin must issue the slay on you first. then you can leave. People that rdm other turn them off and I think its only fair they dont get to play.... why would we let someone who makes the game less fun for others be allowed to roam arouind with no punishment.
  5. Rule Update 1/13/18

    New Rule : KOS off of location and Sound Clarified! We added this because people were confused on the KOS off of location and sound rules so this should clear it up. New Addition to Rules: Added a TTT and JB Description to help new players get used to the game more!
  6. More Maps in the Map Pool

    Why isn't putting maps for players that like them and would play the server for them not a priority, makes no sense. But you know more so ok
  7. Happy Birthday Emo

    It's just a game, you gotta win to hav funnn. Man why you gotta be madd.
  8. More Maps in the Map Pool

    The people who are in charge of this are against it for some reason. Maybe because it might put a big load on the server and cause crashes.
  9. Happy Birthday Emo

    He has snowball. It's only game, why u hav to be mad.
  10. Happy Birthday Emo

    Happy birthday silver/gold nova 6 4 trash bag.

    They literally stand still Bruh wtf are they doing.... That flick was nice tho.
  12. Another Pink Introduction

    Welcome back. Only like 3 lines rhymed but it's k slurp.
  13. New way of identifying T-buddy is just bad

    I'm confused. This didn't happen 2 months ago when this was still in the server. Maybe remove other small plug in that we don't need
  14. lol hola

    DEFY never dies. You know what does. Your 3000 dollars. jk chill. <3
  15. Rule Update 1/6/18

    TTT New rule: Detectives can't be detectives without a working/proper mic. This was already a rule, but was not clearly explained or shown to players so here it is!
  16. Time to Leave

    Good luck man. U were cool.
  17. Yall Need A Carry on PUBG?

    Old news cause I posted that on Thursday
  18. Where'd my staff app go?

    You can't see it because only staff can see it once you post it so members can't rep it.
  19. Introduction

    Damn i live on earth too. Don't worry this planet will be destroyed by pollution and nukes soon enough.
  20. My Introduction. c:

    My bday is June 20th damn. I'm excited to see you on the servers tag. Good game halflife.
  21. Rules Update 1/3/18

    Jailbreak Updates Ct's can no longer play T games unless it is a freeday or LR. Tasers/Handcuffs will now be more useful in Jailbreak.
  22. Yall Need A Carry on PUBG?

    Did krim micro Uzi ace in the c building on military. NO HE DIDN'T.
  23. Question

    4 If you haven't played the light platinum game do it. It was godly
  24. Introduction

    Welcome to DEFY. It's a word remember that.
  25. Rules Update 1/2/18

    Jailbreak Warden Taser/Handcuff Updates Handcuffs can be used to put prisoners into healing areas in order to heal. Handcuffs may be used to keep a prisoner in one area, if it is after the prisoner wins a game and must wait till others finish. Handcuffs can be used to freeze prisoners if they are within knifing distance to the warden or a ct (does not apply on special events or last requests). Handcuffs can be used to pull or put a prisoner in a specific team in a team game, the prisoners must be released in order to play the game. Previously wardens did not have a use for handcuffs in Jailbreak, this has now been evolved and these are the rules for them. You may use the Zeus as a Handcuff in JB for these reasons, any others will not be allowed and punished. Happy New Years!