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  1. Try Rainbow SIx

    what's the difference between starter and the other?
  2. Yea it happened again

    Yea basically how it works is tries to play a sound called null.wav and requests it so much the server crashes. the other way is basically switching textures in the game rapidly which crashes aswell. this is the code lol: https://hastebin.com/gufovomiju.cpp. it's pretty funny how stupid this game has become to crash so easily...
  3. Yea it happened again

    So basically in the recent days a new exploit has been going around that crashes servers, I know some servers like sng have been affected. We might get affected or not (who knows). Basically I think Aimware is the main cheat doing it so just be careful. How it works: Just sends a lot of packets or sumthing and it will freeze your client and possibly crash the server. This happened before like last year but was patched, It'll be patched again i guess so lol. Note: You will probs see a lot of fucks in comp spinning because they can just crash the server and once you crash the server the game does not go to overwatch, hence they dont get banned. OOOF xd gl out there.
  4. The Positive Effects of Metal Music

    yea no thanks, I read the first sentence and my brain cells are gone. Thanks for ruining my chance at everything in life...
  5. Yea it happened again

    Well just don't play comp until they patch it.
  6. Introduction

    It's ok we don't segregate in this community!
  7. CSGO Trading BS

    So the new update (im late on this) made it so skins wouldn't be able to be traded after 7 days each time someone would receive them. This impacted the trading community and a lot of stuff. I personally don't like this and it can be changed back. Go to this petition : https://www.change.org/p/valve-corporation-revert-to-old-cs-go-trading-rules just sign it and maybe email the valve support email. If you've already done those, NOICE!
  8. A Very Late Intro

    You can't help anyone with minigames, don't lie to yourself. "WAIT U CAN'T HOLD W WHEN BHOPPING AND SURFING" Lol kek.
  9. Hey its me Finest

    Congrats and Welcome to DEFY. Hope you're here a while and enjoy the servers!
  10. Things are picking back up

    Yea I'm happy we back and running.
  11. I'm insane

  12. Oh boy.

    Wow. Atleast he stayed and didn't leave his poor children alone. ;[ *weeps uncontrollably for next hour* Yea it's been fun with u man. It's been a lit year and a half with many new ppl and adventures. hopefully all of us stay another year.
  13. PUBG Mobile Scoreboard Screenshot

    Same here. I told Mark they were bots. But I meant that they pls like bots not that they are bots. It's fun tho Mark and I almost won too.
  14. Rule Update 3/27/18

    Rule Update For TTT: New Rules: Door Blocking is considered a traitorous act and you must give 3 warnings before shooting the player, Detectives and Innocents may never help a traitor in ANY way. You may only prop push/kill as a traitor otherwise it is considered a slay for Prop RDM. Anything in Green Is a new rule. Link to Rules: View full record
  15. Rule Update 3/27/18

    Rule Update For TTT: New Rules: Door Blocking is considered a traitorous act and you must give 3 warnings before shooting the player, Detectives and Innocents may never help a traitor in ANY way. You may only prop push/kill as a traitor otherwise it is considered a slay for Prop RDM. Anything in Green Is a new rule. Link to Rules:
  16. TTT Inactivity

    I think community servers in general have been inactive lately. I've noticed some servers I play on like 1v1 servers have like 0 ppl on nowadays. It's just wierd.
  17. bowie will play mg if u wanna come

    We are trying to populate all of the servers at the same time.
  18. Rule Update 3/22/18

    Big JB Rule Update Too big for this post. So please check out the JB Rules here: We also removed the definitions and other JB references from the rules sections and placed them here: This was done to make the JB rules resemble the TTT rules and look less complicated. COLOR CODE: Red = Rules that were removed Green = Rules that we added or modified.
  19. Jailbreak Reference Sheet

