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  1. A Very Late Intro

    Pleased too see you on the server, if you want to learn to play TTT, JB or MG ask me ill help. Welcome to the servers
  2. Hey its me Finest

    Great to see you on man gl and have fun on the servers
  3. This needs to happen.

  4. Things are picking back up

    Yeah so happy this is picking up really enjoyed the servers last week and we should get some people on jailbreak *wink* *wink*
  5. I'm insane

    Zarak is part terrorist if you know
  6. Oh boy.

    Damn nice job, great to see you still here
  7. TTT Inactivity

    Seven CS have low numbers because of the fortnite explosion and almost all games are falling a little bit until fortnite gets boring
  8. Time to Flex

    I personally have been to every state in the Northeast and some scattered around America and have been to 10 countries in europe and travelled to europe 9 times.
  9. 2v2 Tournament Results

    I would agree
  10. 2v2 Tournament

    Week from saturday I think
  11. High Sus at 2

    Exactly but high sus means I am not sure if he is T kill him if you want ( after 2 ) and KOS is he is 100% T kill him immediatly so people dont lose Karma just because of your high sus
  12. Fragfest 1 - Results

    @Sevenis a troll and that was a good game
  13. Community Event 1 - Fragfest

    We gotta do this again this was fun
  14. AMA

  15. Artistic help

    Money plz