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  1. Gaming Set-ups & Fish Naming Contest

  2. My Favorite Bands

    I like all those too, 'cept Five Finger Death Punch. I heard of them, just never really listened to them. Slipknot, I only like maybe 5 songs. And, Nirvana and hip-hop are not metal, so it's cool. Also, Rammstein is a German band; I'm pretty sure all their vocals are in German.
  3. Gaming Set-ups & Fish Naming Contest

    @PotatoStyle Are you a lefty?
  4. My Favorite Bands

    I know some of you like the metal. I consider myself a metalhead. So, I thought I'd share some songs with you that I love and I thought might spark your interest. First are songs by my favorite band: Protest the Hero. They hail from Canada. You may have seen them make an appearance in Guitar Hero. 2011 album 2008 album Next is In Flames. They are from Sweden. A bonus track on their 2000 album 2008 album (love the music video) Thoughts, comments, questions would be cool. I also love Metallica, Nirvana, Linkin Park, and lots of hip-hop.
  5. It's Super Bowl Sunday

    I wanna ask what city it is, but everybody hates the Patriots 'cause all they do is win for the last 16+ years.
  6. It's Super Bowl Sunday

    Who's gonna be watching? I definitely will. GO PATS!!!!!!
  7. A TeamSpeak Unique ID is the same on every server but is different for each of your TS Identities. To find your TS Unique ID, you must go to your Identities on TeamSpeak: In our case, you will select the Identity you use on the Defy TS. Next, you click "Go Advanced": Clicking "Go Advanced" will reveal your TS Unique ID: From there, you can copy the Unique ID (but you cannot change it). You can then paste it to anywhere you need. The Unique ID is used for the admins to find your specific identity easier.
  8. Rule Update 1/19/18

    I like it because, for the new players, they'll have to sit out two rounds and watch and learn. They probably won't learn much in just one round. Plus the people who come to just RDM will get a harsher punishment, and it won't really be worth it for them.
  9. Seven's Pictures | Set 二

    I like turtles.
  10. Seven's Pictures | Set 二

    Did you take these?
  11. Question

    What about the person who started the vote? Or, maybe I don't fully understand.
  12. Counter Strike: Global Offensive Competitive Team

    If anyone is still interested that hasn't signed up or anyone new, sign up in the Google Form. We are still accepting applications.
  13. Cts and Markers?

    Nope... JK