    Explanations Definitions AFK Freeze: Cannot use mouse or keyboard at all for 20 seconds except voice and text chat. AFK freeze becomes a regular freeze after 20 seconds. Freeze: Cannot move at all. May move mouse to look around. Action Once: When the warden says for example, “Jump” you are to only jump once unless specified otherwise. Warden Death: Last order given is still in effect for 15 seconds upon the warden’s death. Repeats: When someone requests a !repeat. The warden will only repeat once. Anyone who requests a repeat shortly after he already repeated the order in an attempt to troll will be slayed/killed. Delaying: Not complying with an order within three seconds. Bomb rushing to a beacon: If a warden tells you to bomb rush to their warden beacon, you must run to it, without delaying, and freeze inside. Take one step out: When the Warden tells you to take one step out, you must move about one step out of your cell. You must be within knifing distance of your cell door/the wall next to it, otherwise guards can kill you. Misleading commands: If a command is intended to trick prisoners AND results in the death of three or more prisoners, it is misleading. Misleading commands are only allowed in Simon Says. Prisoner Designated Areas: These are any areas that were meant for only prisoners or where the warden has ordered the prisoners to go. This includes: Prison cells, warden beacons, and any other areas the warden has designated for the prisoners. Baiting: Intentionally going within knifing distance of a prisoner. Entering a prisoner designated area. When can you kill a baiting guard? Prisoner(s) may attempt to kill any guard that goes inside a prisoner designated area. Prisoner(s) may knife while lining up shoulder to shoulder however you cannot move WASD, NOTE if you move WASD while lined up to knife a guard that is not baiting and guard may kill you. guard may not kill you though if you didn’t move WASD but you knifed them. Warning Shots: All warning shots must be given below the knees. You will be given a warning if you… Detour or delay. Do not actively participate in prison games. Block doorways. Taser Guide: You may only arrest prisoners to... Keep a prisoner in one area, if it is after the prisoner wins a game and must wait till others finish. Freeze prisoners if they are within knifing distance to the warden or a ct (does not apply on special events or last requests). Pull or put a prisoner in a specific team in a team game, the prisoners must be released in order to play the game. Put prisoners into healing areas in order to heal. Prison Games Opinionated Games: These are games that kills prisoners based on the guards opinion. Warden must type “!refuse” before starting an opinionated game. Majority decides whether or not the warden can proceed with the opinionated game or not. Other games may be created, but here are a few of the most popular: Joke Day: Prisoners take turns telling jokes, each time the guards will vote whether they like it or not, when a prisoner's joke loses he dies. Singing/Dancing/Diving Contest: Like a joke day but each prisoner is chosen to sing, dance, dive or perform another talent. Shoot or Don’t Shoot: All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden, All prisoner(s) must face away from the warden and freeze. The warden will then ask prisoner(s) at random shoot or don’t shoot, while his crosshair is on a random prisoner(s) head. If the prisoner asked says shoot then the T that he is aiming at will die, and if he says don’t shoot then the game goes on and the warden picks new prisoner. prisoner(s) can only say don’t shoot 2 times in a row, then they must say shoot. Custom Games: All custom games are considered opinionated and must be voted on. Elimination Games: These games are mostly skill based, and are generally just used to thin the heard. Here are the most common ones: Simon Says: To begin playing Simon says, Simon must say "Simon says I am Simon, Simon says we are now playing Simon says." Prisoners must only do the order that Simon says until the next Simon Says order is given. Prisoner's must not do any actions that Simon did not issue. Warden CANNOT begin playing Simon says at the beginning of the round. Simon Says can only begin once prisoners are at a prisoner designated area. Do the Simon says order once then stop unless instructed otherwise by Simon. For example, if Simon says crouch you must un-crouch after 2-3 seconds. First Reaction Last Reaction: Warden will say first reaction or last reaction and then an action… First Reaction: First person to complete the action dies. Last Reaction: Last person to complete the action dies. Colors: All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden and take turns saying color names. The T's have 5 seconds to say a color that has not been said or