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  1. Rule Update 1/13/18

    o/ only srs suggestions in this
  2. More Maps in the Map Pool

    when will new maps be posted on the servers?
  3. Happy Birthday Emo

    Happy Birthday
  4. More Maps in the Map Pool

  5. lol hola

  6. Where'd my staff app go?

    Its still there
  7. Question

    So I started playing pokemon again on my computer and wanted to play some games but I am a dumbass and didnt go in order. I just finished gen 5 and I wanted to play either gen 4 or gen 2 which one should I do? Gen 2: Soulsilver Gen 4: Platinum
  8. Happy New Years

    Welcome all people to the new year of 2018... what it has to offer we dont know. We might get bombed by North Korea, Mark could do rouge, Mel Gibson could kill himself who knows? But to everyone enjoy your time in this new year and take some time to fix things that you havent been good at or things that dont reflect you as a person. As you come into this new year think about what you are going to do and have fun :]. Hope you all had a good day, Cheers for the New Year!
  9. Life

    Emboar MEGA GAY
  10. Tell me the all the TRV's @RicklePick
  11. Life

    Snivy is the best one, and yeah I did choose him
  12. Life

    lmao too lazy to go downstairs and get my 3ds
  13. Life

    Nothing touches the spot unlike playing defy and pokemon at the same time