they are KOS. Death Walk: All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden, All prisoner(s) must look straight up with their flashlights turned on (Type /flashlight), Looking down is KOS. When the warden indicates to begin the prisoner(s) will crouch walk backwards until they fall off of a ledge, or when they feel that they are at the edge they stop, stand up and freeze while still looking up Red Light Green Light: All prisoner(s) line up on a line set by the warden, there is a finish line further away from them. When the warden says green light all prisoner(s) are then allowed to move forward, but once the warden says red light all prisoner(s) must stop. If a prisoner doesn’t stop in time then the warden is allowed to kill the prisoner. The game goes on until the set amount of winners is reached. Odd Man Out: Can only be played if there are 3 prisoner(s) remaining, the prisoner(s) form a triangle (On positions set by the warden). The warden will tell the prisoner(s) to face away from their teammates, and when the wardens says to the prisoner(s) will turn around and look at one of their teammates. Whoever has 2 prisoner(s) facing them is the odd man out and is KOS. Krim Days: This the most efficient way to kill prisoners, and can even be used to kill rebelling prisoners. The warden will herd all non rebelling prisoners into an area and use the !kr command to randomly kill prisoners until he has the desired number of players. If it glitches and doesn’t kill a player even though they are chosen, that player is KOSed. This game may only be played with 4 or less prisoners alive. Event Days: These are days that allow prisoners to free roam and do whatever they want with a few restrictions, and are mostly just for fun. Once an event day is started, it does not end until the round is over, even if they warden says it’s over. You may not extend on event days. Many of the event days can be triggered by voting for them via the player menu (!menu) but the most common 2 are: War Day: The goal is have the prisoners and guards fight to the death. Prisoners must be actively pursuing the guards at all times. This event day can be played 2 ways: Restricted war days: A room or area of the map is chosen, and all guards must bomb rush to this area of the map. They may not leave that area until there is only 1:00 left in the round. Guards are allowed to camp Normal war days: The prisoners must be given 30 seconds, which starts when the cell doors open, to break into armory and get guns. During this 30 seconds the guards will try to run as far as they can, because when the 30 seconds is up prisoners and guards may start fighting. Both prisoners and guards cannot shoot anyone during this 30 second grace period. Guards are not allowed to camp. Freedays: These are days where the prisoners may do whatever they want without rebelling, if they rebel, then they may be shot. The last prisoner may have a last request if they wish, but cannot be forced to have an LR. It is automatically a freeday if: Cells open before orders are given. Warden does not give orders within the first minute of the round. Warden dies and no guard takes over within 15 seconds. There are also different variations of freedays which are: Zombie Freeday: Zombies must walk and may only right click Knife a guard. Zombies can only climb objects/ladders to get to a guard. Guard may not kill a zombie that right click knifes them. Guard may not restrict areas. Panda Freeday: Pandas must crouch at all times. Pandas may climb ladders/objects. Guards may not restrict areas. Prisoners may only left click knife guards. Monkey Freeday: Monkeys must be bhopping at all times (constantly jumping). Monkeys may climb ladders/objects. Guards may not restrict areas. Monkeys are only allowed to right click guards. Guards can't kill prisoners in knifing distance. Map Games: These are any of the games that are built into the map. For example: colors, jump rope, strafe jump, climb, or bhop. Games in this category may be played back to back as many times as you want. as long as you don’t play the same one twice in a row.
  20. Cancelled

    you should have downloaded stuff from netflix but too late now. How long you got?
  21. Cancelled

    watch some dank netflix.
  22. Cancelled

    It is his spring break. And he left on vacation today lol.
  23. 2v2 Tournament Results

    Yes definitely you guys were way better than the other teams lol. It would've been cool if we got to play finals instead of the first game.
  24. 2v2 Tournament Results

    Yeet ez. Pretty fun, especially our first game.
  25. Phishing Scam Alert

    Ye I got like a couple already saying if I want I can trade all my inventory (except cases) for a 200$ m4a1s hyperbeast lol. Not even possible xD. The guy linked to another steam acc which had like no games.